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Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.{ Sickie essentials }
Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.{ Two owls, keeping guard }

You guys make me LOL.

Like, really, LOL.

The eyebrow giveaway comments are funnnnnnnyyyy. There’s def some witty-ass readers of TSConf.

Anyway, I’m sick.

Fun shit.

I felt sick all weekend but tried to fight if off with green juiceliquid Echinacea, & herbs x 20, but noooooo.

This little bitchy cough grabbed me by the balls.

So what’s a girl to do? Naturally lie in bed like a huge slob, chug alkaline water like a freshman downing well tequila shots, & boss Michael around.

Hey, being sick has its perks, right?

Sooo…does anyone have some get-well soon remedies? Like, I have to be out of bed tomorrow AM, ready to rock— puh-lease?! Tell me your tricks/tips/secrets to get over a cold/cough ASAP.

Aight, I’m off to cough, watch RHOBH ( << supposedly there’s a witch on this season )/Vanderpump Rules ( remember when TSC interviewed Stassi? ), & eat a ‘Happy Vegan’ salad from Tendergreens.

Cough/choke/sniff, bye. x.Lauryn

{ For my tips on how to be a sexy sickie, click here }.

Mini DeLites with fruit{ A mid-afternoon snack }

Mini DeLites with pictures{ Our rocker wall }
Mini DeLites with purse contents{ In this weekend’s handbag }

Mini DeLites with Pixy's feet{ Pixy’s ‘Wicked Witch of West’ feet }

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  1. AvatarMeg

    Love love LOVE the shit out of your rocker wall. I think I might need switch up my mugshot wall in favor of this!

  2. AvatarKate

    Hot yoga & taste nirvana coco aloe works wonders for me! You can only get the coco aloe on amazon btw! It’s amaze-balls. The hot yoga really allows my body to sweat out the toxins!

  3. AvatarErin Lane

    I feel ya, I am the queen of getting sick at the wrong time!
    My tried & true secrets that might help (almost everything you can get at Whole Foods/Jimbos/Seaside/etc):
    Colloidal Silver + oil of oregano + bentonite clay + ACV

    ACV 1st thing in the AM, then bentonite like an hour later but before breakfast. Then take oodles of colloidal silver & oil of oregano all day long as per the therapeutic dose listed on the bottles. Then obv drink TONS of Suja (especially Figi, Fuel, Green Charge, & Vanilla Cloud<–actually has the highest vit C, + raw coconut is an anti-microbial), nosh on foods high in zinc (raw pumpkin seeds, crab), and feel free to douse food in coconut oil since viruses & microbes hate it.

    I hate hate hate icky antibiotics but I used to get strep ALL the time (before I knew I was allergic to tomatoes, wtf) & get the flu if I even look at a sick person….but this stuff has seriously cured both of those illnesses in 2 days MAX, usually less. Good luck lady!!
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  4. Avatarzozo

    You should stay away from fruits as sugars feed bacteria (and dairy). Get or make some fresh green smoothie (preferably with ginger) or juice and eat soup with lots of garlic. Buy a bottle of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and drink some with lemon water or orange juice. Get well soon!
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  5. AvatarLaura

    I’m a huge fan of “wellness pills”; get them at natural foods store. I typically take 1-2 when I’m well and when I’m sick (imbalanced) 3-4 a day. That combined with copious amounts of water/AVC/lemon juice, sleep, and a humidifier with tea tree oil is my life saver

  6. AvatarMadeleine

    I used to get sick a lot until I gained a fear of school nurses ( looooong story) and I vowed to never see the nurse again. I lOAD up on anti-oxidants and as soon as I start to feel as though I might be coming down with something serious, I call for an emergency cleanse and I’ll do a one day suja cleanse, drinking only the juice and as much lemon water as possible. Cutting out sugar is huge too. This typically really knocks it out of me and after getting a good nights rest- I’m good to go! Sometimes, if it’s above the chest, an intense workout will also do wonders. it sounds like you know what you’re doing though!

  7. AvatarAshlie McDonald

    I am totally obsessed with Essential oils. I use DoTerra On Guard on my feet and I diffuse it while I sleep or while I am stationary. I also put it in my Echinacea tea (or Gypsy Cold Care tea). I also use Eucalyptus oil in the shower. I douse it on the walls of the shower, keep the bathroom door shut and turn the water extra hot. I swear it helps!!! Also, I use DoTerra Breathe on my chest or diffuse it to help me breathe! Hope this helps. Get better soon!

  8. AvatarLisa

    Hi Lauryn! My tricks:

    Drink a ton of hot water with lemon, honey, ginger, and cayenne.
    Drink a ton of spiced and herbal teas [clove, lemongrass, etc.]
    Eat anti-oxidant packed (especially vitamin-C rich) and spicy natural foods
    Eucalyptus lotion on the hands and feet
    Hot chicken soup or hot and sour soup, packed with veggies
    Get lots of sleep

    Feel better soon 🙂
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  9. AvatarSarah H.

    Okay are you ready for theeee weirdest but one of the BEST homeopathic remedies I’ve ever tried?! Seriously, you’re going to laugh at me for posting this but I am willing to risk that laughter so you can feel better 😉 I am in the exact same boat right now, but I’m telling you, it’s because I didn’t do this over the weekend when I started coming down with something!

    Alright. Bear with me:
    You need a pair of SUPER thin socks – like, those weird ones that people get to wear with flats, or some made of some sort of stocking material, or even a pair of tights – as well as a pair of your heaviest wool socks. Soak the thin socks/the feet of the tights in a bowl of ice water for 10 minutes so they get super super cold. Ring the excess water out of them, then put them on. (I KNOW! Stop looking at me like I’m a crazy person, ugh I swear this works! Swear.) Put the heavy wool socks over the wet, thin ones and then bundle up. If there was ever a time to pull out those sweat pants, now would be that time. Then…go to sleep. Seriously. When you wake up (in 5+ hours, hopefully), the socks will be completely dry and I PROMISE you’ll be feeling better.

    This has been used for centuries (really!), and it works because the chilly, damp socks get the blood flowing in your feet and increases the circulation throughout your body. Your body doesn’t WANT your feet to stay cold and wet, and when the socks get that circulation going, more white blood cells are created and your bod begins to flush out some of those sick bugs that are just sitting in it and making you feel terrible. You’ll actually feel your feet tingle a little bit as you’re falling asleep…that’s that circulation starting!

    Add some apple cider vinegar+honey in hot water / a few drops of oil of oregano and you will be back to 100% before you know it! Hopefully that didn’t make you roll your eyes toooo much….just sharing what works for me every single time I remember to do it! xo

    1. AvatarAlexa

      This is awesome! I’m a try it next time I get sick.. Which I hope is never…

  10. AvatarMegan

    Whenever I am feeling sick I rub vapor rub on my feet then put socks on before bed. I fall asleep and usually feel much better the next day!

  11. AvatarAlli

    I’m sick too! Oh well, at least I get to stay home from school and read your blog all day! 🙂 Get better soon Lauryn!

  12. AvatarLeiah

    Soooo sorry! I’m sicky too 🙁 ugh in bed all day sleeping, drinking lots of water/tea w honey. Rest up and feel better!!!

  13. AvatarTamara

    Ugh! I’m on (hopefully final) day four of a hideous head cold…had to cancel all classes and clients yesterday but I was back teaching (Pilates) today. Citrus ginger tea and broth for me along with lots of puppy cuddling on the couch…hoping to get back out for a run tomorrow. My son swears by the neti pot but I can’t figure out how to use it…

  14. AvatarAlexa

    Ya grl:
    mince up 1 small clove of garlic with about the same amount of raw ginger
    put in a shot glass ( a cute one )
    Add cayenne pepper, and top with raw honey and ACV
    knock dat shit back!!
    This is surprisingly palatable ( like sweet spicy vinaigrette… ) and I swear I can feel the sicky burning out of me <3
    Much love bb grl

  15. AvatarAlison

    Aahh poor you, I have an awful cold at the mo too so can completely sympathise!
    The best remedy I have is Garlic Tea – look online for a recipe. You need honey & lemon too & it doesn’t taste that bad!
    Get better soon.