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Mini DeLites

best female fitness blogger

[ My new bedside stand ]

I visited LA a week ago to hang out with some of my guy friends & a girlfriend, Frankie [ she also happens to sing in a fabulous girl band ]. The extent of our stay consisted of an amazing breakfast at Hungry Cat [ my personal picks: a fresh Bloody Mary & an egg white omelette ], a night out on the town & a photo shoot I did of my friend, Westin’s handmade furniture. LA kept me constantly inspired & I managed to stay somewhat healthy with mini meals of Pop-Chips, fresh figs & lots of salads.

best fitness blogger female

[ The boys by a Hollywood star ]

best female blogger

[ Pixy, avid Muttropolis shopper, in her spider costume ]

best female blogger

[ A peak at Westin’s amazing crafts ]

Health blogger

[ Mini bow ties for a future wine party ]

best female blogger

[ Ernie, Michael, Pod, Farley & Johnny at Westin’s amazing house ]

best female fitness blogger

[ Spicy bloody mary with fresh ingredients & a Kumamoto oyster ]

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