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Mini DeLites: LA | Nick Jonas | Propel | ETC.

mini delites 3 | by the skinny confidential

{ Propel’s yoga set-up }

mini delites 7 | by the skinny confidential

{ a snippet from Snapchat }

11:42 PM, very much breaking our no computer in bed rule but per usual Monday kicked my ass in every which way HENCE the computer in bed.

Apparently it’s ok because Michael’s on his computer next to me…totally using this as leverage in the near future.

We had a lot going on work-wise Sunday & Monday. BASICALLY IT’S ALL THE BORING stuff no one wants to see: backend, taxes, accounting, blah, blah, blah. All the stuff I…HATE. Can I say hate? Because well…I hate it. I prefer the opposite of all of these things.

Anyways, tomorrow is hopefully going to be more fun-ish?

You know what was fun though…

Thursday night.

Propel Water kindly invited me to a FULL-ON workout class.

This was not your typical workout though guys. Basically it was yoga ( much-needed ), strength training, & DANCING all in one. Let’s just say I’m no Cheryl Burke. I mean sure I did ballet in 4th grade but didn’t we all? My moves were a bit…rusty. We were like fully doing hip hop. It was actually super therapeutic to just move around & DANCE it out.

Regardless it was so much fun & I really feel like we BURNED some major calories considering I couldn’t walk for like 3 days. I LOVE BEING SORE, ANYONE ELSE?

I should note that I did the workout with a bunch of amazing influencers ( shoutout to The Balanced Blonde & To Live & Diet in L.A. ). So post-workout, we were all casually glistening ( I’m putting this nicely, I was more like dripping in sweat ) & chit-chatting.

mini delites 8 | by the skinny confidential

{ the cutest blogger: The Balanced Blonde— read her book! | PC }

mini delites 2 | by the skinny confidential

mini delites 1 | by the skinny confidential

{ MEOW, right? }

Suddenly Nick Jonas busts out on stage & gives all of us a full-on concert. I have to admit he was QUITE dreamy. Michael was there but I asked for a Propel grape water at the perfect time so Nick & I could have our moment.

We may or may not have locked eyes for one point three seconds.

What can I say.

Although I was perspiring from the workout, at least my hair was curled ( << hey, hey Sex Pot Curls ) right? Full disclosure: Nick was most likely looking at the blogger behind me but whatever.

After the whole mini concert ( who saw it on Snapchat?! ) we headed up stairs for a little wine & some appetizers. Wine doesn’t count when you dance the way we danced.

As you can see: my kind of night— electrolyte water, a workout, happy hour, & a little Nick Jonas.

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ workout get-up, all black w/ a pop of white }

So yes, LA was super fun. On Friday night we drove back to San Diego ( I made fun of Michael the whole way because the guy does not remove his headphones ), ate some sushi, hung out with dogs, & spent Saturday by the pool.

OK SO: what’s up with you guys? Any news? Do tell. Share the latest.

I’m off to drink some ginger lemongrass tea & read my latest book, The Miracle Morning. SO tired I could cry. Really though, cry.

Chat tomorrow,

x lauryn

+ wearing: black long sleeve top | leggings | sneakers

++ 2 more days of the beauty giveaway! enter here.

mini delites 4 | by the skinny confidential

{ Pre-workout, pre-sweat }

mini delites 6 | by the skinny confidential

{ Michael’s face when I left him for Nick. JK, JK. }


  1. Looks like such a fun event! I only follow a few bloggers on Snapchat and you and Jordan are two of them so it was really cool to see the event from two different angles! Also sounded like a great work! I love the variety–muscles never get bored!

    1. Hi Katie! Jordan is seriously so sweet, love her! It was definitely fun to be there with her & Michael. Thank you for following along! xx

  2. I LOVE your hair colour! So icy and cool. That workout class sounds so fun & I totally agree, I love love love the feeling of being so sore days after. Your workout apparel is top notch too – have you tried Ivy Park yet? I’m loving some of those pieces, but I’m totally team Bey too. That lemongrass/ginger tea sounds SO bomb! PS – even though it’s boring, I think it might be cool (wrong word??) to do a post on the back end stuff. I think it would be super helpful! xx Shannon
    PS – my Pumas came in and I am OBSESSEDDDDDDDDDDDD thanks so much for sharing those – seriously the best travel shoes ever!

    1. Hi Shannon! You’re so sweet! Thank you for the compliment on my hair. I’m switching it up a lot lately, it’s fun! Which color did you get in the Pumas??? Red? Send me a snap!! xx

    1. Hi Whitney! It was SO nice meeting you. You are seriously so sweet! Move over Michael, Nick is moving on it! LOL!! xx

  3. Love your mini delites posts!! The propel event looked so fun on your snapchat and so cool they got all of you healthy influences to attend. Wish there was more like that in DC! I recently bought lavendar oil, came last night in fact via Amazon, and I have to say it was so calming to put on my temple before bed and fall asleep! Thank you for tip. Keep up the great work with it all.

    1. Hi Katie, I’m so glad you got lavender oil, isn’t it the best?? I love it! You can also diffuse it around bedtime to get in the mood. Let me know how you feel after a few nights of sleep with it. xx

    1. Hi Dina, I LOVE almond butter cookies! So yummy! Did you take a picture?? That would have been such a great insta! xx

  4. Love seeing you and Jordan together! This looks like such a fun event. I sort of hate working out in public tho, LOL so to do it at a full on event in front of a JONAS. I mean.

    Also super cute top, looks amaze on you boo!

    1. Thanks Krista!

      It was super fun. I know what you mean about working out with a ton of people… kind of AWKWARD. Jordan is literally the sweetest. Thanks for reading! xx

  5. Hey Lauryn, sounds like you guys had a nice week. I’m going to LA tomorrow for the first time! We are so excited. We’ll be down there from Wednesday to Monday and staying in Marina Del Rey/Venice Beach. Any recommendations of things to see/do/eat/drink while in the area?? Thank you xx

    1. Hi Megan,

      Check out this post for a few great spots:

      Here are a few more of my favorite spots too:
      -Gracias Madre
      -Alfred Coffee & Kitchen
      -The London Hotel

      Have fun!


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