Mini DeLites

Healthy living

[ “Skinny”-sized business cards ]

Every week, I will try & update my website with details that inspire me, bring a smile to my face or make me laugh. Lately, I have been less than thrilled with the San Diego weather. It’s been gloomy & quite depressing, so anything that adds some sunshine to my life is appreciated! xoxo

[ Wedding ring measuring spoons used for baking– a special gift from a friend ]

Things that keep me healthy

[ Gel Thotics — these are so helpful when I am working out. They support my foot’s arch ]

Things that are healthy and happy

[ “Upside-down girl” wine stopper ]

Healthy things

[ Vintage cow milk pourer — it holds non-fat milk for oatmeal in the morning  ]

Yoga health tips

[ A purple yoga mat & turquoise weights for some home fitness ]




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5 replies to “Mini DeLites”

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures so that we can all learn about what the skinny confidential is all about

    1. You can order them online. Just google “wedding ring measuring spoons.”

      🙂 xo