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Mini DeLites: An Acupuncture-ISH Weekend

mini delites 3 | by the skinny confidential

{ OMG…killing me with this ice cream sandwich }

mini delites 41 | by the skinny confidential

{ loving Kristin’s recipes, will share some soon }


What an uneventful weekend we had. Really though. A totally uneventful, mellow weekend. Not mad about it. Between you & me, I guess I’m getting old because I liked it. Maybe too much?

Anyway- QUICK UPDATE for you: Friday my dad & I got martinis with THE NANZ. We had freezing cold Tito’s martinis with lemon & limes and an appetizer of roasted cauliflower. Because what else goes with martinis? You know, obviously roasted cauliflower.

My grandma went on & on about how she loved our threesome…………..HA. Me, her, & my dad. She’s too much sometimes, I can’t. Especially went she called Uber, ‘UHH-BOR.’ Can’t make this shit up.

After martinis I went over to my Godparent’s, so relaxing! Saturday was spent walking the dogs, going to cryotherapy ( so much to tell, will save it for another post ), AND I having some acupuncture & Chinese cupping therapy. A day of wellness, you could call it.

NOW I SHOULD TELL YOU that I am VERY, VERY bizarre. In fact, maybe slightly psycho about acupuncture.

Here’s the thing: I hate needles more than anything in the world but the feeling I get after acupuncture is too good to pass up. PLUS it takes my face swelling DOWN & gets everything moving if ya know what I mean. That’s right, it’s good for digestion. Four needles in my stomach always.

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ latest bar set-up | pineapple shaker }

For the record, 6 months ago I would have judged me. Likely I would have been over here with a gavel being the biggest Judge Judy you could ever imagine because LIKE I SAID I hate needles. My judge-iness was coming from my fear. Of needles. I have conquered my fear though.

Not of needles.

Of acupuncture.

Why? Because I’ve never had anything help with my anxiety so much.

Back to why I’m psycho about my acupuncture times: I schedule acupuncture ( & cupping ) accordingly.

In fact, I will literally CANCEL the appointment if it means that I have ANYTHING stressful going on that day. For instance: having to see someone who is maybe a little…toxic? CANCEL. CAN’T DO IT.

Or maybe having to work on a project that’s so overwhelming on the same day as acupuncture? CANCEL. HELL NO. NOT RUINING THE EXPERIENCE.

Even on a heavy-lifting weight day…I don’t want to do ANYTHING ( & I mean ANYTHING ) that could potentially ruin the feeling acupuncture gives me.

I need my day clear! Nothing stressful, PLEASE.

It’s the one thing that completely takes away ALL anxiousness. LIKE ALL.

Basically my acupuncture day goes like this: wake up, eat a healthy breakfast, drink tea, take a walk, hang out with dogs, read, go to acupuncture, get cupped ( amazing!! ), go home, eat, watch a movie, AND WAIT FOR IT: nap. Nap for like 4 hours.

Can you believe it?

I really must be losing my mind.

You know me, I never nap. But after acupuncture? I nap. & I nap LIKE A CHAMP. And I nap without guilt. It’s insane. I like to do this whole, ( weird? ) routine at least twice a month because it’s nice to give my body/mind a full fucking break. Feels GREAT, refreshing even.

mini delites 50 | by the skinny confidential

{ loving lately: DELICIOUS granola, raw almonds, real ketchup, chocolate chia seeds, & garlic sauce }

mini delites 32 | by the skinny confidential


So yes, that was my Saturday. How was your weekend? Any fun news?

Nothing more here because Sunday was even more uneventful: in the gym, cleaning the house, working, & reading. Pretty casual.

That’s all I have for you guys, chat tomorrow.

LOVE YOU ALL !!! lauryn x

P.S. next time I think I will do cryotherapy on a different day than acupuncture because needles don’t sit well when you’re cold. Just another random thought of mine.

{ photos

mini delites 33 | by the skinny confidential
{ Pixy & Boone’s new toothbrush wipes! }


  1. I Can sleep for days after acupuncture – I really believe that it does something to our Body and mind , that we cannot decode. And yes, I was judgy too before I tried it and it really does help me with so many issues. It also works wonders together with a heating lamp , but I guess since I live in Scandinavia its got to do with the climate as well

    1. RIGHT? It’s so good! I love the heating lamp!! So warm and cozy. I fall right to sleep. Thanks for sharing love! xx

  2. Oh my god. I was just totally freaking out thinking that you guys got married (…and it didn’t go as planned??) I read the line like three times! “What an uneventful wedding we had”…I think autocorrect may have had a part in that 😉

    I find yoga for me is what acupuncture is for you. I feel so much better after doing it!

    Love that you ate roasted cauliflower with martinis (of course!)

    1. Hi Ceilidh! LOL TOO FUNNY. Yes, not married yet ha!! What kind of yoga do you do? Heated or not heated? xx

  3. I need to get my bulldog those dental swipes…he hates getting his teeth brushed! I have really wanted to try acupuncture of rheumatoid pain and I am not afraid of needles, I just have put it off because I don’t think it will work for me. I really need to try it though because I always hear good things! 🙂

    1. Yes please try it Alexis, I promise it’s such a game changer! You’ll love it! If you try it please let me know how it goes? xx

  4. Okay, I’ve got to try acupuncture – you’ve inspired me! BTW I’m also a wackadoodle about needles. If I have blood work scheduled I will legit cancel my appointment if I had too much caffeine, am stressed at work, didn’t get sleep, or even if it is TOO HOT OUT because it makes me feel like I’ll be more likely to go all vasovagal. I mean seriously who cancels blood work due to the weather? Haha. xox.

    1. Hi Rox, I 100% understand. I am the same way. Acupuncture needles aren’t bad though, I promise! Honestly most of the time you never even see them because you’re face down. They’re so tiny you can’t even feel them going in. It totally balances you. PLEASE TRY and let me know what you think! xx

  5. I feel like I could get myself to try cupping but acupuncture just seems painful. I’m not a needle person at all, but there are also times where my body feels so tense that honestly sticking a needle into it might feel good? idk. Do you prefer one over the other? How did you get over the fear ? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Sara, it’s not painful at all! I promise! The needles are literally too small to feel! It’s the best! I like both, acupuncture you feel right away, cupping breaks up knots and helps detox your body. They’re different and I think I love them equally. It’s too hard to choose! Try both!

  6. I used to get acupuncture all the time to balance my hormones and I know what you mean, I was so zonked out! I thought it was the movement of chi that got me 😉

    Your nanz sounds amazing and I love that you spend so much time with her!


    1. Hi Kris, yep, balancing the chi totally makes me pass out. It’s so relaxing! My grandma is literally my favorite person ever, she’s so sweet & we have so much fun together. You would love her! xx

  7. I love that she calls Uber “Uhhber” – I feel like we really need to make that a thing! She is seriously the best! I’m dying to try out cupping but too scared about acupuncture bc of the needles… but I do need to get this pesky anxiety under control. Also, that ice cream sandwich is seriously the cutest best thing ever I have ever seen and what are these cocktail carry on kits? These look amazing! PS – THAT KETCHUP is seriously the best. I know it’s weird to be so excited for ketchup but you see that at more restaurants here in SF than any other brand and I love it! xx

    1. Hi Shannon, that’s awesome that SF restaurants carry that ketchup. I seriously want to bring it out to dinner in my purse with me. SoCal restaurants need to catch on! I definitely think you should try acupuncture for your anxiety. Look, just make an appointment, if you don’t like it you can always say you’re not ready to go through with it while you’re there. Yes??

  8. Honestly I don’t think your acupuncture/relaxation day is weird at all. You definitely need a few days to just take a breather throughout the month, especially with you busy you always are. I have found that mental health days are kind of life changing…Love this, as always. Have a great week.

    1. Hi Alicia, well I’m glad you agree! I definitely need wellness days every once in a while. It keeps me balanced if you know what I mean. What do you do for your mental health days?? I definitely need to know more about this! xx

  9. I just flipped through Kristin’s book on Amazon and am so impressed with all her recipes! They’re all so healthy and EASY! Will be buying a copy today 🙂 Andddd on a totally different note now I officially need to take a trip to the Baked Bear for that ice cream haha!

  10. I don’t know what it is, but the more uneventful my weekend is – the more I like it.
    Old as fuck, right?
    Where the HELL is that ice cream cookie from!
    So good!!
    muchas love.

  11. I always love your mini delites, Lauryn! However, the thought of acupuncture is so frightening it makes ME psycho! I absolutely cannot fathom the idea of someone poking needles all over your body!

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