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Mini DeLites: iPhone-Style

mini delites 3 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential

{ this weekend’s hair, icy & cool }

mini delites 2 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential

{ a fun guest appearance on REFASHION’s podcast }

Here is the issue: While my fiancé is very structured, I am VERY easy going.

Especially on the weekends, sans work. Saturdays if we’re getting precise.

So I can you blame me for patting myself on the back after tricking him into a full day of involuntary spontaneity?

One wouldn’t describe Michael as spontaneous so there’s really nothing I love more than putting him in situations where he’s forced to be spontaneous.

Every time it gets me, man. Every time.

And just when I think I’m out of options & can’t put him in more spontaneous situations, I realize I can. & I seize these opportunities quicker than I eat 6 chilled oysters with lemon.

mini delites 3 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential
{ always my favorite appetizer }

For the record, it’s a very difficult task to get more & more creative each time, what can I say.

So that’s why I was aggressively high-fiving myself when I got him buzzed off ONE skinny margarita ( ok, maybe one & a half ) on Saturday night. Firstly, I had our friend, Mike, group text us ( entirely unrelated note: I can’t tell whether I want to kiss or stab the person who invented group text? ) inviting us to a Sunday morning beach workout.

Now if you asked Sober Sally Michael on a Thursday night, he would make a lame excuse that no one believes or text back three hours too late.


Because of his sorority-esque skinny margarita consumption, HE AGREED. Immediately agreed, actually.

Rare. Real rare.

Right away, I was straight up grinning like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas…but even MORE THAN THAT because it was ALSO like I stole Halloween & Thanksgiving too.

Yes guys. That how enormous this grin was. The ear to ear, shit eating kind of grin.

BECAUSE? BECAUSE it provided me with the ideal opportunity to place him unwillingly into a spontaneous situation.

Life goals coming true, one by one.

mini delites 6 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential
{ mirror pic | wearing this tee }

mini delites 5 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential

{ last week’s turmeric latte, remind me of turmeric milk }

That Sunday morning we woke up & I carefully shook Michael as gently as the wife in Gone Girl nudges Ben in the first scene, reminding him of the beach workout he committed to.

Naturally he was confused because of the Saturday skinny marg situation.

Wheels were spinning as I force-fed him an overly browned, old banana & made him get in MY car. Little did he know, NO this was MOST FUCKING DEFINITELY not just a casual beach workout, this was a balls deep all day thing.

& no he could not go anywhere. Just a full day of MY plans. Trapped. No excuses.

Apparently the Gone Girl theme was resonating that day, #VIBEZ.

After the 2 hour beach workout that was supposed to be an hour, my friend & I tricked him into renting bikes. We forced him into about 10 restaurants along the boardwalk. First was a mimosa, then an oyster stop, then I pretended to have to go to the bathroom only to discover I needed Italian Ice, then I HAD to see the Bay so we had to bike about 6 extra miles, & then a TSC reader ( shoutout to Lauren! ) invited us to a beer stop via Snapchat.

& then I got lost. No really, I got lost all for the sake of shaking it up. In reality, I had to post an Instagram & Michael was speeding off into the distance. That whole situation took an extra hour.

My friend & I also became heavily involved in a game of CLUE at our 65th bar stop, so Michael had to play along as Professor Plum in the Study. ( Remember always give your un-spontaneous partner tasks that they can’t get out of ). Lastly, I decided he needed ( NEEDED ) a Puka shell necklace. I love making him wear things that are so out of style in every way shape & form that they’re almost cool. I found the Pukas four stores later. It took some digging to find those Pukas, let me tell ya.

mini delites 4 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential

Around 5 pm ( about 6 hours later ), he realized his hour beach workout turned into a full day. My plan really came full circle. Still grinning at my craftiness.

& let’s just say come Saturday night, he looked like Lala from Vanderpump, Reunion-style. Obviously I did something right. Needless to say, he was ready for his predictable sourdough toast, book, & bed routine at about 8 PM.

If you’re wondering, I am currently scheming up our next impulsive activity. Any suggestions leave them below. Let’s get creative here. The trickier the better, you know. Changing it up is key. Get very weird.

Happy Monday! lauryn x

mini delites 1 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential

{ our condo in LA’s wall art }


  1. So glad I could help with the spontaneous date day! It was awesome meeting you guys in person 🙂

  2. Sounds like such a fun day! The sourdough toast comment made me laugh 🙂 Is that his evening dessert? Does he eat it plain???

  3. How cute is this! I love that! During the week I like to have everything planned but on the weekends I am MUCH more relaxed and love just doing random things! It makes life fun! xo C

  4. LOL you should trick Michael into getting a fish pedicure or taking a girly cooking class (put him in an apron and go to town on the pastry decorating)

  5. That spontaneous adventure looked amazing! It was definitely entertaining watching Susan on your snapchat lol! Xoxo

  6. I might be a little late to the party on this but currently dying at the new blog layout!!! I’ve been away travelling for a couple months so I’ve only been able to keep up via app but this is such a game changer! Not only does it look so good but it makes so much sense and it makes it so much easier to look back on old posts for things like recipes, etc. Amazing job xoxo
    Also loved this post too, you two are adorable <3

  7. Your and M’s snap story that day was my absolute favorite!!!!
    Same thing with my bf. He needs like a week notice and an itinerary of what is going on. LOL.

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