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Mini DeLites

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ champagne everywhere this weekend }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ white on white | dress here }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ turmeric lattes getting me through Mondays }

Hi guys, how are you? Happy MONDAY- I’m feeling very gloomy today. Almost grumpy because the weather here was just one of those days. Like not hot, but not cold, but not rainy, just BLAH. I also got hit with bills, way too many e-mails, & fifty nine million things to do at once today. Also, if we’re being honest I (accidentally??) ate way too many Flaming Hot Cheetos on the way home from LA & I swear I experienced a Cheetos hangover all day.

You know, typical Monday.

BUT THAT’S OK, my day hit a high note because of three things: 1.) I worked out today & sweat out the gloom. 2.) I’m housesitting five ( YES FIVE ) dogs with Michael so I’m simultaneously testing him to see how he’ll be as a parent #LUCKYHIM. & 3.) The Real Housewives of OC reunion is on right now. So there’s most definitely a silver lining. I really can’t wait to see how Andy is going to approach the whole Vicky/Brooks situation.

I always try to find positives in a blah-ish day.

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ me & M }

What else? Oh our friend was kind enough to invite us to The Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic this weekend & we sipped a lot ( like a lot, a lot ) champagne. I mean really the champagne was everywhere. Flowing out of the walls basically. After the polo match ( by the way the polo players were SPICY, like if you’re single Google ‘hot polo players’ & prepare die ) we went & met up with some friends for burrata, martinis, & pizza at SoHo House. That was fun but I was literally dead the next day, hence the Cheetos situation.

I realized I kind of can’t hang anymore. Is this just me? I’m very much a pussy when it comes to going all day & night. I’m yawning by 5 pm, craving a cup of Rooibos tea ready to spoon my chihuahuas & read a book. Plus I’m still sort of swollen, UGH. I love the weekends but there’s something I LOVE about the structure of weekdays. The routine of it all is, I don’t know, refreshing sort of? So for the next ten days I’m banning alcohol, white bread, pasta, French fries, basically anything extra delicious. Today’s been the first day of this, so wish me luck. I had steel cut oats, lots of celery with raw almond butter, green apples, almonds, chicken, & broccoli . THRILLING.

Chugging water & green tea basically every second too.

Hmmm…perhaps today was blah-ish because of the TONS of celery & broccoli? HA!

Ok, off to analyze Vicky & Meghan’s fight, lauryn x

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ A Gary Malin piece }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ polo art pieces }


  1. That dress is amazing on you! I have never had a tumeric latte, but that sounds interesting! I love tumeric on everything, so I am sure I would love it. I feel ya on Mondays, I am glad that day is over 🙂

  2. I totally can’t hang anymore either LOL. Always seem to prefer a quiet night at home…good to shake it up sometimes and go out though 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend!!

    1. I know right?? Chilling out is my absolute favorite lately. But I agree it’s good to shake it up. Thanks for reading

  3. Don’t worry, Lauryn. It’s not just you. I’m 29 and I can’t do the whole party all day and into the night thing. Not without a short nappy with my baby dog anyway. #priorities

  4. Hi! Thanks for posting.. I am particularly VERY interested in that Turmeric Latte!! Do you make it yourself, and if so, do you have a favorite recipe? My google and pinterest searches have brought me TONS of variations and I have no idea where to start 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

    1. I do both. If I can order it out I will, otherwise i make it at home. You should try this one!

      Thanks for reading :))

  5. I follow you on snapchat and love your blog! Where is the off the shoulder top you wore this weekend from? With the wide leg trousers? Loved!

  6. Hi Lauren, you looked fantastic in that white dress! What foundation and powder are you using in that picture above? Your skin and makeup look flawless!

  7. The Real Housewives of OC is my #1 guilty pleasure. I’ve watched every season (don’t know if that’s something to be proud of ha). Can they please just answer if Brooks has cancer or not?!?!?!

  8. Thanks you for 1) admitting you eat cheetah and pizza and 2) admitting that clean eating isn’t amazing! I appreciate your realness! Nice to know I’m not the only one struggling when I have to get the processed to whip back in shape. It makes me slightly grumpy if I’m honest lol. Keep up the great blog hot stuff!

  9. “steel cut oats, lots of celery with raw almond butter, green apples, almonds, chicken, & broccoli . THRILLING.”… hahaha no joke this is my diet most weeks… boring but gets the job done!

  10. I love the pink balloons with the flowers… so pretty, and great pictures of you both. I am trying to eat healthy this week as well and avoid all those exact same foods you listed! I am not too much of a Cheetos or chips person, but probably worse because I am a huge sugar monster and obsessed with bread (like “real” obsession…) – love bread, so any combo of like a sweet roll or cake is very tempting for me! when I was in high school I could eat like 5 Little Debbies at once, it was so inappropriate!

  11. Girl I feel that. L.A. weather right now is interesting, getting soooo much better though.

    I honestly feel like I cannot f’ing hang anymore and I just need to accept that shit ha. I think it’s just like how old people don’t give a F you just sort of listen to yourself and your body and actually do what you want to do, not just what others are doing. Feelin’ it.

    Would love to know your detox diet right now. I should prolly hop on board (after breakfast tho) HA.


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