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Mini DeLites | Just Be

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness, diet, and food.

{ the prettiest, lil desk candle }

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness, diet, and food.

{ three ingredient cookies: almond flour, almond milk, & maple syrup }

Well, shit— it’s been a hot minute.

I haven’t given a ‘Mini DeLites’ update in a week & half ( tisk, tisk, bad blogger ). Hey, what can I say, I’m a Gemini & days don’t always go as planned…let’s just say I probably won’t win Consistency of the Year award.

Speaking of that, I have been learning to BE.

Do you know how hard it is for me to just BE?

Ya, you probably do because I’m sure it’s difficult for A LOT OF YOU GUYS to just BE.

BE like be present, be relaxed, be…nothing.

You know what I mean? Just sit still for a second.

Not like vacationing or reading or writing…but just sitting still.

The concept is just foreign as shit to me. I’m like an elephant in a China shop, ‘being’.

Ok, so what caused me to seek out this new Ghandi-esque attitude?

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness, diet, and food.

{ wind blown in my favorite kimono ( << on SALE aka $150 off reg price ) }

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness, diet, and food.

{ champagne/rosé gummy bears?! yessss please }

I don’t know really.

Sometimes I just feel like I’m going, going, going, going, without one second to kind of take it all in.

What’s the point of working so hard if you can’t enjoy it?

I’m really trying to sit still for at least 5 minutes a day ( I know this sounds pathetic but this is life ).

Lately I’ve been waking up a little earlier than normal & instead of reaching for my phone like a full blown heroin addict who needs immediate drugs, I just sit in bed & lie there. When thoughts come in my head, I sort of push them out.

Is this what some would call meditating? Do I dare call it that? Five minutes has turned in to ten on some days. It’s actually a really refreshing way to start the day.

Afterwards I jump in the shower & do this water trick that wakes your ass up in 90 seconds ( << will blog about this trick because it’s such a goodie for jumpstarting your AM ).

Say what you will about me… & ok, yeah… I am the worst, WORST driver on the planet, always fashionably late, and say “I swear I’m going to relax today & take a bath today” ( even though it never happens— special shout out to my email inbox for crowding out bathtub time! ) wayyyy too often, BUT after years of trying to meditate, I think I’m finally kind of getting the hang of it. ( Huge contrast to my driving which I clearly, will never get the hang of ).

How do you just ‘be’? Any tips are welcome, literally give me anything you got.

Nice chat!! Goodnight, guys ( or to some of you, good morning? ), lauryn x

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness, diet, and food.

{ brought a little piece of China back home: pu’erh tea }

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness, diet, and food.

{ the Nanz’ vintage vase, that sits on our window sill }

  1. I love this! I’ve also been feeling like I’ve been constantly on the go lately because I just moved and started a new job, but I’ve been trying to make a more conscious effort to be more grounded and present when I can to kind of reset. I’ve also been incorporating more yoga into my routine to help with that.

    On a side note… Those gummy bears look delicious!!!

  2. Just “being” is way more difficult than it sounds! But a friend told me that a great way to zen out is to sit cross-legged, or however, in front of a candle, and just concentrate on the flickering flame. It’s relaxing, and helps you stay more connected to the moment.
    Also, totally hooked to pu’erh tea since you posted about it!

  3. I feel the need for sitting still comes more strongly with getting older (sorry). As for your meditating in bed: Yes, this totally counts!

    I opt for meditating/breathing for an average half an hour each morning. On the weekend I do it for an hour (including yoga moves and stretches), during the week I usually end up with 20-30 minutes. Minimum is 8 minutes, as I’m practicing one particular meditation intending to go for 1000 days. I’m just past the 1-year anniversary and its amazing what 8 minutes of sitting still and concentrate will do for a troubled mind! My advice would be: Make it a habit, however short.

    First you create the habit and then the habit creates you.

  4. I totally feel your pain on this!! Usually I can only just BE after I’ve had a mini-breakdown about pushing myself too hard HAHA…but I think I’ve started watching my energy levels more, like if I can barely pump out a post or do work work, I know I’ll be way more productive when refreshed so I try to force myself to break and “BE”. Why can’t we just be 24-7 productive happy robots!! 😛

  5. Girlfriend whatever you gotta do to just relax and stare at a wall as I say. Maybe those herbs you’ve been taking for your anxiety are helping would love to read an update on the Tibetan herbs! I used to meditate all the time in college but these last few years I start each day by writing in my gratitude journal it really helps me stay joyful and grateful everyday! Lots of love C

  6. Love your honesty and can I recommend a phenom book – “The Power of Now” It’s life changing. No shit. It’s deep and you cannot just skim the pages, but it’s legit. Read it.

  7. As a new mom, it’s impossible for me to find time to relax! But, I have been starting to try to find time to takes baths! Otherwise, a nice shower is my alone time.. although long showers are more rare than they used to be! Haha! But I’m like you and only wash my hair 1-2x/week. So whatevs!

  8. While you’re sitting for 5 minutes, try saying the words “Oh Lord Jesus” as many times as you need. He is a living person, He will fill that emptiness inside of you and satisfy you like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We all have a Jesus-shaped hole in our being and all you have to do is turn your heart and ask Him to come in. No religion, no good vs evil, no stiff services, just the Lord Jesus wanting to be your full satisfaction and enjoyment. I promise if you open to Him, you will realize you’ve stopped your search for inward peace, only in Him is it found. Have a great day!

  9. What helps me be present is to try not to plan out my life too much. I KNOW, bring a blogger that is like a sin! But for any type of work, of course there are goals you should strive to meet- but have it be just that– goals and deadlines that you trust yourself enough to get done without having to plan out every second of your life around it! This gives you time for spontaneous strolls, coffee dates, late night swims, you name it..(;

  10. 1. Love the kimono – just bought it thanks for the sale update xx
    2. I’ve been curious about this for a while… who do you have film you and take pictures you’re in? I assume you can take most of the pictures on your own. Also, do you use any particular video lighting tools? I’m looking to blog one day and am researching now and curious about the video aspect!

  11. Set a deadline for you to STOP reading emails. They will be there the next day and are not going anywhere.


  12. Hi Lauren!

    I am so glad that you have started meditating, it has literally changed my entire life for the better.

    I currently teach Medi-babe meditation classes in upstate NY and focus on bringing youth and fun back into the practice.

    If you are EVER looking for any tips feel free to contact me!

    I would love to share with you 🙂


  13. Meditating is definitely something I need to start doing. We get so busy in our lives and forget to take a breather. This post was a nice little reminder. Thank You! And champagne gummy bears! I didn’t even know that existed.


  14. This post totally struck a chord with me. I need to just BE as well. But, really. It’s become a problem. Before you know it the day is done and your head is hitting the people… and then you wake up again haha. Love the kimono, as well! I have been looking for a good one, so thanks for the suggestion 😉


    Sarah | QueSarahSera

  15. I recently started meditating… And I sort of like it. A friend told me that it would somehow help me when I’m in labor. Idk how true that is but I decided to give it a shot. Its really relaxing and makes me feel really peaceful… And it’s weird but I feel like I’m more in tune with my baby when I do it.

    Now in general I’m a person who can lay in a room with no phone, no tv, no nothing for hours… But my mind goes a thousand miles a minute so I still feel kind of busy. This made meditating really hard because I had to find a way to stop thinking. So what I do is focus completely on breathing. And as I breathe in I say “in” and as I breathe out I say “out”.. (In my head of course) and eventually my mind is empty and life kind of slows down for a sec. Its pretty amazing.

    I guess the in/out would be considered my “chant” it would probably be nice to have a real chant but I can’t think of anything I’m comfortable saying over and over again, even if it is to myself.

  16. I know exactly how you feel. I am currently reading a book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle which talks about training your mind to live in the present. It is one of those books that takes a bit to get through as the depth is pretty vast but overall it holds a great and powerful message. If you enjoy reading and/or ever find the time to read, check it out! xx Ashley

  17. Finding time to relax during the day is especially hard with full times jobs, commuting and overwhelming amounts of technology. Coming from someone who suffers from anxiety, I find that writing in a journal, and drinking tea at night are some of the best simple ways to just reflect and get your thoughts out. I love sleepytime tea (the one with the sleeping teddy on the front of the box) it helps me relax and fall asleep. I try to use time after work to also reflect on the day but not over analyze to much in order to let the thoughts go.

    Just some friendly sharing!!

  18. Hey Lauryn,

    I am a psychotherapist who loves fashion, fitness and MEDITATING! I have been practicing for a number of years now and it has changed my life. I teach mindfulness meditation to all of my clients. The one thing I have learned is that it is the antidote to all of life’s challenges- depression, anxiety, disordered eating, addiction and the list goes on. I’m happy to share more about this practice with you and I’m so happy you are starting to experience its benefits!

    Love your blog!

    Sarah 🙂

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