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Mini DeLites

The Skinny Confidential talks weddings!

{ kinda obsessed w/ these new kicks…& oh, they’re on sale! }

The Skinny Confidential talks weddings!

{ Monday morning’s boring to-do list }

The Skinny Confidential talks weddings!

{ Courtney, a sweet longtime reader & blogger gifted me with this GORGEOUS Thai wrap skirt! I love it }

Ok so apparently some of you guys think I’m pregnant!!!

Eerrrr…awkward because…

I’m most certainly NOT pregnant; a few of you asked me ( I think maybe I was talking about someone else being pregnant & a couple of people were confused? ). Unless there’s a pic I look preg in?

So before we got started I just wanted to nip that little, fun tidbit in the bud ( no pun intended ).

In fact, I’ll most definitely be enjoying a homemade ginger margarita this Friday ; ). Haha!

Oh & by the way, if we’re on the whole lovey-dovey note…guess what?

I still haven’t planned a thing for our wedding.

Zip. Zero. Zilch.

The Skinny Confidential talks weddings!

{ balance is key in 2015…hemp milk cappuccino x a grapefruit mimosa }

I literally think I’m the worst soon-to-be bride on the planet. I feel like every other girl in the universe is the opposite of me on this one ( is there anyone out there who took their time on the whole wedding thing? If so, make me feel better— PUHLEASE? ).

I do have a few unopened bridal magazines ( aka stocking stuffers from Christmas ) by my bed with cobwebs on them…& once I envisioned our invitation for a minute & then I got distracted and started watching Real Housewives.

Seriously though, I probably should get on the whole wedding planning bandwagon soon…SO BRIDES/MARRIED LADIES: tips, tricks, etc.? You guys always have the BEST little tippity-tips…so share, share, share. Where the F should I start? What should I do? Can I still have an engagement party? Or do I just suck at #weddinglife?


Happy Monday, Lauryn x

The Skinny Confidential talks weddings!

{ my two bed bugs }

The Skinny Confidential talks weddings!

{ a long overdue shot of our themed holiday wrapping ( dog ( not baby!! ) teepee here ) }

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  1. You’re light years ahead of some of us, at least you’ve wrangled up some bridal magazines! 😉

  2. Omg so happy you like the skirt!! Thank you for the mention too it made my day like MAJOR!

    Tip with wedding planning deligate I hired a wedding planner and went with it saved me time aggrevation and things got done!! All my love to you and your journey I cannot wait to see you all done up on your wedding day!! All MY love C

  3. I think ill be exactly like you when it comes to wedding planning, take my time. Just have a long engagement, enjoy it. You only do it all once!
    And oh my god, the puppy tee-pee is adorable!! Definitely need to get one of those!

  4. If you’re planning youre wedding even half as good as your blog, I would worry about it too much 🙂
    Also, how did i not know there’s such a thing as hemp milk?

  5. My To-Do’s list is endless! :(( Love those shoes! I have been looking for some new shoes with hard sole, just waiting for a good sale! 🙂

  6. Hi Lauryn!

    First of all, I love your blog! So honest and inspiring, I love coming back for more!

    And secondly, just wanted to say thank you for sharing the post on these New Balance beauties! I’m a serious leopard print fan and burgundy is one of my favorite colors, so obviously, ordered these shoes within 5 minutes of waking up and reading your post! I love the price and everything else and can’t wait to get them in mail! Thank You! Have been waiting for the perfect pair of NB like these!


  7. I got a wedding planning bood. It came with what to do first and helpful tip plus check list of everything you needed to do. Super helpful for me!

  8. Everytime I tried to plan our wedding I would get SO overwhelmed! Finally I decided it just wasn’t for me and we had an intimate elopement which was so romantic! No stress just lots of lovin’! We have our beautiful baby girl Mila now and another on the way! Our plan is to fly to Greece with our babies, parents and siblings in 3 years for our 5th anniversary to renew our vows 🙂 good luck! Listen to your heart’s desire babe xxx

  9. HI ur wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. You want to do something That reflects Who u aré and the love u Share for One another.
    Mine was beautiful, elegant, sunset Beach wedding .
    I didnt go over the top because i wanted to spend moré on honeymoon.
    Envision ur dream day, visualize the flowers, candles, music.
    Find One detail and go From There

  10. i am mildly obsessed with those new balances 🙂 pop of color for the win. and i may need that to-do list booklet to stay organized in my “organized chaos” of a life. love your mini delites posts! xo

  11. Haha! I think it was because of this quote that people thought you were prego.

    Taking gelatin internally provides the body the building blocks to build great skin, hair and nails from the inside out and helps reduce wrinkles (and stretch marks, as I’ve found since mine are vanishing this time while I’m still pregnant!).

    1. OHHHHH!!! Ok so this sentence was in a quotation because it’s not by me, it’s by another blogger who loved gelatin. I deleted that part! Thank you for bring this to my attention, Sarah! xx

  12. – find a location and EVERYTHING else will fall into place. I was the same way – had no clue what I wanted or even what I was supposed to be doing! And I have to tell you, my weddding was absolutely perfect, not one single thing was out of place the day of! And enjoy it, don’t let anyone rush you 🙂

  13. Hi Lauryn!!!!!

    I absolutely love your blog!!!!! It’s my absolute favorite!!!!! Here are some wedding planning ideas/timelines to help get you started!!! I waited to plan mine until the clock started ticking, so I by no means followed this to a t. You have amazing taste and you’re going to be a beautiful bride so get excitedddd!!!!

    Wedding planning should be fun and I found out during the process that I am a major perfectionist. Start working on something that you love first!!!! I loved putting my look together, bridesmaids dress color scheme, flower girl dresses, my mom’s etc. I loved the styling part!!!

    Don’t be afraid to delegate duties. I did it all myself and totally wish I had delegated more now.

    Oh and you can’t please everyone so just make sure it’s what you and your love truly want it to be—-ohhhhh and you don’t have to follow all these wedding rules!!! Like I didn’t throw a bouquet or do the garter thing.

    Have so much FUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!


  14. Love the sneaks! And regarding your wedding-planning skills, I can´t imagine how you would have time with all the projects you have going on. Just remember that there is absolutely NO rush;)


  15. Hi Lauryn,
    Love your blog! If you need any help wedding planning let me know 🙂 I’d love to help you out.

  16. Hey Lauryn,

    I just got married in October. I can totally relate to feeling like the worst bride ever. But, I will tell you, I look back on my wedding year and smile because I wasn’t an obsessed bride. I made all of my family and bridesmaids/groom/groomsmen feel special and celebrated. It was like a big party for everyone! I tried my best to always portray gratitude, sincerity and humility during this process. Sure, I could have had a better “this” or “that” if I spent 2098390219 hours more on my wedding. But everyone I have talked to tells me they had the best time at our wedding, and a part of me believes that is because we put out a happy, positive and warm vibe! We took time to talk to each guest (300 people) and tried to make our wedding a big “Thank You” to everyone who has shaped our lives. Instead of making it all about us. It is important to keep perspective (which can be hard!!). Really, it is so built up. It is 1 day and about 15 hours. That is all. I have seen a lot of my friends go crazy for a whole year – just for 15 hours. They plan really expensive bach parties, pick really expensive dresses, corner you at parties and only talk about themselves….all for just 1 day. It can definitely leave a sour taste in your mouth. It was important to me to not be that girl! I wanted to treat my family and wedding party, not feel like they “owed” me etc. I think you will definitely be an awesome bride! Be the person who makes it fun for everyone involved. I know the feeling when you see pinterest or read bridal magazines…you just want it to be everything! I have super eclectic taste too. I love classic themes, I can be girly, I love adventure, I love bright colors, I love beige/creme/navy/black, I love bohemian, I love everything natural…I mean, which avenue to choose?! It is overwhelming when you like a little bit of everything. Prioritize the things that are most important to you. For example, I really wanted my wedding to feel botanical. I wanted lush arrangements. I also am a health nut, so my florist (LOVE THIS IDEA) suggested we fill the arrangements and bouquets with big artichokes, grapes, apples etc. It looked so cool to have produce mixed in with fresh flowers. Another piece of advice is to choose a feeling, I wanted my wedding to feel “warm”. Our wedding was in October in Kansas City, so we had a roaring fire and candlelights, seated dinner, pictures of our parents and grandparents and a “thank you” toast from my husband and I to everyone at the wedding. We had a great band, lots of fresh flowers/produce and the energy was happy!! We were happy. I look back on some pictures and think, OMG I should have touched up my makeup etc. put my hair up etc. but in the long run instead of spending time in the bathroom, I spent time making my way to every table and holding Blake’s hand most of the night. Oh, sorry, one last idea – I love my dad so much!! I can’t even begin to tell you. So I surprised him by having a slideshow of the two of us play in the background while we slow danced. It was my way of showing him (and our guests) how much I appreciated all our history as daddy/daughter. So bottom line, don’t be obsessed. Don’t worry about not obsessing enough. Be kind and level headed (even if you have to fake it at times). People will remember you more for being gracious and throwing an awesome party than for having pinterest/etsy touches everywhere. People always remember how you made them feel. Have focal points. Choose your priorities. Let the rest ride. Ask your step mom – she throws awesome (looks like from the blog) dinner parties. Trust YOUR gut and people who are close to you. It will be amazing. It will all get done. It is never too late for an engagement party. Believe in yourself and your visions. Get excited for your wedding, and the 3274082743 days AFTER your wedding, as a wife.

    Can’t wait to see any details you share!


  17. OMG – where did you find those shoes? I had a green pair about 8 years ago that I wore til they died and haven’t been able to find them again since… And don’t worry about the wedding – I was the same way 🙂 As someone else said, picking the venue is key. Once we picked a vineyard, it was easy to have a vision and plan from there. But until then, er…yeah…I was pretty useless. My theory on weddings is less is more, except when it comes to the alcohol and food!

  18. My mom planned my wedding. LOL. It was fine with me because she has excellent taste. I chose my dress, the color of the bridesmaid dresses, and the photographer. My husband chose the food. The photographer is the most important thing to choose, in my opinion!

  19. Hey Lauryn

    I got married 2 years ago, my husband and I had been living together for a couple of years and (dare I say) already felt married. So we decided to thrown an amazing party for our friends and family. Our 3 must haves …1) an open bar! 2) amazing food and 3) an epic dance party!!

    Details and flowers are nice and all but at the end of the day no one will be talking about your centerpieces. Don’t sweat the small stuff 🙂

  20. At least you got the mags…my fiancé and I got engaged back in October…we’ve done…nothing. haha. Should probably try to start too, but maaaaannnn there’s just too much for me!!

  21. I just got married 3 months ago so I know what you are going through! First off we were engaged for almost two years because I was not ready to start planning after we got engaged. I wanted to enjoy it and not feel rushed to plan. After I picked the date and location I focused on finding a photographer. The photographer and the dress were pretty much the most important things for me (besides the guy!). Really good vendors book up quick, especially photographers. So I would maybe focus on one aspect of the wedding at a time and before you know it you will be in full wedding planning mode. I would also highly suggest a wedding planner! It was one of the best investments and helped out so much!! Good luck and enjoy the process!!

  22. You are not the only one who is slacking on a wedding! I’ve been engaged for FOUR YEARS, and still have nothing in sight. I just don’t care, really….I’m not one of those girls who weeps over weddings and dreams of spending $8,000 on a poofy white dress I’ll wear once for six hours…I sense you aren’t either. When we do eventually get married, we’ll probably elope. Don’t stress about not planning! It’s your life, do it when you feel like it.

    1. Oh wow!! That’s kind of cool though. I am kind of the same way. You rock, Nathalie. Enjoy the ride, right?

  23. My fiance and I are getting married almost 2 years from the date of our engagement. Some of our friends and family members have made comments but I am so happy with our decision to take our time. Take your time and enjoy the process!

  24. Hey! for wedding tips, I say take all the time you need. I feel like when I got engaged I was kind of missing the “bride gene” at first. It’s not that I wasn’t excited, I just had not been planning a grand wedding in my head my whole life so I didn’t know where to start except that I wanted to get married by the ocean and I wanted it smaller. I also didnt have the benefit of having a specific season (unless sunny day counts) or day like other people. I started by creating a pinterest board dedicated to my wedding and just pinned everything that I loved. Once I did that then I went back and looked for themes (see my wedding planning tips post!). Also once I found a venue, it had a planner and I pretty much just trust everything she says because she is amazing!!! My wedding is coming up fast so now I have wedding on the brain 24/7 which was not the case until January 2nd, all of last year I was in la la land doing no planning at all after booking the venue and food, but thats ok I was enjoying being engaged….. anyway I am rambling. Have a great day! XO Olivia ps: I still have a couple wedding magazines I have never opened….

  25. I just got married Aug 14 and definitely took my time…in a way. I knew I wanted to get married within the year (I know me, and if I dragged it out – I would be MAJORLY stressed out). So I got married exactly a year to the day he proposed.

    But beyond that, we tackled things as they came up. Friend who was a baker – cake done. Friend who was a DJ – DJ done. Once we set the date and had the venue sitch taken care of, we tackled everything else bit by bit and month by month. I think the worst thing is when you wait till the last minute to send invites or check off important things. Once you have a day, start planning in advance.

    As far as engagement party goes, I think you could totally still have one! Especially since the holidays just happened and people are now starting to free up their schedules again. Pretty sure no one makes the real rules on engagement parties anyway. Good luck!

  26. I went to Vegas and married my man alone, out famies knew bit no one was invited. And it was perfect. Then we came home and had a huge, chill outdoor party. Not for everyone but planning a wedding made me want to run and hide…. Anyway the reasons I’m commenting… Ease share that ginger drink recipe! Looks delish! Good luck with the wedding planning !

  27. Hi Lauren! I love your blog 😀
    I’m actually getting married this Friday. My fiancé and I have planned the entire thing by ourselves, and if I could give you one tip, it would be to NOT worry about sticking with tradition. We’ve done everything completely different (totally a hipster wedding)–succulents instead of flowers, my dress is an upcycled 1960s white dress, DIY-ed centerpieces, vintage suitcases and sewing machines and other random things to decorate the space, Brazilian fingerfoods to eat, non-matching bridesmaid dresses. I’m so excited, and I’ve loved the way things are going so far. Some people have been a little rude about us not sticking to tradition, but don’t forget that it’s YOUR day and you need to do what is best for you! 🙂

  28. When I first got engaged I didn’t plan anything for months! In fact, it was my fiance that kept asking me about planning! I just was enjoying being engaged and didn’t want to panic too much and do it on my own terms so you’re not alone!

  29. Hi Lauryn! Don’t worry about not planning your wedding yet, everything will come together when it’s time! But if you need any recommendations for planners, caterers, photographers, etc my mom is a wedding florist based in Orange County and I have been delivering weddings my entire life! (Think child slave, cleaning votives since I was 5 🙁 ) you have to check out my sisters destination wedding that we had on an island in the Honduras … Somehow I have to beat THAT one. Soooo, please don’t hesitate to ask for help, I truly know some amazing vendors that will be sure to make for planning your big day so much easier!

  30. I have literally not done a single thing for our wedding. We have been engaged well over a year and finally my parter and my parents had enough so they are now planning and getting everything done. Other than knowing the dress (200$ off nasty gal), place, time, and my maids (who are wearing whatever the f they want, because I am not picking another dress) I know nothing about it. It’s great. If something goes wrong on the big day I won’t even know.

  31. My boyfriend proposed to me this past August. We set the date for November 2016 and every person I know that has gone though planning a wedding says taking your time is the way to go. I looked at a few venues, and besides that, I haven’t done anything and I am totally ok with it. Especially if you know you will be taking your time, you can relax and make sure everything is done right (and avoid turning into a psychotic bridezilla because your running out of time).

    Don’t ever feel the need to rush anything 🙂

  32. Omg! This to-do list seems so perfect! I love its simplicity and the fact that there are check off boxes! And since there’s only space for 10 tasks, that forces you to prioritize. omg~~~ me want haha

  33. HI Lauryn,

    I just got married on 11-15-14 and I was one of those brides that didn’t want to think of every little tiny minute detail like most brides usually do. All I knew is that I wanted this day to be special and I wanted it to be a celebration and have a definite party vibe to it. I was not able to afford a wedding planner because we had just bought our house in August. I dated my now husband for 8 years (we did not live together) and this past January I was like what is the deal here, I am not going to be your forever girlfriend so let me know what your plans are with me because this is the year that something is going to change. I am old school so, I always thought I would get married first, then buy a house etc., But, my husband wanted to buy a house first, so, next thing I know we started looking at houses in June, found one in July, closed in August, moved in and then two weeks later, we were meeting the priest to pick a wedding date, which was 12 weeks later! Yeah, crazy, I know….. You know how stressful buying a house is, so then to go from that to planning a wedding was totally ridiculous and the funny thing is he had not yet officially proposed! lol! I know we did things all kinds of backward! He officially popped the question the day of our engagement photo shoot, but not till later that night when we went for a midnight hike to Enchanted Rock, I should have snapped that he was taking me to the Rock to give me my “Rock” but I was not even thinking about that, I was a little freaked out about being out hiking in the middle of the night so I was worried about snakes and coyotes. So, needless to say he managed to surprise me even though I knew we were getting married. Once all the formalities were over and done with I got to work on planning my wedding. I went to Pinterest and there is where I was inspired to plan my perfect day. Somehow, someway it all came together beautifully. I am not gonna lie to you I was so stressed out, I broke out in hives and severe itching on my arms and legs and I know it was all due to stress. But it all happened so fast and it is so hard to believe that it is just a memory now. I still can’t believe I am married, good thing I have some pretty cool pictures so that know it wasn’t all a dream. Best of luck to you with the planning of your big day. You will get into it as soon as you pick your theme and how you see that day unfolding in your mind. I am sure you are going to create something very special and beautiful for you and Michael. Congrats to you both!

  34. I was an awful bride but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I didn’t even book our officiant until a couple weeks before the ceremony. And guess what! It turned out amazing! The entire thing was more about us, what our personalities appreciate and less of a party for other people (which is what it will become if you don’t take control). Good luck love! 🙂

  35. We love that you haven’t thought about your wedding yet…yes, we said yet : ) Engagement is something that so many people try to rush through without enjoying the fact that you are only fiances once and then Mr. & Mrs./Husband and Wife forevermore. A great place to start, would be to join the to review the endless options of weddings. Then, hire a wedding planner (that is what we do : ) ) — we can help you find a venue and all the details that go into planning your wedding. The goal: stress-free, fun and enjoyable. We will have you covered from start to finish!

  36. I really want those sneakers…but I already have so many , the struggle is real. To start wedding planning pick the venue (you don’t to book it)…just start visiting and researching them. After that it will start coming together. I also hired a wedding planner. Its a lifesaver for the day of.

  37. I’m no where close to getting married but I’ve been pretty active pinning wedding ideas on pinterest LOL! I found one of those month by month calendars that tell you what you should do as you get close to your date. Planning a wedding can be a daunting task when you look at it as a whole but if you’re looking at it as one task at a time it might seem more manageable! Check them out… I pinned this one a little while ago:

    Good Luck!
    xo, chekara |

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