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Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Using pretty bowls as office decor }

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Loved seeing TSC book at Studio Barre! }

This weekend was spent playing major catch up.

Whenever we go to LA for few days I feel like my week gets thrown off…I spend so much time packing, unpacking, playing catch up on work, etc. that it really throws off my whole routine.

Anyway I sort of just multi-tasked all weekend. A little peak: I literally holed up in the office allllll day Friday ( I felt like a college student who refuses to leave the library at closing time ), celebrated my God-mom’s birthday Friday night ( with the best tuna dish x a little bubbly ), took a barre class with my sister, went to the chiropractor ( AHHH! Relief x 100 ), cleaned my entire house, did laundry, worked on the blog, ran errands, took my grandma AKA the birthday girl for a mani/pedi ( she choose an O.P.I. reddish orange polish but was screaming across the nail salon that they didn’t have the right shade of ‘O-PEE red.’ I calmly informed her that it’s O.P.I., not O-PEE— I mean..!!!! LMFAO ), went to dinner with friends ( Nobu!! Their spicy heart of palm salad is ), & spent Sunday BINGE ( like, binge-binge ) watching Sons of Anarchy while finishing computer work.

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Birthday baking }

You know one of those months when it’s everyone in the entire universe’s birthday? For me, that’s October. 1000%.

So this upcoming weekend I am desperate to just…READ. I can’t wait to dive in to another Gillian Flynn book ( Gone Girl author )— anyone read her other books? Thoughts? x. Lauryn

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Tonight’s fiery sunset spent on the patio lounge chair }

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ T.Boone Pickens, in deep thought }

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Loving my new lip plumper by City Cosmetics!! Use TSC for 40% off & buy one, get one free }

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  1. AvatarCourtney Violet Bentley

    Just ordered the city lips so excited to try it! Thank you for the code 🙂
    I am so excited to travel to LA its like countdown mania and I am working my brains out so I can relax and enjoy my travels!
    Have a great weekend Lauren! Looking forward to my book!
    Courtney Violet Bentley recently posted..A Piece of Fitness FashionMy Profile

  2. Avatarkerri

    first of all, love your pink accessories to match the laptop. tres cute! also i read dark places by gillian flynn and am currently reading sharp objects. i’ll tell you that they are dark books but i love a good mystery! xx
    kerri recently & wine, disney styleMy Profile

  3. AvatarSonia G.

    I’ve read both of Gillian’s other books. They’re both amazing but Sharp Objects is slightly better than Dark Places. Can’t wait to see the Gone Girl movie!

  4. AvatarName*

    I’ve read all three Gillian Flynn books- Dark Places was my favorite, followed by Gone Girl then Sharp Objects. Definitely worth reading!

  5. AvatarArantha

    Hi Lauryn! I liked Gone Girl a lot but it was actually my least favorite of Gillian’s books! Sharp Objects and Dark Places are both fantastic. They are all very dark, disturbing and dysfunctional, lol. But so entertaining. Hope you enjoy them too!


  6. AvatarBre

    Gillian Flynn is the most amazing author ever!!! All of her books are amazing, dark places is my favorite!!! You have to read them all!

  7. AvatarLisa Smith

    Hi LAURYN,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing post with us!
    I Will order immediately for city lips! This will be prefect for my lips. Thanks again LAURYN.