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Mini DeLites: Los Angeles

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Adult snow cones ; ) }

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Using Uber…in traffic, naturally || black crop & faux fur bag }

Hi guys!

This week I’m blogging from LA— Michael & I are up here for work…and we’re also house hunting.

We’ve decided we’re going to spend half the time in San Diego & the other half in Los Angeles. Totally new chapter! We wanted to mix it up a bit but without leaving SD permanently.

Over the weekend we explored LA & went to Gracias Madre ( all local/organic/vegan food + boozy snow cones ) and The Magic Castle ( it’s a showplace for magicians from around the word— really interesting ) with some friends. We also tried Earthbar…it’s SO insane. It’s a ‘bar’ with vitamin shots, cleanses, herbs, hangover remedies, protein smoothies, kombucha, aloe shots, liquid supplements, & kale-everything. So basically it’s my version of heaven. YUM. My picks:

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Hoping that these shots would helps with my allergies }

And today it was hi-ho-hi-ho-off-to-work, but of course we had to have dinner at SUGARFISH.

If you’re ever in LA you have to ( have to, have to ) try SUGARFISH. It’s literally the best sushi…EVER. I know I’ve talked about it before but it’s THAT good. It’s a real, serious party in the mouth. If you’ve eaten there, you get it ( anyone?! ).

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential
{ At a friend’s beautiful wedding on Friday night || mesh toppencil skirt, white pumps }

Sooooo the real question of the day is for all you L.A. residents: how in the hell do you manage the traffic? I’m honestly scared for my little ‘lateness issue’ with this gnarly traffic. Tips? This traffic is CRAZY.

Anyway, happy Monday! xx lauryn

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Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ House hunting!! || aviatorsKate Moss shirt }

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ SUGARFISH kills it…every time }

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  1. So excited to hear you will be sharing your time in LA. A few suggestions, set your clocks forward so you think its later than it is. You are going to have to leave with plenty of time. The traffic here is terrible, and people are crazy drivers. Find a good podcast to listen to so you don’t pull your hair out when you’re bumper to bumper. Best of luck house hunting!

  2. Lovely pictures! I live in Orange County, very close to LA! Need to try some of those places, they sound yummy 🙂

  3. As a girl who was born, raised, and is still living in LA (Santa Monica, to be specific)…my biggest tip is to never head east past 3 or 4 PM. And to always have good music to listen to in the car…but duh. I honestly arrange my life around trafficky times. I refuse to make plans or appointments that I know will involve sitting in traffic to get there. 10 AM-noon/1ish is a good time to head anywhere like Bev Hills, Hollywood, or downtown. It’s a bitch driving anywhere in the late afternoon/evening. Oh, and make sure you always have a good amount of gas in your car. This seems obvious, but I have the badass habit of letting my tank get to 0, and I’ve literally sat in my car before, stressing that my tank is going to run out when I’m stuck in traffic. Major anxiety. Haha.

    I’m so happy you’ll be spending time in LA! I’m also friends with Jordan Younger (I know you know her too!) so it would be awesome to do a blogger happy hour sometime! (Even though I shouldn’t really call myself a blogger because I pretty much NEVER blog.) Anyway, welcome to the city of traffic! <3 <3 <3

  4. Living in the hollywood hills last year was one of the best times of my life! You get a life filled with organic living eco chic culture mixed in with a rockstar vibe! We lived at the top of Doheny and Sunset so I was right in the action! You have to check out Erewhon you will die there too its like whole foods but way more intense! I used to go to Earthbar and chat with the experts for hours they really know there stuff. Also Beverly Hills Juice Club on Beverly is the bees knees they make this banana smoothie with green juice and cacao nibs thats to die for! I am so excited to go back to the states you are making me crave an LA trip! xo C

  5. I have yet to venture to L.A. but they are notorious for bad traffic. The panic of always being late would terrify me as well! Best of luck on house hunting, sooo fun!

  6. When in doubt always take Fountain. Especially during rush hour. Rush hour times are different than SD. Griffith is wayyyyy better than Runyon. It’s take 20 mins at least to get everywhere. Andddd Erhwon is better than Earth Bar. Muahhhh

  7. Oh an knowing you….you will have 100000 parking tickets. So read every sign before parking cuz you will get towed 🙂 that’s how the city makes all the money

  8. I lived in LA for a few years and just accepted the fact that I had to leave around an hour early for everything, just in case. Also, Sugarfish is just THE best! If I could afford it, I would eat there every day! Good luck house hunting!

  9. Good luck with your house hunting! It sounds like such a fun new chapter for you guys – I can’t wait to see the new place when you find one! XO, Sarah

  10. EarthBar rocks! They buy Mushroom Matrix from us for private labeling. You have to check out Manhattan Beach, its the best place I ever lived in LA (better than Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica, etc). Its quiet, you’re right at the beach, you can bike and walk everywhere, its full of fit and healthy people, there are great restaurants, and you’re only about 20 minutes from Hollywood (if you take the shortcuts). Highly recommended!

  11. Yes my boyfriend always raves about sugar fish!!

    Trick is to take the streets when you can and avoid the 5 freeway after 330 Ish!! I just moved up here from OC and it takes patience and time to learn back streets.
    Ps.. I love the snow cone drink at gracias madre and there chips and Gauc (;! Try out BESTIA or Republique one time
    For date night!!

  12. Live in the South Bay (Manhattan and Hermosa are amazing!) and never worry much about traffic 🙂 I definitely agree with the previous post about scheduling out when and where to go. Once you live here you learn to never meet friends in X, Y, Z areas between 5-630 pm unless you want to sit 2 hours in your car to go 10 miles. Oh, and if you don’t already, use the app WAZE like your Bible. Seriously though, life changer.

  13. YAY! You finally went to SUGARFISH! Told you!!!!! It is heaven on earth, like I dream about it.
    Best service, ambience, and flavor!

  14. As someone else mentioned, download Waze immediately. It has the most up to date traffic info….Google recently purchased the app, so that should tell you its a legitimate tool for LA drivers.

    And yes to Sugar Fish, the freshest fish in the city. Equal in quality would be Shima on Abbott Kinney. Bonus items: house made tofu and sushi rolls with brown rice.

  15. Whoa! Big decision. Congrats! Sounds like it will be tons of fun for you two (four). I have absolutely nothing useful to tell you about LA because I’m Canadian but if you’re ever in Vancouver or Edmonton, I know what’s up. <3
    The Accidental Mama

  16. I just tried Earthbar for the first time today. Yum! Ordered the Amazon Immunity which was gingery and delicious.

    My best traffic tips are to download the Waze app, have patience, and, unless you know the neighborhood well and are confident in your street-sign-reading-ability, pay to park or valet. LA street signs are mind boggling. Or is that just street signs in general? Or just me? So many parking tickets.

    But cheers to being in LA more!!!

  17. I used to live in Encinitas and moved to LA once I got married! You will learn the schedule of traffic and work around it. Don’t worry its not that bad! Good luck and Welcome : )

  18. Great blog! Love the title!

    For more skinny inspo, check out Instagramer @sheinprogress1 and her skinny smoothies!
    We are trying to decide which one we love best! >!/Whichits/542a8c7571f23f0f644e2139/

  19. Waze is everything in LA. Do you have the app? Most of the time in peak traffic hours (7-9 am, basically any time after 4 pm until 9 pm), it’s actually faster to take the streets instead of the freeway. I live and die by Waze, and it’s so popular in LA that it’s incredibly accurate when it tells you how long it’ll take to get somewhere — it’s always right to the minute! Okay so it sounds like I’m plugging Waze haha, I’m just a huge fan. Also, where you live IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION like, ever. Esp if you’re going to buy. Make sure it’s in a neighborhood that’s easily accessible to everywhere in LA you’ll frequent most, especially your work. Otherwise you’ll hate life if you live in WeHo and have to commute to the Westside every day. Best of luck to you! You’re living my dream, it’s my ideal to live in LA and SD, I lived in LA for 8 years and just moved to SD and want to go back but also never want to leave SD sooo… basically I want to live in both of them. 🙂

  20. I lived in LA for two years and the only thing I can tell you about dealing with traffic is PATIENCE…ugh it’s horrible sometimes! Once took me two hours to get from Studio City down in to West Hollywood. How is that even possible!? Good luckkk

  21. I never leave comments but this was so funny to me so I wanted to share. I just found out about your website and started following you on Instagram about two weeks ago. I used to live around L.A. but now I live in Huntington Beach so I’m rarely ever up there. My girlfriends and I were at Nicole Miller on Sunday wedding dress shopping and I suggested we go to Gracias Madre afterward because I see it everywhere. Long story short, when we were about to leave I looked up and saw this guy and I immediately thought “that looks like the girl from The Skinny Confidential’s boyfriend” and then did a double take. Needless to say when I looked at Instagram that night turns out it was him and I’m not crazy! Although this long post makes me seem like I’m crazy.

  22. As a Japanese I’m always seeking for yummy sushi place! So glad I read this blog before LA trip this weekend! Will def need to try SUGARFISH

  23. La traffic can be rly tough that’s no lie… My basic suggestion is plan out the times you need to go around town. Make sure you live in a neighborhood that has things you want near you… Fave market, a good gym, good restaurants etc. You will not want to leave your area of town much and if you have to attempt the 10 then either wake up superrrrrr early or go in between 11-1:30/2ish.

    It’s funny, I really don’t like sugar fish lol it’s so overpriced you will find better local spots once you live here! But earth bar rocks! We just got one downtown and it’s sick! Good luck in la it’s a tough city but pretty fun : )

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