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Mini DeLites | Allergies

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ This weekend; working from the patio }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Sunday vibes }

Allergies are so, so annoying.

Today I woke up ready to kick ass…& sniff, cough, itch…oh fantastic, my lovely allergies decided they would show face.

So I dragged my butt to the gym & lethargically worked out…then I attempted to work…& slowly ( like real slowly ) made my way through the day. Mind you, this is after two cinnamon coffees.

Allergies are sort of like this: your eyes are super heavy, your throat itches so bad you kind of what to rip it off, you’re so tired you feel like you have narcolepsy, & your head feels like Miley’s twerking in your brain.


Basically I’m allergic to cats & pollen ( I think…I’m too scared of needles to get the test ) & it seriously sucks. Besides allergy pills ( been there, done that- it’s not for me ), does anyone have ANY allergy remedies? I can’t have another day like today! Help!! Please!!

Anyway, I was too tired to make dinner ( this means scrambled eggs in bed ) & now I’m literally about to…zzzzzzz. Nighty night, x.

P.S. quick story: I begged Michael for a hairless cat for years thinking “oh, rad a cat with no hair= no allergies.” So the other day we were at a friend’s house & met two cute, hairless pussycats named Harry & Pink ( LMFAO ) & of course I was all about them ( petting, hugging, holding them.. ).

Whelp, it turns out that if you’re allergic to cats…your 234538453 times more allergic to ( …wait for it… ) HAIRLESS cats. Soooo…this may or may not have contributed to today. FML.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Super excited about these vintage pin wheels }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Using this tiny, blue unicorn as a ring holder }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Pixy at the park }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Sunday’s mocktail: 1/2 grapefruit squeezed over Perrier & ice. Add a sprinkle of chia seeds, a little Stevia, & lemon…cheers! }

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  1. I’ve had all year round hay fever my whole life and I’m allergic to cats, dogs and pollen. I’ve tried all the different pills and nasal sprays and everything is just a short-term solution. When I moved to Canada in 2011 though my allergies seemed to disappear and I think it had a lot to do with the cleaner air (moving from a big city to living in the mountains). I’ve been back home 4 months now and my allergies haven’t come back so fingers crossed it stays that way!

  2. I have allergies too, but not to animals. Mine are environmental. Fun! I don’t like to take allergy medicine either so when mine get bad I use a neti pot regularly (I know…gross, but I swear it helps). My throat doesn’t get itchy, but my eyes do and I feel super congested. A hot shower and breathing in steam usually help with that. Sometimes I’ll use eye drops too, but not the medicated kind.

  3. Oh yes, the old allergy hangover! I feel you. Have you ever tried Loratadine? I have really bad allergies to cats, dogs, indoors, outdoors, etc. so I’ve tried every single medicine and remedy like ever. That’s the one that works best for me. It doesn’t make me drowsy or woozy or anything and really cuts down on my symptoms – plus you can take more than one if you feel like it’s not working!

  4. Hey,
    For pollen allergies, having a teaspoon of local honey every day is great for slowly building up immunity. Hope that helps x

  5. Ohmygod you MUST try acupuncture – I swear it’s absolutely MAGIC for allergies!

    I totally get that you’re afraid of needles, but the ones they use are tiny tiny and you literally don’t even feel them. Just shut your eyes and brave it out for the like 30 seconds it takes to put them in and you can totally avoid all of this.

  6. Sorry about the allergeries as I can relate. There is a now a blood test called immunocap that you can get for both environmental ( pollen, trees etc specific to coastal north SD) & food, cats, dogs, dust bites all is one test.

  7. My husband is suuuuper allergic to cats, among other things like pollen and mold, and we’ve found that on top of Clariten every day (which sucks), local honey helps. It gives you tiny does of the pollen and helps build up your immune system. Good luck!

  8. Hey Lauryn!

    I have the worst year-round allergies and I started taking Quercetin with Bromelain (which I believe are natural anti-histamines) which helps when I don’t want to deal with OTC allergy meds. Hope you’re feeling better. I’m allergic to cats, too so I know how it goes! 🙂

  9. Have you tried nettles? You can usually get them in dried form in capsules and they are REALLY effective for me. Better than regular allergy medicine.

  10. Being allergic to cats myself I would have thought that a hairless cat would be an awesome compromise! So sorry that you found out the hard way but thanks for sharing that with the rest of us! PS Love the first photo in the post, something just draws me to it 🙂

  11. I never had allergies until I moved to SF and now I definitely get a little seasonal discomfort. The first few times I was sure I was sick, having never experienced allergies before. You poor thing. At least you went to the gym! Hope it goes away soon. I hear the weather is hot down your way.

  12. I know you’ve talked about Kimberly Snyder’s “energy in a spoon” before, so you may already know this… But if you are having pollen (or pure, raw honey) from local bees, it will protect you from allergy symptoms (or at least make them less severe). I live in SD too and have gotten some great local pollen and honey from the different farmers markets 🙂

  13. I love all your trinkets! I fortunately do not suffer from allergies, but my remedy for anytime I am feeling down is to take Airborne. Keeps my immune system in good shape (I know allergies have nothing to do with your immune system) and gives me a boost of energy. Hope that helps!


  14. Try to find a place in your area that sells Standard Process supplements. They are certified Whole Food supplements with no GMO, no metals, no chemicals, etc. You must have a Medical degree to sell them. Find the supplement andronex and allerplex. My mother was on 12 allergy medicines, took these, and got off all of them, allergy free, after two weeks. This company is truly fantastic. Their SP cleanse is also worth your while. Hope this helps and good luck!

  15. stinging nettles for allergies…. just get them at whole foods or whatever natural foods store. i think i just have the whole foods brand. i can be DYING of allergies and take 2 capsules and 10-20 minutes later i’m 100% fine. i’m telling you this stuff is like magic.

  16. I hear ya. I just started my own pollen allergy this week 🙁 I’ve heard buying local pollen and eating about a teaspoon everyday is supposed to help. I don’t know about the cat allergy though. Feel better soon!!

  17. Allergies are no fun so I feel ya!!! And because my life is basically a comedy, it turns out I am allergic to allergy medicine as well. lol-ing over here ahhh-chooooo. But rumor has it ::: BEE POLLEN is supposed to work wonders. It works for me and anything natural is a win in my book!

  18. I second what Emilee said! Obviously it’s not a replacement for stronger allergy medication, but local honey (preferably raw and organic, but I know you already know that) is supposed to do wonders for allergies.

  19. Yay for mock tails! How funny, I always do the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice combo too.. I think it stems from my love of grapefruit mimosas <3
    Anyways allergies.. I have found that LOCAL raw honey helps with pollen allergies, and chammomile tea (an anti-inflammatory) helps with everything inflammation related. Bee pollen I have heard works as well, and it's super yummy!


  20. That mocktail sounds delicious! Thinking about going out and buying a grapefruit after work just to make it!

    Also I am with you on the needle phobia. There is no way I would put myself through that to learn my allergies!

  21. Try a nettie pot or a saline nasal spray. If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend going to see an allergist. I HATE getting bloodwork done, but honestly, the skin prick test they do is not bad at all. I was so fed up with my sinus headaches and feeling tired all of the time. I was on Claritin for awhile, but the doctor told me to get off of it and to switch to a prescription nasal spray which has helped.

  22. Absolutely, local honey! If your body gets used to ingesting the substance you’re allergic to, usually it doesn’t react as strongly to it if it’s from the outside world… The closer to home the honey is made, the better! Also, since the pollen will be different everywhere you go, your allergies might come back if you’re visiting another area… Just some honey thoughts!

  23. When I volunteered in Ecuador, all the missionaries took Alfalfa pills to combat allergies. It’s still a daily pill, but at least you can pronounce everything in it!

  24. I take bee pollen! It has helped me so much!! Also I have been taking zendocrine by DoTerra and it has helped a lot! good luck 🙂

  25. it is actually cats saliva that people are allergic to, not their hair. Siberian cats are hypoallergenic because they have less of that protein in their saliva plus they are absolutely adorable (but expensive)…

  26. I know some of you other lovely readers have commented this but I also have found that NeilMed Sinus Rinse and saline nasal spray works really well. And with cats, its the saliva we are allergic too, not the fur. I hope you can find a remedy that works Lauryn, I hate allergies too!

  27. Try taking a probiotic for your allergies, they have really helped calm mine down! My favorite is VSL#3, they are super potent and really high in bacteria. You can get them in powder or pill form; the powder form is great for adding to smoothies:)

  28. I have THE WORST allergies ever. I’m talking allergies that get so bad that they sometimes turn into sinus infections. Lately i’ve also developed this cough that I couldn’t get to go away for over 1 week Until ~ HONEY! I took a table spoon last night and it seems as though a lot of the mucus (ew) has loosened up by this morning. (I wasn’t sick, just a cough). Hope this helps 😉

  29. I have horrible allergies too! The worst. And San Diego is extra bad right now, what with the heat and how dry it is! (I am dying.) I do acupuncture and eat local bee pollen as a supplement twice daily, but the thing that really works for me is doTERRA’s TriEase essential oil allergy pills. They are so much better than any allergy pills. It’s a mixture of lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils and have no fillers or chemicals, so just pop a pill every 30 min as needed! AMAZEBALLS.

  30. Hi,

    First of all, I read your blog religiously, and that’s a big deal because I NEVER read blogs…so- go you!

    Second, I love that you always post natural remedies and tips/tricks. Those are usually my go-to methods (I have a whole cabinet of essential oils-including Emu Oil, which I just started using and I LOVE it…I’m just not 100% sure about whether is cruelty-free or not…)

    With that being said, my allergies get SO bad that I have to bypass natural or I’d jump off a cliff. So, here are the two products that I CANNOT live without during allergy season, they’re actual life-savers:
    Opticon A Eye Allergy Relief eyedrops:

    I’ve tried other allergy pills like Claritin and nothing works for me except Zyrtec.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    xo, Clare

  31. I haven’t tried this place personally, but I have close friends and family that have gone to Advanced Allergy Solutions in San Franisco ,CA (Hayes Valley area) and they SWEAR this place cures their allergy issues (dog, dust, gluten, sugar, soy allergies etc) . I know they use a hollistic approach and NO NEEDLES are used. Hope this helps!!!

  32. I have allergies too so I feel ya girl! They SUCK. But fortunately there are things you can do. I’m addition to local raw honey, I take a nettle tincture. I wasn’t sure it was really working until I ran out and shit got real. I also use my neti pot daily. It uses a saline solution to wash that pollen crap outta your nose. That plus eye drops seems to make it tolerable. I also make a point to wash sunglasses more often as well as face/hands if I’m gardening or working out outside. Hope that helps! This too shall pass!

  33. Nettie pot with distiller water. DO NOT share it with anyone ever and make sure you clean it thoroughly after each use. It’s like magic and provides instant relief. Also you can talk to an acupuncturist or herbalist about Chinese herbs like Yu Ping Feng San Wan, but research it as I cannot verify it works for everyone.

  34. My allergies are pretty atrocious this fall as well (cats and pollen, among others, as well). I’ve only had success with prescription meds during allergy season, especially since they get so bad all I want to do is get rid of the symptoms so I can get out of bed.

    I’m sold on giving local honey a whirl after reading so many comments about it. And I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about acupuncture for a long-term solution.

  35. Have you tried essential oils as a natural remedy for allergies. My boyfriend is completely off all allergy meds and shots. Just three simple oils worked like MAGIC. instantly. Check out my website and do a little research on the oils! They will definitely help. I would love to send you some to try 🙂

  36. Girrrrrl, you haven’t discovered Quercetin at WF yet?! Breaks up the sniffles/itchiness like a bat outta hell…….who needs ick claritin?!

  37. I swear by taking heavy doses of Vitamin C throughout the day. It’s a natural anti-histamine. I make smoothies with baobab and goji powder and oranges in the morning (any other high vita-C thing you can think to throw in) and then throughout the day I take vitamin C (amazon has these tablets that taste like orange juice –by Nature’s Pride).

    Honey from the area you live is supposed to help as well. So my smoothies will have some local honey and bee pollen in them.

    Another thing I always have running in my house is an air purifier. It’s made a world of difference with my allergies. Hope you find an end to your suffering!

  38. So as someone who suffers from severe allergies, as in I carry my Auvi-Q (modern epi-pen) with me everywhere, I can say the best thing to do is get the test done. There are two types of ways to test of allergies, they can draw copious vials of blood and test each vial or you can do the scratch test on your back. Also being someone who is deathly afraid of needles and pain in general (like I’m in pain getting my hair done lol), I did the blood test first. Well that was dumb because they used a needle and I almost fainted and the results were inaccurate. So then I did the scratch test, I was very reluctant but I have 2 really tiny tattoos and one happens to be on the back of my neck. The nurse basically told me, “you have ink done? this is going to be nothing.” It literally felt like nothing, like water on my back! They use this tiny little poking contraption to deposit possible allergens in your back and wait a couple minutes to measure the results. Its the most accurate test you can do and I highly suggest it! And honestly, I am such an allergic person that I am allergic to Benadryl..the best/most natural thing I do to manage my crazzzy allergies is avoidance therapy. Which basically just means staying the heck away from anything I am known to be allergic too.

  39. I’ve suffered from horrific year-round allergies my whole life, and nothing seems to keep them off for good. I’ve taken Zyrtec every day (sometimes 2) for probably almost 10 years now. It seems to help a little bit. I’ve also tried numerous prescription nasal sprays and eye drops with varying successes. If you’re in need of a quick fix for a stuffy nose, AFRIN IS A LIFE SAVER. It’s over the counter and literally amazing. Cleared me up completely in about an hour after literally 2 months of not being able to breathe through my nose.

    Also, I have heard that cat allergies come from something in their saliva, not their fur. So even hairless cats lick themselves aka have saliva all over them. Yuck.

  40. For allergies or sinus headaches, try Loratadine 10mg, cheapest place to buy it is at Target, their brand, in a bottle is about $4 for 30. If it’s really bad, you can get the 24hour generic claritin from the pharmacist, after you show your license to proof you’re not a drug dealer 😉

    Hope that helps!

  41. What kind of jeans are you wearing on your Sundays vibe photo? I have seen these in a couple of pictures and am in love with them.

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