Hair of the Dog [& Oatmeal Pancakes]

Healthy Mimosa

Make your own mimosa & save cal’s & sugar

Claire’s on Cedros in Solana Beach has become my favorite weekend brunch & lunch spot. Their fresh berries, multi-grain, oatmeal pancakes & passion fruit [ picked from the tree next to the restaurant ] mimosa’s are too coxing to resist. I think of Claire’s as a treat. I usually will have one “Claire-cake;” they’re made with real oats & I die for them. I, then balance it out by ordering a side of egg whites [ naturally, no butter, no oil ] and I will make my own mimosa. I order the champagne separate from the juice & when the juice comes on the side, I’ll splash it in to my champy. I do this because normally restaurants add way too much juice in their bubbly!

Oatmeal Multi-Grain Pancakes

The famous oatmeal, multi-grain “Claire-cake’s”

Gluten Free Breakfast San Diego

Claire’s in Solana Beach

Organic Berries

Fresh, delicious berry bowl

Cute Chihuahua

Pixy Bean, in front of the Bougainvillea flowers



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