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St Tropez Outfits by Mimi Evarts. Sassy clothing for the South of France | by the skinny confidential Bonjour everyone! It’s Mimi taking over today to share my experience in France. This was my very first time in Europe, let alone in glamorous Saint Tropez, so I was beyond excited. Needless to say, I was not let down. Saint Tropez is perfect. I swear they pump something into the air like at Disneyland. You are instantly in a good mood.

Everywhere you look there are beautiful people smiling, eating baguette & leisurely chatting. For months leading up to this trip Lauryn constantly asked me, “do you have good looks for ST?” so I was nervous my looks would be all wrong.  When we got there though I realized they weren’t so bad. Phew!

When you’re in Saint Tropez you are constantly walking ( for sure meeting my daily steps goal ) so I tried to plan my outfits knowing I’d be strutting about San-Tro for miles each day. Think sensible shoes. I brought about 10 pairs of heels and did not wear a single pair. Also bring light weight clothes. It’s 100 degrees and you don’t want your spray tan to sweat off.

Ok – here are the exact looks I wore for my first time in Europe:


Dior Café Look

Ahh the Dior Café. This was by far my favorite breakfast place in Saint Tropez. I ordered a glass of champagne, a bread basket with THREE different mini croissants, and a cappuccino with “Dior” stamped in the foam. Could it be any more chic? Nope.

The morning we went to the Dior Café I opted for a mini suede skort moment. You know, keeping it cute but not looking to flash the locals with a gust of wind. I paired my pink skort with my go-to Free People intimates bodysuit. I don’t really like to wear a bra so I stuck some nippies on underneath. My hair was going on 7 days without washing it so I threw it in a bun and I was good to go.

skort | bodysuit

Matching Set

My blue stripe look has been sitting in my closet for over a year waiting for its moment. I wore this two-piece outfit to Le Club 55, which is tied with the Dior Café as my favorite place in all of Saint Tropez.

Little did I know I would be wearing the only long sleeve piece of clothing I brought on the hottest day of the whole trip. Picture me sipping rosè melting in the sun. I wore my hair down with this look to make the look even hotter. Literally. I wore nude strappy sandals and black Ray Ban aviators ( my go-to ) to finish it off.

top ( similar: top ) | bottoms | sandalsaviators 

Bagatelle Dress

The day I wore this dress was my favorite day of the whole trip! We went to Bagatelle Beach, ate truffle pizza, truffle mac and cheese, and burrata. We washed it all down with a dry rosè of course. I never knew how much I LOVED truffles until this trip.

I felt great wearing this dress, although the exact one I wore is no longer available. It was perfect for the occasion – flowy and light. Lauryn had her hair in a tight pony this day so naturally I copied her for a twin moment. This night ended with everyone sitting on the couches at the house eating baguettes and blowing up floaties for the pool. Easily the most fun we had on the trip.


Flower Dress

This is probably the most girly item I brought and it ended up being one of my favorites. Amanda Uprichard’s size small fits me perfectly so I never have to take anything from her brand to the tailor. I packed this dress without even trying it on!

Lauryn introduced me to my first ever croque-monsieur sandwich in this dress. Food will never be the same to me after this trip. If you find yourself in St. Tropez you must have a croque-monsieur. I wore this dress as a nighttime look with a tight pony and nude sandals.

dress | nude sandals

Pink Linen Moment

Of course I borrowed most of my looks from Lauryn because she has the BEST closet. Plus she is actually cool about letting me wear her stuff and we’re the same size. Yay for sisters! But I felt like Michael might get left out if I only raided Lauryn’s side of the closet, ya know? So in fairness I started perusing through his side and found this pink linen shirt that I knew I just had to have. Thanks Michael!

I wore this men’s shirt with just my bathing suit under it because I knew I would be swimming at some point. Linen is the most comfortable look and it has the most San-Tro vibe. Going for a full on pink moment, I also wore pink slides with my linen dress shirt.

men’s shirt | pink slides

Red Off The Shoulder

OK – so these Topshop jeans are my favorite jeans EVER. I have two pairs so I can always have them ready for when I spill on the other pair. They are tight and stretchy kind of like leggings. Without a doubt they are my absolute go-to pair of jeans. I paired these jeans with this off the shoulder top &  Jana created space buns with half my hair down for a nighttime look.

top | white jeans

White Slip

Ah the old faithful, my white Van De Vort slip. I wear this dress while running errands, at the beach and even at the club. It’s basically a universal look. On this day I wore it over my Agent Provocateur bikini ( I always get my bikinis altered so I feel the best possible in them ). This look was perfect for drinking champagne at Nikki Beach. The day ended with me being in the pool fully dressed. Shoes and all.

slip | bikini

White Off The Shoulder

On the last couple days of the trip it was crazy windy so I wanted to wear something with more coverage. This night we went out to a sushi restaurant for dinner where Michael ended up wearing a panda mask and eating edamame.

Most of the time I gravitate towards wearing off the shoulder looks. I feel like they’re spicy yet still appropriate. I paired this top with these striped pants. The vertical stripe elongates my legs so I wear these pants all the time.

pants | pink slides | top

After traveling to Saint Tropez I realized that the people there dress VERY differently than the people in the US. Here we show a lot more skin. In Saint Tropez everyone dresses classy-chic. The girls will wear a huge white hat with a low pony tail and white trousers. In San Diego you’ll see a big T-shirt and hot pants. Big thank you to Michael and Lauryn for showing me the world in the most glamorous way possible. I can now say that I have traveled to Europe!

Au revoir!


  1. Go mimi go!!

    Such a fan of the red off the shoulder lady! it’s amazing.

    hope you guys are having SO much fun!

  2. You’re such a sweet girl, from your outfits to your writing, I love it. I also love that your outfits are realistic and relatable for a holiday that mostly about discovering a new city/place. Thank you for sharing.. X

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