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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Microneedling: Why I Microneedle My Arms

I met Holly Della Vedova through a friend in San Diego & I immediately fell in love. She has an amazing personality that just SPARKLES.

Holly made me laugh right away because within 10 minutes of meeting her she told me she was a microneedling specialist & had microneedled her vagina lips. OMG, I thought, this girl is fucking cool & I need to see what she’s all about.

Holly invited me in the day before Thanksgiving ( last year & pre-pregnancy ) to microneedle my arms & it was so cool. The results were immediate.

As I said, she did it on my arms which didn’t hurt at all- without numbing cream I might add. Numbing cream creates a barrier between the skin & makes the needles not as effective I feel. It felt like a little sting, but really it didn’t hurt at all. ( More on microneedling my face here. )

Anyways, when Holly was done she wrapped my arms in plastic & I must say, the whole experience was just really cool. She sent me on my way. Right away I noticed a difference in the freckles & sunspots on my arms.

It was so wild & I can’t wait to do it again.

In this interview I wanted to dive deep into microneedling part of your body besides the face. IN this post you’ll hear about microneedling you neck, scalp & vagina.

Sidenote: If you’re thinking of doing home microneedling – One of my friends got a staph infection from microneedling herself at home so I highly recommend seeing a professional if you want to try it.

Alright let’s get into it with Holly.

Microneedling Benefits

+ Introduce yourself & explain why you’re an expert in the industry.

My name is Holly Della Vedova, & I’ve been a licensed esthetician for 17 years. Before getting into esthetics, I was a makeup artist also going to school towards a degree in naturopathic medicine. Skincare has always been a passion of mine, & as a makeup artist I noticed many of my clients struggling with the health & appearance of their skin. Almost every client would start by saying things like “pay no attention to my acne,” or “God it’s embarrassing having you look so closely at my skin,” & “Get ready, you’ll need a pound of makeup to cover these dark spots, WTF”… & on & on & on, beating themselves up.

As I became familiar with the many skin issues my clients were sharing, I knew I wanted to further my esthetics career to be able to address their concerns & feel their best – WITHOUT makeup. I know so many women who avoid taking their makeup off before bed just so they wake up feeling better about themselves in front of their significant other. My esthetician ears cringe when I hear that! NEVER wear makeup to bed–EVER! I want every woman to feel her best & wake up with a clean & dewy, makeup-free face & not feel embarrassed without morning makeup!

As I dove deeper into the esthetics program, I learned that the health of your skin is largely dependent on the health of your body as a whole–from what you eat, to your stress levels, water intake–it all shows up on your skin! For that reason, I have made it my practice to focus a lot of my time on staying educated on the most beneficial lifestyle adjustments that can positively impact skincare. This way, I can provide support & tips for my clients as they step out of my office & back into their daily lives. Since graduating with an esthetics license, I have also continued to research & study new, cutting-edge treatments to help my clients turn back the clock & feel comfortable in their skin. I try every product & treatment on myself first so when I heard about this “vampire facial” I was like, “sign me up!”

Microneedling (a type of skin rejuvenation) is my favorite treatment by far & I quickly became obsessed!! I am 42 years old & I can confidently say my skin is much better & more youthful than it was at 32! The results I see in my clients pale in comparison to other treatments, like some lasers & surgery. I love showing them how drastically their skin can change from just one session! We are all our worst critics & pick ourselves apart in the mirror & focus on every imperfection… but wouldn’t it be great if every time you looked into that monster mag-light mirror on your vanity, your skin got better & better? Microneedling can do that & is the drop-the-mic moment in skin care!

+ We microneedled my arms. Can you describe all the steps that went into this?

I love how you started with micro-needling your arms & not your face like most people do! I thought that was super outside the box & clever! We started with a double cleanse followed by a skin assessment to determine the skin type and what we needed to target with microneedling.

Benefits of Microneedling the Arms

For your arms, we were targeting sun damage, & of course you are also getting the full effects of new collagen & elasticity production, which results in arms like a baby! I then prepped the skin even further with a layer of a lactic acid peel to remove dead skin cells making the treatment more effective & allowing for the product to penetrate further. While the lactic acid was doing its thing, I massaged in some Vitamin C crystals along with a mixed berry enzyme into the peel that stimulates collagen and increases collagen synthesis to provide some extra antioxidants to brighten up the skin.

All the products we used on you are from DNA Skin Institute. I love this line & really like that it’s medical grade & certified organic! After that, we did another quick skin assessment & started mirconeedling! I typically like to stay away from numbing cream since it can cause a slight slowing of blood flow into the area. Proper blood flow is essential for microneedling treatments.  We need the healing nutrients in your blood to provide the best results. We needled in the serum, DNA Cryo Signal Pro, which has a similar signaling response as embryonic stem cells, though they are derived from silk worms. I LOVE this product! In case studies, it was shown to increase collagen production by 70%! It also helps heal the skin & create healthier cells, therefore improving the overall skin appearance.

After we microneedled, I topped off your skin with another layer of Cryo cells. We also put each arm under the LED light by Celluma Pro. Don’t even get me started on the benefits of LED light.  There are so many, but I like to add it to the end of the treatment to help heal the skin, calm down the redness & really boost collagen production even further. I have my clients leave with the serum on the skin to allow time for the skin to soak up the products & properly heal itself after the procedure. I have them sleep with them on. I instruct all my microneedling clients to lay low & avoid touching the area that was treated for the rest of the day, & at most, to do a gentle cleanse & moisturizer before bed ( but I prefer they do nothing & leave it on till the next morning ).

+ What are the benefits of microneedling other parts of your body besides your face? Scalp, arms, neck etc.

Benefits of Microneedling the Face

Anytime we go outside, we are exposed to the same harmful UV rays all over the body. Even while driving on a cloudy day you’re still being exposed ( hence why so many people have more aging & skin damage on their left side due to the sun hitting them while in the driver’s seat ).  It’s always fascinating to me to see people with gorgeous skin on their face, but sun damage or fine lines & wrinkles on their neck, chest, arms or hands. Many of us don’t give the same care to these areas as we do to our faces.

Benefits of Microneedling other parts of the Body

Microneedling is a fantastic way to reverse this damage, while also preventing future damage by increasing growth factors for the overall health of the skin. Almost anywhere on the body can be microneedled & the treatment can help with various concerns from fading sun spots, healing scars to wound healing & stretch marks ( yes ladies, it works on stretch marks!! ). It even generates hair growth! A lot of men get it for that reason & I have started treating my ‘cul-de-sacs’ on the top of my forehead….my hair got thinner after having my two kids so I’m excited that I’m finally getting new growth after 9 years!

Microneedling helps build collagen & elasticity, evens out skin tone to help with hypo- and hyperpigmentation, improves fine lines & wrinkles, hydrates the skin, & heals acne scars–no matter where they are! I have been doing the wrinkles around the tops of my knees & I’ve seen a huge improvement!

+ Microneedling Recovery Time

The beauty of microneedling is that you heal quickly, & there is minimal downtime. Common side effects on the first day after treatment, most people feel like they have a sunburn, & those with more sensitive skin might notice a little more swelling. I always advise my clients to avoid using makeup, & any irritating acids or retinols for at least 72 hours to allow the skin to heal. The skin will be a little pink for a couple days, but for most people it’s a very minimal reaction and can be easily covered with a gentle tinted moisturizer.

You’ll need to keep the skin clean, & use sunscreen every single day, even if you only plan to be outside for a few minutes. Adding in a stem cell regime after the procedure will help speed up healing & boost the results of treatment.

Before using any topical products on your skin, make sure it is non-irritating, water-based, non-toxic, does not cause allergic skin reactions, does not cause blockage of pores and made from natural or plant-based extracts.  It is best to consult your dermatologist.

Some clients feel a bit tight & dry for up to a week after treatment as the skin fills in the microchannels created by the tiny needles. After about 5-7 days, you’ll start to notice your skin becoming tighter, shinier, & more even, giving you a nice Hollywood glow!

If you have a lot of sun damage you will notice those areas lightening up & blending in with the rest of your skin.  You will continue to see results from just one session for up to 9 months.

+ Explain what it’s like to be microneedled on your face for someone who has never done it, but would like to try it?

Microneedling is not as scary as it sounds! There are areas that are more sensitive, such as the forehead because the skin is thinner & sits closer to the bone, therefore causing an annoying vibration feeling. People have described it as feeling like a rough kitten tongue licking the skin. I do offer numbing cream, although I prefer not to use it because it restricts blood flow & no one wants those nasty chemicals seeping into the skin. Most clients choose to forgo the numbing cream for that reason, & end up surprised at how easy the needling is to tolerate! The needles barely penetrate into the skin, so there is minimal pain associated with treatment. Most of my clients can hold a conversation through the entire treatment, even over sensitive areas.

+ Microneedling Vs. PRP

PRP, which stands for platelet rich plasma, is a fantastic add-on to microneedling. Blood is drawn from the client’s arm & put through a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the blood cells themselves, & then that plasma is either injected into the skin or microneedled into the skin depending on the treatment. PRP will give an extra boost to any microneedling treatment by depositing nutrient-rich plasma on top of the skin to fill in the microchannels created by the needles, assisting in healing & rebuilding of collagen and elastin to give skin a healthy, youthful appearance. I tend to prefer working with the DNA Signal Plus stem cells rather than PRP, mostly because it’s less invasive & more cost effective for the client. And I feel it delivers better results.

+ What are some other services comparable to microneedling?

Laser skin resurfacing treatments are comparable to microneedling in what they can target, but come with some extra risks & longer down time. Laser procedures pose a risk of burning or damaging the skin if applied incorrectly, & will also take much longer to heal.

The biggest downside to laser treatments is the aftercare. You have to be SO careful in the sun ( like stay out of it completely during the healing phase ) & keeping the area clean during the sometimes-lengthy 2-4 week recovery. Laser procedures can also be much more expensive. Anyone interested in these procedures should of course do their own research into what option is best for them, but I can confidently say that microneedling works wonders for less money & downtime.

+ Who is a candidate for microneedling? ie. acne scars, hyperpigmentation? Who isn’t a candidate?

Pretty much everyone & any skin tone is a candidate for microneedling! It’s incredible for minimizing the appearance of acne scars & pits, reducing pore size, reducing/removing hyperpigmentation & melasma, & of course, plumping & tightening the skin & smoothing out those “wisdom” lines.

I also own a laser tattoo removal company & I do a lot of pro-bono work for sex slaves who have been tattooed & branded. After we remove the pigment from the tattoo, we microneedle where they were branded to smooth out the scar and repair the skin. It’s so gratifying seeing these people get rid of a mark that represents such a torturous memory.

But not all people are candidates for microneedling. Certain medications can inhibit someone from being microneedled. Anyone who has active acne breakouts will want to seek out other treatments to heal the acne before microneedling since the procedure could spread the bacteria & cause further breakouts. If you have an active cold sore, you’ll also want to wait until it heals before microneedling.  You must avoid injectables for at least 3 weeks before & after microneedleing. Anyone with an immune disorder, or serious illness should also consult with his or her doctor before microneedling, as with any procedure.

+ Do you think it’s weird that I wanted to microneedle my arms. If no, why?

Not at all, I LOVE that you wanted to start with an area other than the face! One of the reasons I started following you is because I love how you’re a guinea pig for everything. You understand that our arms, hands, neck & chest are exposed to the sun & other toxins just as much as our face. Therefore, treatment on these areas to prevent aging & sun damage is incredibly important. I love how progressive & spicy you are! Now, when do we get to do your face & neck? Haha!

+ Tell us some funny, weird stories about places you’ve microneedled. ( I heard you can microneedle your vagina! Give me all the juicy deets on this! )

Stretch marks & areas of cellulite are fun to work on because there are so few things that can help with these concerns. I’ve done my stomach a few times to help with some loose skin lines from having babies, & it’s worked miracles. Tops of knees are a good one to lessen knee wrinkles too.

One of the most interesting clients I worked with was a woman who wanted to combat the signs of aging on her labia majora! She looked fantastic for her age but wanted to keep the skin on her labia looking younger too–so we microneedled! Microneedling the labia can help with collagen & elasticity production to keep the skin healthy & plump, but can also help with circulation–and let’s face it, circulation in that area is muy importante.

I’m also a human guinea pig, so naturally I had to microneedle my own labia so I knew what my client would be experiencing in her treatment. It was completely painless, but if you were a fly on the wall watching me as I microneedled my own crotch, you would think I was bat shit crazy!

+ Microneedling On Sensitive Skin

Microneedling can be done on sensitive skin. In fact, it does wonders for broken capillaries, redness, & rosacea. I typically don’t go as deep on a client with sensitive skin on the first couple sessions, but I do find that over time as their collagen continues to build; the skin becomes more resilient & less sensitive. For sensitive clients, I typically use a lighter exfoliant before microneedling rather than a chemical peel to avoid irritating the skin further.

+ Where can everyone find you?

Evolve Skin Spa, located right off the 101 in South Oceanside! Our Instagram is @EvolveSkinSpa, & we are also on Facebook. We post all of our specials so be sure to follow us! You can also check us out on our website,

There you have it. Would love to know what part of your body you like to get microneedled. Tell me below.

x, lauryn

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