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How To Micromanage a Blowout (Plus a Hair Prescription)


One of my favorite things to do to save time. I truly find it so efficient to be able to sit there & get an hour of work done, while someone who is an expert does my hair.

At the same time, as you can imagine, I’m pretty detail oriented when it comes to my blowout. I like to tell the stylist exactly what I want. It makes my life easier & her job easier when you come in with a game plan. & after interviewing so many hair stylists they’ve all told me the same thing- they LOVE when clients know what they want.

While I was in France I learned all about the blowout the girls get there, & it’s so chic & I became very into it. So basically what it is, is not straight, not curly & not wavy. Just kind of a bend. So with that little tip let’s get into what I ask for because I try to go for a pretty, French blowout.

Lately this is what I’ve been asking for:

Not straight ( so no flat iron ), not curled ( no Shirley Temple vibes please ), but also not really waved… I want a long vertical bend. It’s best when the ends & the top are straight & the middle has the bend.

It’s also nice to ask for your hair to be washed with purple shampoo ( if you’re blonde ) because it takes away the brassiness & I like to do a hair mask every other time I go for a blowout. & then, when the hair stylist is blow drying your hair, be sure to ask for a heat protectant, ALWAYS. I probably get a blowout every 2 weeks.

The difference in my hair when I get a blowout is so major, & furthermore, the stylist just knows what she’s doing. There’s a girl I’ve been seeing at Nine Zero One in LA ( hey Krystina! ) & she is SOOOO good. Krystina even gave me a specific hair prescription that we’ll get into.

So ya, that’s exactly what I tell my stylist when I get a blowout & it typically turns out exactly how I like it. Sometimes I clip in extensions, sometimes I don’t. Do you.

Also, you should know that at the end it’s good to ask for a hair texturizer like this one. Sometimes a tad of hairspray can be good, but not too much because you don’t want your hair to look super stiff. We need some movement & flowy hair always.

TA-DA! TSC Blowout for ya.

Now, if there are any issues & they curl your hair too much, or don’t curl it enough, don’t worry! Just sleep on it & everything will sort itself out.

So if your hair is too curly, just sleep on it & it’ll flatten a bit. & if your hair is too straight, just put it in a sleep bun, sleep on it, & voila! You’ll wake up with perfect hair with that French look.

If you haven’t heard of the sleep bun, let me fill you in…

When you get home from your blowout, & before you go to bed, whip your hair downward & grab your cute alligator clip. Twist the sleep bun on the top of your head & add your clip while your hair is spilling towards the ground ( make sure every inch of hair is secured ). Result: you should have a super high top knot on the very top of your head. Sleep with that in, & when you wake up take out the alligator clip & you will have perfectly wavy ( but not wavy, just bendy ) hair!

So just don’t stress if your blowout isn’t perfect. There are ways that you can manipulate your own hair.

Ok, now for the hair prescription from @krystinadegennaro at Nine Zero One…


♡ Brush hair daily.

♡ Take hair supplements daily! I recommend either @nutrafol or prenatal gummy vitamins…sounds crazy but it’s basically a multi-vitamin on steroids so it will allow your hair to grow more quickly and stronger. They also are yummy haha ( I LOVE @ritual prenatals ).

♡ On day 3+ add a leave-in conditioner ( @incommon is my obsession ) from mid shaft to ends just as a refresh to rehydrate your hair – it also acts as a heat protectant!

♡ Before bed you can add Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield ( essential daily leave in ) on your ends. It really repairs your damaged ends and seals them down so they don’t look dried out. It is also repairing your hair so you are helping it get stronger.

♡ If you are putting you rhair up try to us a silk or material hair tie.

♡ Weekly blowouts.

♡ Treat your hair like baby hair. Be gentle!

I also use dpHUE dry shampoo in between blowouts & My Kitsch shower caps to protect blowouts. & LOVE Kerastase purple shampoo too.

So guys, that’s exactly what I ask for. I think it’s important to ask for what you want. You’re not a bitch if you know what you like. Just be nice about it. This might not flatter everyone but these are my specifics. Tell me ANY & ALL tips to preserve a blowout or just any at-home hair tips in general. Help a sista out.

You know what’s funny, I wrote this post while I was getting a blowout, see? How efficient!

x, lauryn

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