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MEOW! Keeping It Sexy This Spring

keeping it sexy this spring | by the skinny confidential


Is anyone else feeling the kitten-ish vibes of spring? I certainly am.

This spring I’m all about keeping it sassy. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the floral, pastel colors, Easter brunch kinda-style…which is well, a bore.

If you’re like me & looking to keep it HOT, here’s a game plan:

First, keep your skin smooth & soft by dry brushing. Dry brush away— the benefits are endless.

( SIDE NOTE: Buzzfeed just included my post on dry brushing in this article, check it out! )

Secondly, keep your organic spray tan on point & up to date.

Third, opt for chic & spicy VS. preppy & floral.

Some of my favorite pieces this spring? Glad you asked:

HIGH Heeled Boots:

Super high boots are just straight up insane. Throw on a pair of high boots for a date night, or a night out with girlfriends. Plus, they’re more comfortable than an open toe or sandal.

Gorgeous White Pencil Dress:

Even though white is kind of an innocent color, there’s something about it that just gets me. Especially with the design of this dress. The nude showing through gives off a real sexy vibe.

Red Hot Lips:

This lip color is super firey, plus it’s not a basic pale spring pink. Throw on the white pencil dress with a red hot lip & you’re good to go.

Drop Necklace:

Not that women need another way to drag a man’s eyes down towards her twins, but this necklace is kind of a showstopper.

Tight Striped Skirt:

This layered skirt is made with stretch fabric so it hugs the body. Perfect for showing off those TSC Bombshell Body curves!

Red Lace Crop Top:

Pair this with a flowing skirt or even a tight pencil skirt. Lace is definitely one of the best ways to keep it fresh. Contrast it with leather for a twist.

SO, in the usual sea of floral prints & pastels during spring, how are you planning to switch it up?

Would love YOUR tips! TELL, tell.


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  1. I’m feeling the need for some dry brushing and spray tans to get ready for this gorgeous summer weather we are having!

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