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nude bra black lace underwear night time look by the skinny confidential

I, for one am VERY MUCH about lingerie.

There’s really nothing better when it comes to spicing up the whole relationship with an added detail, you know.

Since it was Michael’s & my 1 year anniversary last weekend, I teamed up with Eve’s Temptation to share some of my favorite lingerie looks.

Fitting, no?

nude bra black lace underwear night time look by the skinny confidential

white dress night time look by the skinny confidential

In my opinion lingerie should be elevated & feel super comfortable with a nice quality feel. You want a little luxury when it comes to lingerie. I prefer my lingerie delicate, classy, & very feminine. If we were at Happy Hour I would tell you that I can be kind of dominating in my business so I like my lingerie to be the opposite. Anyone relate here? Ok, pass the Pinot Noir then. Let’s get down to business.

nude bra black lace underwear night time look by the skinny confidentialSo I picked out three pieces I LOVED from Eve’s Temptation. One is bold, sophisticated, & sultry. The other is a little more feminine because there’s a pop of white & pink. And the last look is the “hey I threw this on but I still feel sexy look.” ( You should know I LOVE doing my makeup in the last look- it’s super delicate & perfect for getting dolled up in- Michael loves it ).

One of the reasons I love this lingerie is because it’s sophisticated without breaking the bank…which is very on-brand for The Skinny Confidential if you think about it. Another plus is it’s evolved lingerie. Like we aren’t in the 80’s when we try it on. We’re definitely in 2017 which is ideal. It’s very up-to-date. Between their original designs, fit, price point, & little details, I am VERY MUCH excited to recommend this brand. And if you’re looking for a holiday gift for your significant other…this is it ; ). You get it. Stuff their stockings full with sexy, little presents ( be sure to have them open this in front of their parents so you can get a laugh ).

white dress night time look by the skinny confidentialAnyway, when I showed Michael this lingerie in Cabo, I left it in a black box on the bed with a giant red ribbon. He opened it & his smile was like as big as the Grand Canyon. Like the grin was actually that Snapchat filter grin that covers the whole face, you know what I mean? He was into it to say the least.

nude bra black lace underwear night time look by the skinny confidential

Oh & while we are on the subject, I think lingerie is one of those things a lot of bloggers stay away from because it IS sexy, BUT YOU KNOW ME & YOU KNOW I LOVE TO GO THERE. Lingerie is perfectly normal. It should NOT be a taboo subject. Girls wear it, guys like it. Taboo, SMABOO.

white dress night time look by the skinny confidentialI mean lingerie is something like 90 percent of women wear so let’s get the conversation going & talk about it. SO: are you a lingerie lover? Color choices?…Or are we just into a naked situation? Whatever floats your boat here- you do you.

Next up: I’m dying to get Sex With Emily on TSC HIM & HER Podcast…thoughts? PG is not for TSC readers.

Happy Thursday! Chat soon, lauryn

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++ this post is in collaboration with Eve’s Temptation & ShopStyle. As always all opinions are my own.

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  1. You look AMAZING in those pieces! And you have totally inspired me to check out this company….. I did a boudoir shoot for my husband for our wedding in October and gave him the pictures on our wedding day and then brought all the lingerie I wore in the shoot on the honeymoon and he was all about it. He was so happy. Everything I wore (and literally have worn in the past) was from Victoria’s Secret and while I love their stuff, I’m always looking to mix it up. So thanks for the recommendation!

    And to be honest, I love lingerie and how it makes me feel and how happy it makes my husband, but sometimes there’s nothing like sleeping in one of his huge t-shirts that goes down to my knees with a big pair of his pajama pants too…..

  2. these are all gorgeous! I got super excited when I saw that you mentioned this brand doesn’t break the bank, but, then I saw the actual prices and was taken aback. Does $161 for a night gown, or, $150 for a bralette seem a little ~bank breaking~ to anyone else? Anyone have recommendation for cute lingerie that is actually affordable?

    1. F21 has REALLY pretty stuff at super sharp price points .. Free People and Aerie too!

    2. Thanks Brook! They also have a deal where you can get 3 bras for $99 which puts them at about $33 each : ) x

  3. So pretty! Love the black one SO MUCH. I love lingerie, but never really seem to know how to incorporate it into the bedroom… if I do its on and gone in like 5 min…

  4. Wow this lingerie is gorgeous! You look amazing in it Lauryn! I want it ALL!
    I feel like no subject should be TABOO in 2017. It’s a shame there are still topics that ppl shy away from. I don’t get it, personally I’ve always been a “shout it from the rooftops” type of girl from a very young age. I used to LOVE talking about things for the sole reason of making ppl feel uncomfortable, ? lol. I still do, but I’ve def matured and handle out in a different manner. So I agree, “TABOO SHMABOO”. Love this post!

  5. That lingerie is absolutely beautiful. From time to time, I love wearing feminine lace lingerie for my husband. It’s been awhile though so maybe on our anniversary.

    Last few months ago, I totally surprised him. I had on some cute lace thongs I just bought. These were underneath my yoga pants. He gets crazy when I wear yoga pants but I don’t know…all men have their own fetishes.

    Anyways, now he prefers me in lace.

  6. Great photos! You look superb. I love reading this article on lingerie too.

  7. You are beautiful. I also read a great article on how lingerie can make women feel empowered.

  8. This look is for that girl that loves a pretty dress. She never goes out without makeup, hair and nails on point. For this look I found the perfect Nine West ruffle wrap dress that has dark floral prints all over it. Pairing it with tights or thigh-highs will have you feeling like the prettiest woman at the restaurant. Wearing a cute but sexy lingerie underneath will take this outfit over the top!

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