I Tried Meghan Markle’s Mouth Massage & It Changed My Face

WAIT. Hold up.

What the fuck is a buccal massage? Ya ya ya, it sounds weird, really weird if I’m being honest. Like the weirdest of weird. But bare with me because this is a hot tip you don’t want to miss out on.

Before we get into it, the pic above was made by a TSC reader. If it was you let me know in the comments.

Ok, so what is buccal massage?:

It’s a facial that includes a rub down inside your mouth. The jaw-dropping part of the pampering involves a massage therapist or aesthetician kneading your inner cheek & jaw muscles. { via }

AKA your new best friend if you get puffy easily.

It also happens to be Meghan Markle’s best kept beauty secret. That’s right. The Duchess of Sussex does this & it’s sooooo easy. It’s even something you can do for free. It totally contours your mouth, jaw & cheekbones & really increases the production of collagen. How do I know this? Because I’ve done it 100 times with my favorite facialist in San Diego, Mo.

Typically, Mo will do a 30 minute facial massage, then 15 minutes massaging the mouth, & then ends with applying product. She gets super deep into the cheekbone area & drains the lymphatic system in the best way possible.

Meghan likes to have her treatment done by London-based facialist, Nichola Joss. Meghan says:

“I do facial exercises from one of my favorite aestheticians, Nichola Joss, who basically has you sculpt your face from the inside out. I swear it works, as silly as you may feel. On the days I do it, my cheekbones & jawline are waaaay more sculpted.” { via }

People credit Yakov Gershkovich as a leader in the buccal massage & facial massage movement.  Yakov has even worked on me before. He’s so amazing & trained Mo too. You can watch my whole video with Yakov here.

You guys know that facial massage is a huge part of my routine & if you really want to target certain areas, like the buccal area, you’ll see even more results. It’s going to give you that model look that pulls the face in. It’s incredibly preventative, not just corrective, which I’m all about. It’s really the best natural treatment to tighten the face.

There are no known side effects of facial massage & it really should be thought of like going to the gym. You go to the gym to train your body, so why not work out your face?

You also want to do this to drain your lymph nodes. The last time I went in to see Mo she said my buccal area was super full. Sometimes the day after, it can leave you a little sore, but the process isn’t painful at all, in fact it feels so good.

My facialist, Mo, AKA Heal Thy Goddess was kind enough to share her tips when looking for/ getting buccal massage. Mo has been doing my facials for years & there’s something about her energy that just vibes with mine. Anyways, here are Mo’s tips.

Hot Tips When Looking For a Buccal Massage:

♡ Google & Yelp are your best friends.
It’s hard to find estheticians that offer this so try finding someone who is dual licensed- meaning both an esthetician & massage therapist! These types of estheticians have extensive massage training. Alternatively, you may also find a massage therapist or chiropractor that offers this type of specialty massage.

♡ Communicate.
Communicate openly with your practitioner beforehand. Express your concerns & explain what you want to work on ( aka micromanage the situation ), explain if you have TMJ, or if you want to focus on lymph drainage etc.

♡ Tell Them What You Want. 
Let them know if it feels like too much ( or not enough ) pressure, or if you want to focus more time on this dedicated area. Any good practitioner will want you to feel comfortable during the massage & ultimately satisfied with your experience.

Hot Tips for Doing Buccal Massage At Home:

♡ Use clean hands or even a glove to do the massage.

♡ Using one hand at a time, use your left hand for the right side of your mouth, & your right hand for the left side. Enter the mouth with the thumb!

♡ Proceed to massage using thumbs on the inside of the mouth & your four fingers externally. Massage starting at the corner of your mouth & moving towards the corner of your jaw ( circular motions feel best ).

TIP: if you suffer from TMJ, chronic clenching etc., long strokes downwards on the masseter ( the big muscle that moves the jaw up & down ) will help to release excess tension.

♡ Be gentle & slow! Take your time, & start off lightly. If you apply too much pressure, you may feel sore the following day. So start off easy & be mindful- a lot of stress & emotions are harbored in the jaw, so take it easy to start.

♡ If you really want to optimize lymphatic drainage, make sure to massage down the sides of the neck afterwards. This way any excess fluids/ toxins/ lymph that move, have somewhere to drain & flow down through the neck ( instead of staying stuck & giving you hamster cheeks lol ).

Doing intra-oral buccal massage is amazing for draining excess lymph, moving toxins, de-puffing the cheeks, & also for TMJ relief.

Be sure to follow Mo on Instagram @heal.thygoddess & check out her IGTV tutorial showing you step by step how to do buccal massage at home.

&, of course I’ve talked many times about how to micromanage your facialist like me & Meghan Markle, so here are some tips on that process:

♡ I really like to emphasize facial massage to whoever is doing my lymphatic drainage. You really need to drive this point because sometimes you can say it and they’ll only do the face for 5 minutes. I need 75% of the time to be focused on my face. Sometimes I’ll throw a little scalp massage in there too, if my hair hasn’t been freshly washed.

♡ Tons of facial massage is the way to go-  up the face and down the neck ( it’s really important to go down the neck because you want to drain all the fluid they’re moving from your face ).

Brightening & tightening products please.

Gua sha tools, a jade roller, or cups for facial cupping are always welcome.

♡ I ask them to use anything that’s cold too. Ice globes, an ice roller or a cryotherapy facial really gets me going.

♡ I also love it when they heat my face up and cool it down at the end, but MOSTLY I ask them to just focus on lymphatic drainage- that means under the eyes and all around the face to rid me of puffiness.

♡ As you can see, there is no lymphatic drainage facialist I know in any area who is the absolute best- you just need to find someone with the energy & vibe that you love.

I’m telling you, if you want to contour your face before a wedding or big event then buccal massage & facial manipulation is for you.

x, lauryn

+ why I’m obsessed with facial massage.

++ more of Meghan Markle’s beauty secrets.


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11 Replies to “I Tried Meghan Markle’s Mouth Massage & It Changed My Face”

  1. I got a Buccal Facial Massage in Memphis and loved it! At first I thought it was going to be weird, which it kinda was but also sooooo amazing!

  2. Brit reader popping in here to say she is not the Princess of Wales (that was Diana and now the title is incumbent by Camilla). Meghan’s title is the Duchess of Sussex.

    Please edit and ensure fact checking before publishing.

  3. I’m in NYC and am certified to do Buccal Massage if anyone is looking for a facialist. I do a ton of sculpting and drainage.

    1. Hi Kristen
      I was looking for a facialist to do buccal and sculpting massage for so long. How am I getting in touch with you?

  4. I freaking love this. One minute we are talking life real shit, the next we are talking facial massage real shit. This is why I follow you. I need this so bad, I carry my stress in my jaw and my whole face hurts when I wake up in the AM. Going to search this ASAP in Seattle. Thanks babe 👌🏽💕