Megan Anderson: Blogger & Owner of Style Lately Talks Fashion & Diet


Megan Style Lately Lauryn Evarts, lifestyle blogger and diet blogger talks to fashion blogger, Megan Anderson.

Lauryn Evarts, lifestyle blogger and diet blogger talks to fashion blogger, Megan Anderson.

Are you dead?

Because I am.

I mean, right?! Megan is cutest ever!!!

I die over her. We’re like Internet besties. We met via Instagram ( weird? IDK ) & now we’re friends. We are always texting about Photoshop, Celine bags, & the latest fashion trends. She’s a cool F-ing chick, so I’m really excited to introduce her to you guys ( you also may recognize her from this post )!

Here ya go, ya little Friday lovas:

+ Introduce yourself.

Megan Anderson: Hey Babes! Im Megan Anderson, Founder of Style Lately & I’m a new fashion blogger over at Styled Avenue. I’m twenty-four & love anything in the fashion world.

+ Tell us about your business:

MA: I started Style Lately about nine months ago right after I quit my job at a medical spa. Style Lately is a daily fashion event site that features fun fashion products at a discounted price. Also, the site has a full store with anything that I swoon over or that I think someone like me would love!

+ If you had to do a bikini shoot in a week, how would you prepare?

MA: CLEANSE, CLEANSE, CLEANSE!!! After I do any cleanse I feel like I can strut around in a bikini all day long! My favorite detox is seriously the Suja cleanse ( << Lauryn has talked about the juice company alot! ). I drink them daily & always get a great, skinny feeling.

Also hit the pool…everyone needs a little color! But make sure to still use your favorite pool sunscreen.

+ Quick skinny trick?

MA: Go for a morning run and follow up with lots of water & lemons. I feel clean, energized, refreshed, & ready for the day!

+ Weekly workout schedule?

MA: I don’t have a set schedule because I’m always on the go! So any time I can squeeze in a yoga classes at the gym/home or a run, I’m happy. Also, some time alone at the gym is perfect for me!

+ Favorite go-to healthy food?

MA: I love eggs, with salsa & a full avocado. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, &/or dinner!

+ Motivation to stay in shape?

MA: Just feeling good about myself is always my motivation. Feeling confident in what I’m rocking is when I feel my best.

+ Favie beauty product?

MA: Anything NARS…I’m obsessed with their tinted moisturizer. On days I need coverage, but still want a natural summer look, I’ll use their moisturizer & throw on a bright NARS colored lip crayon.

+ Natural beauty remedy?

MA: I do a ‘Kiwi Scrub’ every week or two & it smells amazing! It’s high in Vitamin C & totally evens out skin texture. Just slice the kiwi in half & scrub your skin for about a minute. Skin should feel soft & refreshed!

Lauryn Evarts, lifestyle blogger and diet blogger talks to fashion blogger, Megan Anderson.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

+ What’s in your purse?

MA: My Nikon camera, iPhone, iPhone charger, NARS lip crayons, sunnies, & definitely some sorta snack!

+ Your hair is fab…any amazing hair tips?

MA: Dry shampoo is heavenly & comes in use for me all the time! I don’t wash my hair a lot because those natural oils are so amazing for your locks. My favorite brand is BUMBLE AND BUMBLE hair powder that’s available in the color of your hair. That way you don’t have that white frosty look ( if you have darker hair ).

+ Secret model tip for diet and health?

MA: Eat an apple & drink lots of water with a lemon before every meal. Makes you fuller FASTER!

Lauryn Evarts, lifestyle blogger and diet blogger talks to fashion blogger, Megan Anderson.

+ Fashion favorites? 

1.} Watermelon denim hotpants

2.} ‘Whenever I’m With You’ Top

3.} rag/bone ‘The Boyfriend’ Shorts

4.} Jeffrey Campbell “Everly’ Bootie

5.} Top Aztec Cupped Shift Dress

6.} Glitter Round Sunnies

+ Quick, easy recipe:

MA: Mixed veggies wrapped in foil & then cooked in the oven with EVOO. Throw them on top of a grilled chicken. Skinny & delish!

+ To follow Megan on Instagram ( @meg_legs ) click here.

++ My favorite items from Style Lately can be found here, here, & here ; ). xx.

Lauryn Evarts, lifestyle blogger and diet blogger talks to fashion blogger, Megan Anderson.

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  1. AvatarJenni

    Thank you for introducing me to her site! I just browsed through it and it’s awesome! Hello, online discount shopping. Oh, and Megan’s kiwi scrub tip…um, why have I never heard of this before? Can’t wait to try it!
    Jenni recently posted..Ode to a Fellow BloggerMy Profile

  2. AvatarElle

    Okay I LOVE everything this chick loves! (Especially everything Nars.) Reading about these gals always gives me motivation to keep eating healthy and working out so I can reach my goals!

  3. AvatarRootswoman

    I’m in love with the black shirt dress with the slit up the side! Where can I get this. You two are awesome!!!