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Meet The Skinny Confidential Team: Parker Miller

Meet The Skinny Confidential Team: Parker Miller


Today on the blog we have someone who is KEY in operations here at The Skinny Confidential. Parker Miller.

Parker oversees projects, keeps us all organized with dates & to-do lists, helps with all things HIM & HER podcast, among a ton of other things.

Not only is she highly efficient and INCREDIBLE at her job, she is also kind, understanding, patient, calm, organized and ALWAYS has your back. So without further ado, let’s welcome Parker to the blog to share her morning and nighttime routines, a day in the life at TSC, and her organization tips.

Let’s get to it.

Meet The Skinny Confidential Team: Parker Miller

Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience. Tell us everything!

Parker Miller: My name is Parker and I am the Project & Operations Manager for TSC! I was born & raised in Baltimore, but have lived all over. I have one older sister and my family is extremely close — I would pick hanging out with them over doing anything else.

After graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans, I moved to Nashville to work at a talent agency in the country music industry. Then moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. Right before the pandemic hit, I took a job working for Michael Bosstick which ultimately led me to working for Lauryn at The Skinny Confidential.

It has been so cool getting to see all of the different sides of their businesses — I really do learn something new every day from them. My personality type is an ISFJ-T —  I’m fiercely loyal, love helping others, and though I love to hangout with family/friends, I need to be alone to recharge. I currently live with my boyfriend and hopefully can convince him to get a pug/frenchie/bulldog — I love any dogs with a squishy face. 

What’s a ‘day in the life’ for you?

PM: I try to wake up on the earlier side between 5-5:30am (although most days I don’t get out of bed until like 5:45am). I like to get a workout in before the gym gets crowded. I love to run but I also like MWH pilates and Chloe Ting HIIT workouts. Then I shower & get changed — I try to put on cute outfits every day – it makes me feel more put together and ready to take on the day.

I’ve recently switched over from drinking coffee to having a matcha latte. So I’ll usually make that and read from Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic or catch up on personal emails and news before jumping into work.

As Katie said in her post, no two days are the same. I do everything from brand partnerships, to researching and scheduling guests for the podcast, to working with the team on product and co-brand marketing & launch strategies, and everything in between! Things are usually consistently busy. But I try to remember to get up and walk around throughout the day — I’m in desperate need of a treadmill or walking pad to go under my desk.

I’m extremely type-A so all of my meals are prepped ahead of time. So I can just pull them out without having to think about it or cook anything during the day. Because I work from home, I try my best to put all of my work related things away at the end of the day & take some time away from screens. At night I usually read or journal and I go to bed SUPER early — like I am in bed at 8:30 or 9pm, sometimes even earlier.

The Skinny Confidential office

If someone wants to work with an influencer, how do you recommend they go about it?

PM: Something I’ve learned from Michael & Lauryn (check out their episode with Robert Greene & Ryan Holiday on mentors) is that you need to approach the situation by offering something. If you have an influencer you are dying to work for, research and learn as much as you can about them and the industry. And find ways where you can add value to their team. Then, reach out every way you can — send cold emails — whatever it takes. 

What’s it like working with an influencer? Give us a behind-the-scenes breakdown!

PM: It’s exciting being on this side of it! I followed TSC for a while, never imagining I would end up working for Lauryn. And it’s really cool to see the heart and soul that goes into creating every single thing.

I am also very much on the business side of things. So it’s really fun getting to work with creatives — I am constantly in awe of what they come up with from packaging, to graphics, to why we use this instead of that when creating products…every single tiny detail has been looked over and chosen carefully. It’s a different part of your brain and I feel like I get to develop it more and more each day as I learn from our team. 

What’s your favorite life hack?

PM: WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. I always have pen & paper nearby and the notes section on my phone is scary. I write every single thing down. I’m constantly doing 100 things at once (really working on single-tasking but it’s hard!) and I know myself well enough to know I will not remember every detail, so I write every thought down. It has saved me countless times.

Give us all your time management tips!

PM: I plan ahead for everything. Being able to anticipate things that might come up and addressing them ahead of time has really helped me get ahead in my personal and professional life. I meal prep, I try to plan out my errands, etc. So that I am using my time and energy wisely and being as efficient and productive as possible.

I have weird OCD tendencies that go along with this — I have systems in place for cooking, cleaning, organizing, etc., that allow me to multi-task and get the most done in the shortest amount of time….my brain works in weird ways! And I also use a calendar for everything. I also have ongoing to do lists that I will probably just keeping adding to until I die. I’m very strict with my organization & timing routines — I envy people who are more flexible.

What are 3 fun facts about you?

PM: I am extremely curious by nature – I Google every single question that pops into my head. I love learning new things (probably why I’ve listened to HIM & HER for years), which is a huge reason why I love our TSC team — we are all encouraged to ask questions & challenge the status quo every day.

I grew up playing squash (the sport) — my mom was my high school coach and she would always show up to our matches in like 6 inch stilettos. She is definitely the most fashionable coach I’ve had.

I lived in Paris (in the 17th arrondissement).

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

PM: Is chocolate healthy? JK. I have a weird obsession with mustard — ever since I was in college, I have always loved baby carrots dipped in mustard (yellow or dijon – doesn’t matter). It sounds gross, but I have turned a lot of people onto it! 

What’s your favorite beauty product & why?

PM: Sunscreen! My dad is a mohs (skin cancer) surgeon and I have had amelanotic melanoma. So I am VERY strict with sunscreen. I have tried them all. Right now, I love the La Roche-Posay tinted sunscreen for my face, and Supergoop for my body.

I will use anything that is available though. I also love Alastin HydraTint ProMineral because it feels like you’re putting coverage on. But it’s really light and has SPF in it. Also I am naturally oily, and this stuff goes on matte for me. I used to make fun of my dad for wearing sun protection clothing (he wears long UPF pants, long sleeve UPF shirt, and an insanely large wide-brimmed hat when he is outdoors in addition to sunscreen). But now I wear it as well.

I love Lily Pulitzer, Coolibar, Mott50, and Solumbra. I would love to design my own UPF clothing one day as well. Take this as a friendly reminder to go get your skin checked – skin cancer is the most common cancer of all. I am fair and used to go every 6 months. But after the cancer diagnosis, I went every 8-10 weeks. And now being 2 years out, I am back to going every 4-6 months.

& on that note, I use Tanceuticals face tanner and Bali Body or Loving Tan for my body.

What’s your morning routine & nighttime routine?

PM: My morning routine involves moving my body (if I wait until later in the day, I am usually too bogged down with work stuff and find excuses to skip), manifesting (my friends make fun of me for this but I love manifesting & working on vision boards — I manifest on walks a lot), organizing and cleaning up to prepare for the day, and reading something — usually in the morning it’s non-fiction, but if it’s a book I’m really enjoying, then I’ll read fiction too.

I don’t have an intricate skincare routine — I usually just wash my face (prescription sulfur wash in the morning, Laniege Multi-Deep Clean Cleanser or Tula Cult Cleanser at night), ice roll with THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT MESS ICE ROLLER (ps — guys love this too!) put sunscreen on, and some mascara (sometimes eyeliner too). My lashes are BLONDE so I have to have something there or I look like Schmiegal from Lord of the Rings.

What’s a book, podcast & resource that you recommend?

PM: OBVIOUSLY HIM & HER is my favorite podcast. I also love The Blonde Files (another show within the Dear Media family). And I listen to any/all true crime podcasts — my sister and I both listen to them to fall asleep lol. 

I read a LOT. (We didn’t have cable growing up, so that was my only option.) Some of my favorite fiction authors are Elena Ferrante, Michael Ondaatje, Pat Conroy, and Laura Lippman. For non-fiction, I love Deepak Chopra, Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday, Viktor Frankl, Eckhart Tolle, and Ron Shapiro (great for negotiating & mindset). My two recent reads are Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker and One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle.

Where can everyone find you?

My IG is ann.parker.miller.

Hope you guys loved this post from Parker. Would you like to meet more of the team? Let us know below.

xo, The Skinny Confidential team.

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  1. Loved this! I can attest that Parker is the BEST, most loyal friend and constantly inspires me !!! TSC is so lucky to have her on their team 🙂

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