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Meet The Founder of Create & Cultivate

Create & Cultivate Founder  Jaclyn Johnson on The Skinny Confidential

Ok so I was unable to speak at Create & Cultivate in August which was a total bummer. But when you’re swollen as hell, what’s a girl to do?!

Anyway, I’m super excited because this January in Dallas I’ll be speaking on the panel about “Brand Vibes: How to create a brand that lives beyond the blog bubble.” Come say hi! I Would LOVE to meet you guys. Check me out on the Create & Cultivate blog here.

On that note, let me introduce you to the creator of Create & Cultivate, Jaclyn Johnson, who’s one badass boss babe:

| Introduce yourself: |

Jaclyn Johnson: Hi! I am Jaclyn Johnson — Founder of ( No Subject ), creator of Create & Cultivate, pup mom to Noah, wine enthusiast.

| Tell us ALL about the conference Create & Cultivate |

JJ: It’s an online platform and offline conference for female entrepreneurs in the digital space— which can be anyone from an up and coming blogger to someone launching a clothing line to someone at their current digital marketing job!

| Ok, so you’re KILLING it in the social media world. How did the idea of C & C happen? Give us the details! |

JJ: Create and Cultivate happened really naturally— it began as a much smaller retreat for women and has now grown into a full on movement! Women are a force to be reckoned with on all fronts: business, home, life and friendship! C&C is a place to hone that energy, grow your network and build your business.

| Best advice for women who are looking to break into the influencer space? |

JJ: Find and angle! Don’t do what everyone else does- get outside the box!

Create & Cultivate Founder  Jaclyn Johnson on The Skinny Confidential

| What’s some advice you’ve received from an influencer at C & C that was game changing? |

JJ: I loved what Erica from PS I MADE THIS said at Chicago — she chatted about starting a “company” vs a “business” and someone telling her you can start a company or build a business which will make you money every day while you sleep, so she said yep that’s what I want.

| What can an attendee expect from the conference in Dallas? |

JJ: Expect to have your notepad/iPad etc. out taking notes, expect to meet incredible women, expect to mix and mingle with top influencers in an intimate environment, expect to leave with your hands full of goodies!

| What makes an influencer stand out? |

JJ: Point of view— having a unique point of view is everything. People want to relate to you and feel like they are part of something, provide them with that opportunity.

Create & Cultivate Founder  Jaclyn Johnson on The Skinny Confidential

| Since you’re a total girl boss & always on the go, how do you manage to stay healthy? |

JJ: It’s definitely not easy especially when I am traveling but I subscribe to Sakara Life when I’m home to get me healthy and fresh meals during the day, I do SoulCycle aka my therapy at least 3 times a week and hike with friends to catch up!

| What makes C & C different from any other influencer conference? |

JJ: We don’t mess around.

We are here to give women the tools they need which means a bootcamp education in digital business and blogging, awesome healthy food, cocktails and some retail therapy : ) we’re a one stop shop for the millennial & beyond female.

| Where is the industry headed? Where do you see it in the next 5 to 10 years? |

JJ: Influencers * the celebrity world will continue to grow closer and closer— I think traditional mediums are going to start subsiding and we will see micro movements like micro TV shows on platforms like Vine and Snapchat, these social media worlds will start to morph onto traditional platforms.

| Top three sites you check daily? |

JJ: Pinterest ( for inspirations! ), Instagram ( for photos ), & CNN ( to keep up! ).

+ tickets available here | follow C & C on Instagram.


Create & Cultivate Founder  Jaclyn Johnson on The Skinny Confidential

    1. Thanks Alexis, I love featuring women that inspire me, it’s so good to hear you love the interview too! xx

  1. I love when you share other women’s stories it is really motivational.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  2. AHH, she seems awesome (she had me at “wine enthusiast”). I really like what she’s say about finding angle (instead of just saying to be unique). You asked some really great questions too!
    xx, Pia

    1. Thanks Pia! I love the part about finding an angle as well! So important. GREAT advice. Thanks for reading

  3. I missed the last one, so I’m super pumped about Dallas! Definitely will be joining y’all in January 🙂

    xx, jen

  4. Seriously inspiring!!! Love reading your interviews, they are a great way to learn about some pretty amazing women <3

  5. Lauryn, you are the shit. And the fact that you shared you post-surgery swollen face pictures makes you even more of the shit. I have so much respect for you and how far you’ve come since starting this blog. xoxo

  6. On my list of MUST GO although I want to actually attend so maybe when I move back to the states I will make it a priority to go! Thanks for sharing this awesome interview. xo C

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