Meet The Newest Member of The Skinny Confidential!

Welcome to The Skinny Confidential Team Ansley Patterson!

I am so excited to introduce you guys to the newest TSC hire. She’s dynamic, a go-getter, and always takes initiative. Ansley is my Executive Assistant so I thought it would be fun to interview her so you guys can get acquainted. 

Ansley is a practitioner of my calendar. She helps me stay organized, keeps everything coordinated with my collabs and partnerships, and overall, just helps me stay super efficient.

In this post you’ll learn her favorite skincare brand, what a day on the TSC team looks like, and her favorite life hacks.

Without further adieu, let’s meet Ansley.

Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential community. Tell us everything!

Ansley Patterson: My name is Ansley Patterson and I am freaking the eff out that I am featured on The Skinny Confidential blog right now! After 22 years of living in the southeast, I have decided to pack my bags and head to L.A. to pursue my DREAM JOB and take on a new adventure as Lauryn’s Executive Assistant with The Skinny Confidential.

The road I have taken to get here is a unique road compared to that of a traditional education. After high school I took a gap year. I traveled to Cambodia, South Africa and Guatemala, where I was serving others, experiencing new cultures, and creating community. My gap year gave me the opportunity to escape from the pressures of claiming a major and sitting in lecture halls, and provided me with space to get creative with what I wanted to do in my life. This led me to realize my passion for business, media and health & wellness.

Since then, I have worked hard to grow and learn more about my passions through job opportunities in the space, which has led me here. I also have had a large crew of family and friends behind me that have encouraged me to seek out what makes me happiest! I love my big, chaotic family, our 2 French bulldogs, my boyfriend ( shout out Joey ), lifelong friends, not taking life too seriously and anything on Bravo. 

What’s a ‘day in the life’ for you?

AP: Every day looks different. Cliché, I know, but there are a few things I do each day that keep me inspired: my morning quiet time, working out and reading someone I love’s blogs, listening to a podcast, or watching a show I love at night.

I was working remotely from Atlanta, but just recently was able to move to L.A. Although my days look different, I know one thing is for sure… I am most productive when I am organized and on top of things. I use a Franklin Covey planner, color-coded Google calendar, time blocking, and a weekly list planner from paper source to help. Whether it’s organizing Lauryn’s calendar, working on the podcast or launching a giveaway, my days vary, which is why I love this job. 

If someone wants to work with an influencer, how do you recommend they go about it?

AP: DMs and emails are flooded. When I mean flooded, I mean FLOODED. I would honestly go old school and write a letter to the office or go into one of their sub-Instagram DM’s if they have one. If you go the email route, I would keep it short and stand out and also try to reach out with personal connections. It is also really important to establish your own brand and connect with those who align with it. 

What’s it like working with an influencer? Give us a behind-the-scenes breakdown!

AP: An influencer’s content that goes live is like the tip of an iceberg. One instagram post to the eye looks effortless, but has photo shoots, brand coordinating and much more behind it.  What you don’t see is the hours of strategy that went into the podcast, blog or post, which is hard work.

I am very inspired, especially by Lauryn, that these influencers maintain their jobs while building their families and relationships with friends and significant others. The role as an influencer isn’t a 9-5 job – it doesn’t start at 9 and doesn’t end at 5. So they are creating an online community and creative environment while essentially working around the clock. The industry is very unique and keeps me on my toes! 

What’s your favorite life hack?

AP: On a personal note, being kind to others is very important. I have always found that being genuine and sweet will take you far. I also stopped giving too many people a hold on my emotions. I used to be someone with a 1000 friends but little depth. I was worried about pleasing 1000 rather than being myself for 3 friends. Find your solid, small group and you will care a lot less what people think. 

In business, my hack is to say yes to any opportunity, even if I don’t yet feel 100% qualified. If you only do what you know and are great at what you do, you may miss the opportunity to be a jack of all trades!  Also, I don’t ask a thousand questions when faced with the  unknown. Google is my best friend, and I will never ask to be micromanaged. When my dad was 18, he built his own valet parking company, yet he did not know one thing about parking. He said that every phone call he had, he would write a word down that he did not know and look it up after. Then, he would use the word on his next call. He is my biggest role model in business. 

Spiritually and emotionally, I believe in loving people, trying new things, and working out to keep myself and my mind happy. 

What are 3 fun facts about you?

AP: 1. After my gap year, I became a certified health coach!

2. My family won one of our French bulldogs from an Instagram contest that Big Boi from Outkast had. We got to go to Big Boi’s house to pick him up and see all of his Grammys. 

3. I won an Ironkids Triathlon. ( I may have peaked when I was 10 ).

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

AP: This changes all the time, but currently Mary’s Real Crackers and garlic hummus

What’s your favorite beauty product & why?

This also changes all the time but currently Lesse Botanical face mask. It’s AMAZING for acne. 

What’s your morning routine & nighttime routine?

AP: MORNING: I’m up at 7 a.m. and spend 15 minutes either reading ( New Morning Mercies ), watching ( Church Home App ) or listening ( podcast of choice ), while I enjoy my morning coffee. I get restless enough during that time, so I head over to SculptHouse ( if you’re unfamiliar, it’s Pilates + running ) or take a walk, which starts my day off with a clear mind and positive energy. 

I use Silvana Miracle Skincare every morning. I use her mandalic face wash, hyaluronic acid plumping serum and plant stem cell serum. If I am wearing any makeup I use Flawless in Five by the Beauty Counter. I eat Lava raspberry yogurt with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, cinnamon and a crumbled up Blender Bomb on top. 

NIGHT: I make sure I start wearing my blue light blocking glasses around 7 ( more on that here ). This made a huge difference in falling asleep! I drink Organic India Tulsi Cleanse tea every night after dessert. I also ALWAYS eat dessert whether it’s Smart Sweets, Simple Mills cookies, or I bake something.

I use Silvana Miracle Skincare every night too. The mandelic acne cleanser, her retinol, then I use topical spironolactone, I use Rodan and Fields eyelash serum, and gua sha my face every night! 

What’s a book, podcast & resource that you recommend?

AP: Book- Redeeming LovePodcast- The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER ( honestly, I had been a listener for two years before I was hired ).  Resource- I use Tasty As Fit for a lot of my recipes and it is a resource I love! 

Hope you guys loved meeting Ansley. She’s been such an amazing addition to the team and we’re so happy to have her. And be sure to follow her on Instagram @ansleypattt.

x, lauryn

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12 replies to “Meet The Newest Member of The Skinny Confidential!”

  1. As a fellow Atlantan and southeast resident, I’m so pumped to see you on here Ansley! Love your words about kindness and your drive. YGG!!!!

  2. I’ve known Ansley her entire life and she’s one huge ray of sunshine!☀️ What you see is what you get! SO proud of her and can’t wait to see what’s next! Love you Ans!?

  3. Welcome Ansley!! It was so fun reading about you + your life tips! I totally agree with the whole “having 1000 friends but little depth” thing. I used to be that way until now! 🙂 Your dad also seems cool and smart. So excited to have you onboard and hope to see you more!!!

  4. So impressed with Ansley!! She is a beautiful soul inside and out!! You have hired America’s Sweetheart!! My children and I love her so much!!
    Go get’em woman!! Or as we say in Georgia
    “ Sic em”!

  5. This is so awesome! Ansley sounds so sweet. It’s cool that she’s a certified health coach. Lauryn, I would love to learn more about when you’re picking your next mentee(s)!!