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Meet My New Executive Assistant: Katie Hobson

Katie Hobson TSC

Katie runs our life. No really, she does.

She is one of the most organized, efficient, incredibly streamlined people I have ever encountered in my life. She has elevated The Skinny Confidential brand & kept me & Michael on track for the last year.

I have so much respect for her hustle & the hard work she puts in every single day, so in typical The Skinny Confidential fashion I wanted to invite her on the blog to share tips & tricks on how she gets shit done.

It’s so much fun to introduce my team to you guys, so if you wanted to read more about the team be sure to check out their gift guide, the importance of a team, & their skincare guide.

On that note, let me introduce Katie Hobson. I think this post will bring you a lot of value because as I said, Katie crushes it when it comes to getting shit done & staying organized.

Katie is an incredible chef & total foodie, a wife, her family owns a pistachio farm called Smith & Sons ( the best pistachios you’ll ever eat ), but most importantly she is kind, has the best attitude, is such a great resource & help to the entire team, & everyone fucking loves her.

Oh, you should also know her mom just wrote a book called Rainbow Chasers & she gifted it to Zaza.  It’s so cute & about all about life’s simple pleasures, so be sure to check it out.

Ok, let’s meet Katie!

Meet My New Executive Assistant: Katie Hobson

Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience. Tell us everything!

Katie Hobson: Hiiii! I’m Katie Hobson, I’m originally from Bakersfield, California, swapped coasts for a while in Wilmington, North Carolina & now live in Austin, Texas.

I’m obsessed with cooking thanks to my mama. She cooked amazing food for an army of a family growing up; I’m the oldest of five siblings. I have four little brothers who I still enjoy beating up even though they’ve all grown much taller than me.

I’d consider myself a homebody, but I do enjoy getting outdoors & getting to a super fun happy hour. Like, just give me an over-poured glass of red wine & I’ll be the happiest woman on earth. My husband plays baseball for a living so I get to do a lot of traveling at his expense, which has been amazing for my frequent flyer mileage.

Growing up in a farming family, I learned from my dad & grandfather what it means to work your ass off & grind at all hours of the day, come hell or high water. I say the F word a lot, but only because I’m so passionate about my words. 😉 I think that covers my intro!

What’s a ‘day in the life’ for you?

KH: NO DAY IS THE SAME because I’m the Executive Assistant to both Michael & Lauryn. So you can imagine it’s all over the place!

I wake up early to have some “me” time & then hit the computer & get to work. Zoom meetings, scheduling, podcast bookings, ordering products, organizing, research – you name it, I’m doing it. I work by a sunny window & sip iced coffee in sweats ( but look cute on top for zoom calls lol ) & will take a walk around lunchtime to get my body moving.

I’m constantly texting Lauryn & the team, so you’ll catch me with my head down on my phone most of the time – our group message is LIT. Once the work day wraps, I’ll get in the kitchen & cook something yummy for dinner.

If someone wants to work with an influencer, how do you recommend they go about it?

KH: It seems so simple but I feel like it really is the best strategy to remember: If you’re incessant, aggressive & wordy, it’s probably not going to go the way you want it to go. If you’re professional, creative, & productive with your pitch, you’re going to get an influencer’s attention.

If you had 30 seconds to sell yourself or 5 sentences in an email, you better deliver, honey. Stick to the must-know facts & embed links for easy document/website access. Keep it short & sweet & be consistent, not hostile lol. 

What’s it like working with an influencer? Give us a behind-the-scenes breakdown!

KH: I’ll be honest, before Lauryn, I had a lot of assumptions about influencers. I knew it had to be a ton of work showcasing your life & keeping track of products to link/promote & all, but I really had NO IDEA how intensive it really is.

It’s impressive AF to watch Lauryn work. Yes, the TSC team works their ass off too. But she did it for a number of years all on her own! So many campaigns, deadlines, research, product development, book deals, writing, blogging, FILMING YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. It’s a lot.

I have such a new appreciation for what influencers do & how they manage life without having a mental breakdown every day. Lauryn wrote the book on influencing, so I get to watch an OG behind-the-scenes. I’ve learned from Lauryn that authenticity is the KEY, because she’s right, readers are smarter than we think they are. They can smell a fake from a mile away. Influencing requires an incredible amount of hard work at the level Lauryn is at, & I’m happy to be around to witness it.

What’s your favorite life hack?

KH: BOTOX. That’s it. Trick them into thinking your forehead is always that smooth & unbothered under pressure.

Give us all your time management tips!

KH: Oh Lord, I could be here all day. Time management is my superpower. First & foremost, use your calendar in the most specific way & share it with anyone in your household. I have a shared calendar with my husband that keeps us on track for all appointments, events, etc. This eliminates the back-&-forth conversations of him asking me 10000 times when his dentist appointment is, just check the calendar bro.

Second, it seems silly, grocery pick up! There is nothing more convenient than selecting my groceries on an app, scheduling a date/time, & someone else loading it into my trunk without me stepping foot outside.

Third, we’re going deep here, keep the clutter ( physically & mentally ) out of your life. I mean like literally…clean your surroundings up & get organized. Get your mind right too, don’t waste time with mental clutter like a pain in the ass in-law or that friend who you hate being around.

Streamline or eliminate it from your ether. Clutter = stress = time lost = inefficiency. Staying efficient in your mind & home will save you so much time to focus on the important things like your family, reading that book you haven’t had time to finish, or picking up a new hobby. Don’t give clutter your energy OR time.

What are 3 fun facts about you?

KH: I will go to great lengths to make you laugh ( make horrific faces, do impressions, the whole nine yards lol ).

I’m ambidextrous in a lot of things, like sometimes I don’t even know what hand to use to cut a steak.

I can fix almost anything in a house & have a full blown tool box…electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc. – my dad taught me well!

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

KH: Right now I’m obsessed with sliced apples, cinnamon, & a dip. My favorite dips with apples are Oat Haus Granola Butter ( vanilla or strawberry are PRIME! ) & Brad’s Naturals Roasted Macadamia Butter…drooling. 

What’s your favorite beauty product & why?

KH: Ahhhh so hard to choose one, so I’ll choose 2! Doctor Dennis Gross Peel Pads & duh, you guessed it, THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT MESS ICE ROLLER.

The peel pads were introduced to me by my sister-in-law after I had an actual peel ( traumatizing lol ). They’re way easier on the finances than a real peel & give a nice consistent re-texturing without peeling like a damn snake. The Skinny Confidential HOT MESS ICE ROLLER is a godsend. Before it I used a cheap Amazon one & even just an ice cube over the sink lol. I roll day & night to ensure my face is tight AF, just the way I like it! #icequeenforever

What’s your morning routine & nighttime routine?

KH: In the morning, I wake up around 7am, sit & enjoy coffee or read a bit, get in a workout or a very long walk, shower, eat breakfast, & get ready for work.

I ice roll in the AM like my life depends on it. I’ll pop on a podcast while I do my makeup & get dressed, make a plan for dinner, pack a lunch for work & head to the office if I’m not working from home.

For nighttime, I’ll hit the kitchen at about 6:30pm & turn on some music while I cook & catch up with the hubs. I love to sneak in a walk after dinner if I can, then plop my ass down on the sofa & catch up on whatever show I’m bingeing at the moment. I’m no night owl, so this grandma goes to bed as early as possible after a VERY extensive skincare routine ( cleanse, tone, ice roll, moisturize heavily with serums & oils ).

What’s a book, podcast & resource that you recommend?

KH: Because I’m partial to food, a great book & Netflix documentary called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is an amazing watch if you’re curious about the basics of what good food entails in its simplest form. The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos is super interesting as well, I’ve listened to it 2 times through! It gives scientific evidence on what really makes us live a happy life.

Where can everyone find you?

KH: My instagram is @hangryhobson where you’ll find me cooking & trying to make you laugh in the process!

Be sure to follow Katie on Instagram @hangryhobson where she’s always sharing cooking vids & a little BTS of life as our Executive Assistant. You guys will love her energy.

x, lauryn

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