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Meet My Crush: Raw Almond Butter

The Skinny Confidential talks home.

I have a major, serious crush…on almond butter.

For reals though.

It’s so perfectly creamy & full of protein. And on Granny Smith apples with cinnamon?


But wait, wait, wait…let’s inspect.

When I see regular, old almond butter on the shelves of every health food stores, I silently shed a tear.

For years I believed I was being all healthy & cool eating my Justin’s almond butter cutie packets….

…& then, well, I did some research.

Research can be a funny thing, ya know? Ignorance is certainly not bliss but sometimes you kinda, really don’t want to know the real actual truth.

P.S. ask my friends & they’ll tell you I’m always using the word “delusional”…( I would call a house fly delusional given the opportunity— I just love the damn word so much ). & in my pre-research almond butter days, I was totally delusional.

Do you blame me though? My Justin’s almond butter packets were just so cute…they were literally the perfect size to throw in any white leather clutch.

Anyway I eventually discovered the packets contained roasted almond butter.


So I went on a mission…I get fixated on certain brands, ingredients, colors, etc & this particular day I was obsessed ( like, Swimfan-stalker-obsessed ) with finding RAW, organic almond butter.

The Skinny Confidential talks home.

So I headed to our local Whole Foods to purchase some raw goodness…& was shocked: it was $18 dollars.

For a tub of almond butter?!

Why? Well:

This source states, “roasted nut butters are, as their name suggests, made with roasted nuts. Roasted nuts are treated with heat to bring out a toasty flavor. Raw nut butters are made from nuts that have not been heated. They are rich in monounsaturated fats, which help your heart without raising your cholesterol levels. Raw foodists say that the heating process destroys certain enzymes and makes the nuts, & their corresponding nut butters, less healthful — but these claims have not been adequately studied. Roasted nut butters are more subject to rancidity than raw butters. The roasting process may alter the polyunsaturated fats in the nuts, making them more vulnerable to oxidation. Butters are particularly susceptible to rancidity because all of the nut’s surface is exposed to air.”

If you’re not convinced, make your own almond butter at home! Also, you can read more here & raw, organic almond is avail here.

My raw almond butter is added to: apples with chia seeds, baby carrots, PB & J on an open faced sandwich, celery, banana slices, smoothies, oatmeal, a piece of dark chocolate, sweet potatoes, TSC two ingredient pancakes, &/or any baking recipes. Add cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, or nutmeg for added flavor.

Anyone else an almond butter fanatic? Do tell.

x. Lauryn

  1. Hi Lauryn! I’m all about almond butter, but typically go with the roasted variety because it’s easier to do. This is a great tip, and I’ll be on the lookout on the labels in the future. However, I recently learned how the incomplete proteins of almond butter are not as essential to muscle-building than complete animal proteins, so I’ve been moving away from it to try to spend more time eating whole proteins. But it’s so tasty, I can’t give it up altogether.

  2. Yes!!!!! I am! I’ve been trying to eat more raw foods and when I went to repurchase almond butter, I saw I was eating roasted almond butter, so I switched. Not only is it amazing for all the reasons you mentioned above but the taste … Woah. Before I’d occasionally eat AB, now it’s every day and I started using it in sauces and smoothies because it doesn’t overpower like the roasted stuff.
    Raw almond butter, all the way!

  3. I’ve never really done much research into Raw or Roasted Almond butter and have always just bought Meridian Almond butter. After what you have said I am definitely going to look into getting a raw one! My favourite is to mix it with Greek Yoghurt, homemade granola, blueberries, and chia seeds for breakfast!

  4. So excited for your new “crush!” I’ve done homemade almond and cashew butters in my Vitamix and trust me, they rock…but adding pumpkin pie spice….what???? Yes, please!

    – Carly

  5. I’m constantly making an effort in liking almond butter but I just can’t haha…I can’t be a fan of it but I will definitely try this at home. it might be better 🙂

  6. yes! i love almond butter. and i agree that homemade is best. it can be a little time consuming (20+ minutes), but the result is totally worth it. you should also try making pecan butter if you get a chance. it takes hardly any time at all and is so silky smooth. so good.

  7. I just wrote a post on almond butter! I agree…it is so addicting! I sometimes will make little energy balls using GF oats, chia, and flax seeds and putting them in a fridge so they harden a bit. So good!

  8. I’m going to sound completely ignorant (and maybe dilusional 😉 but I’m going to go ahead and ask- what are the negative aspects of the roasted/heated almond butters?

  9. As someone else mentioned above, how is the taste compared to the roasted almond butter?! Lmao you said “swimfan obsessed”

    1. Swimfan is the best movie ever…hahah! And the taste is great. You’ll barely notice the difference. Thanks for reading Kristen! x.

  10. I feel ya girl! Have you tried Jem Raw butters? They’re raw and sprouted in these baller combos like coconut cardamon. I’m not their sales person, I promise! I just really love them and they’re sprouted so extra beneficial for digestion. Mmmm

  11. I am 100% on the almond butter bandwagon. I love a tablespoon on a baked sweet potato, smothering apple slices, adding to my morning smoothie of frozen bananas, almond milk (double the almond!), and raw oats. Not surprisingly, I’m not even opposed to a solo spoonful of it to tide me over until my next meal. SO MUCH ALMOND BUTTER LOVE. It’s also packed with way more nutrients than peanut butter (as seen here:

  12. I had a stint in making homemade raw nut milks, coconut milk, raw nut butters, etc. because of all the benefits of eating raw. Unfortunately, I discovered/developed a food allergy to almost every raw nut ( not cashews or hazelnuts though, weird right?!) where my mouth itches like crazy! I haven’t given up yet though because I’ve been doing some research into sprouted nuts, which is supposed to have a higher bioavailability of nutrients AND is easier to digest. Organic, sprouted almond butter here I come!

    LOVE your site by the way!

  13. My fav is freshly ground from my local health food store. I LOVE the slightly gritty texture…not chunky but not creamy.

  14. Ah! Thank you so much for this post! I eat almond butter all the time( and usually Justin’s! ). Can’t wait to try raw almond butter!

  15. Totally with ya girl! You should do some research on baby carrots…I’ve heard some gnarly things about them sadly!

  16. TRADER JOE’S HAVE RAW ALMOND BUTTER FOR $6.99!!! And it is really good :). I am on the exact same page as you with the obsession.

    I am going back to Ireland on Monday after a summer in California and I am already grieving the lack of nut butters back home.

  17. I am a complete almond butter addict and I buy them from Whole Foods. They have those grinding machines and it comes out fresh fresh and even a little warm (yum!). I usually spend like around $7.00. I love to eat them on Ezekiel toast topped with St. Dalfort jam. They are also yummy with banana bread and some cinnamon! nom nom mouth is watering now lol.

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