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I Mean, REALLY? Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Does It Again

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness for weight loss.Is it just me or does depression sink in during this time of year?

I’m not talking the holiday season, I’m talking the other time of year, the ( duh ) Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show time of year.

I kid, I kid.

But honestly— I mean…their bodies!!! Holy-perfect-thin-lean-long-abs-with-longest-legs-and-arms-ever.


Whatever, I guess it’s motivation, right?! I’ll be passing on the Christmas pudding & going extra hard in the gym tomorrow. Ya in?

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness for weight loss.

On that note, here’s ten things you didn’t know about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show:

1.} Five hundred Suja Juices will be on-hand backstage for the Angel’s to drink ( << told ya. Suja is the ).

2.} The average Angel height is five feet ten inches tall!! Wowza!

3.} The Victoria’s Secret Angels will walk on a hundred feet of glittery runway ( Boo! I wanna walk on glitter! ).

4.} The pre-show, silk kimono robe that the girls wear can be purchased here ( << NEED !! ).

5.} Model, Elsa Hosk says she eats eight eggs for breakfast, everyday, two weeks before the show ( Yum. I LOVE eggs ).

6.} I’ll actually be walking the runway. Look for me after Adrianna Lima. JOKE. JK. LOLZ.

7.} More than a hundred and eighty five COUNTRIES will tune-in to watch this year’s show. Cray, cray.

8.} The models credit boxing, barre classes, jumping rope, yoga, & the Pilates Reformer ( << my favorite ) for their pre-show workout.

9.} There will be 120 applications of Victoria’s Secret VS Makeup ‘Volume Lift Mascara’ and 80 applications of VS MAKEUP Shine Drama Lip Gloss.

10.} Alessandra Ambrosio’s pre-show plan: “I try to get my mind into it and I work out as much as I can. I also try to hit the gym, and a little tan from the California sunshine always helps! I will lay by the pool and get a healthy tan. I’ll also be eating healthy and I’ll watch what I’m eating. I’ll eat salads and greens and juices; I love green juices. I will cut down on cakes and all that other bad stuff.”

Ok, um, welpppp…

Tonight you’ll find me eating air, sipping on water, & running in place.


I’m actually eating a sweet potato & salad with a glass of red wine on couch.

So sue me.


P.S. a post on ‘how to look like VS Angel’ can be found here. Also, more posts on VS: here / herehere.

P.S.S. an extra fun fact: British beauty Jourdan Dunn told us: “I don’t really do anything [ to prepare ], I’m really bad, I’m probably the worst. Cara [ Delevingne ] and I do nothing. We were saying maybe we should sneak in some McDonald’s and KFC and eat it front of the girl’s—but then we thought they might come after us or something.”

Man, oh, man, how I love her humor. <3.

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  1. I work at Victoria’s Secret and I love this time of year! Feels great to be a part of brand like it! And try having to look at the models EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. haha

  2. Fun post! ^^ It is a bit depressing to have the show this close to the holidays. Makes me very conscious of my not so perfect body 🙁

  3. 8 eggs for breakfast! Goodness gracious. Wonder if the same technique will work for a fellow Swede.. Doubt it.. Also nowhere close to five feet ten inches.. Oh well 😉 x

  4. Totally love this post! And last night I was definitely doing sit ups and push ups after the show haha next Victoria Secret show here I come….not.

  5. Ummm yeah depression did set in. I asked myself why do they choose to air this in between two of our biggest holidays where eating is the main focus!? AND…where most parts of the country is freezing which means.. I am pale. After the show I went straight to the spray tan booth! Start with a tan to boost my spirits;) Extra tough workout today!

    Great share babe!


  6. Talk about ultimate fitspiration, right? My green smoothie never tastes better after the fashion show rolls around 🙂

  7. I love the humor here but after knowing what these women go through to be “runway ready” I’m good. I may not be VS model or Adam Levine flavor of the month fit but I look pretty damn good. And I like cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.

  8. LOVE the VS fashion show. My BF and I watch it every year- we’re both pretty obsessed. Him for the obvious reasons haha.

    Question for you Lauryn! How do you get the cute little thumbnail slideshows/gallery at the end of your posts? I’ve looked everywhere for plugins/widgets that create those, but with no luck!

  9. Love your blog! You’re HILARIOUS, and yeah, I was right there with you running in place (actually stationary biking) and eating air. Those girls were looking fierce!

  10. IKR?! They are sooo thin I can’t even! Cray, indeed. Cray.

    BTW how does that air you’re eating taste? I sprinkled some bacon bits and cheese on mine. So sue me.

  11. Boxing? I guess boxing burns lots of calories, but could you imagine if they let them spar with a partner and a runway model got a black eye right before a fashion show. hahaha

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