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7 Day Food Diary ♡

meal plan 5b by The Skinny Confidentialmeal plan 8 by the skinny confidential-gt

The Shredding For The Wedding Meal Plan has finally DROPPED.

For some odd reason this project took me longer than normal. The other day I sat back & questioned myself on WHY? BECAUSE! Food is important.

You know what they say:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

After a billion hours of thinking about the execution of the meal plan, I finally decided on THIS— which is something SO SIMPLE. Basically the decision was to write up a 7 day plan of EXACTLY what I’m eating to tone up for our wedding.

Nothing crazy, just jot down my plan/food diary for my wedding. Instead of going too gnarly, I kept it straight & to the point. Also, it’s not perfect. It’s real. You know, just exactly what I put in my mouth for 7 days.

See? Simple.

This is a PLAN that works for me.

I am not a doctor.

I am not a scientist.

I am not a body builder.

I’m just a normal girl from San Diego who’s VERY interested in wellness.

meal plan 8 by The Skinny Confidentialmeal plan 2 by The Skinny Confidential

Fitness has always played a huge role in my life. I taught Pure Barre & Proformer Pilates for years & years until I began blogging full-time. Also through ISSA, I attained a nutrition certification. Nothing too intense there but the point is, I’ve always been invested in a healthy lifestyle — a big part of why The Skinny Confidential exists in the first place. More on that here.

About a year ago I created TSC Bombshell Body Guide with a celebrity trainer to showcase some of my favorite workouts in 27 minutes. We also created a nutrition guide with a bunch of my favorite skinny recipes… BUT still, something was missing. What’s that, you ask? My EXACT food diary. You know, breakfast through dessert, every day, for 7 days. So ta-da!

shredding for the wedding 7 day meal plan by the skinny confidential. How to lose weight before your wedding!

Anyway, it’s no surprise that my wellness journey has taken me here, equipped with a full meal plan. This is a weeklong peek into my food diary. You’re welcome to take what you like from it & modify it to fit your needs. I’ve been doing this high fat/high protein meal plan for the last two months & I feel GREAT! For the record, this is my meal plan on crack because I’m shredding for the wedding. It’s straight to the point, easy, & NOTHING crazy. NO EXAGGERATION.

It’s all very simple, really.

Note: after the wedding, I’ll do another meal plan that’s a bit more lax if you’re interested.

What’s inside? Glad you asked:

A little letter from me to YOU
A full-on grocery list ( all my favorite brands, linked to Amazon )
7 full days of my exact food diary
Tips & tricks for SHREDDING throughout the day

You’ll also receive:

Full access to all my favorite 27 minute workouts via TSC Bombshell Body Guide

Price: $49.99 + monthly $9.99 for membership. Your first 30 days of membership are free!

meal plan 9 by The Skinny Confidential

Why am I charging? There’s a lot of out-of-pocket expenses like a web developer, graphic designer, editor, photos, time/labor to run the program. Ultimately I made it as affordable as possible!

You can access the plan on a mobile device, computer, &/or print it out ( I printed mine in high-res and bound it for $13.99 at Kinko’s ).

Oh, & you should know that if you have already purchased the FULL 28 week Bombshell Body Guide AND you’re currently still a Bombshell Body Member, you get access to the SHREDDING FOR THE WEDDING 7 DAY MEAL PLAN — completely free!

Simply log in to your account to check it out. The plan is located under “Bombshell Body Plans” on the main menu bar.

If you purchased any other plan, you can upgrade your account to gain access to the meal plan. Simply log in to your account & click the big pink UPGRADE ACCOUNT button, OR click “Upgrade My Account” under “Bombshell Body Plans” on the main menu bar.

meal plan 1 by The Skinny Confidentialmeal plan 6 by The Skinny Confidential

Just so you know, you guys inspired this plan… through Snapchat. I would Snap my meals & a lot of you had questions, so I figured a guide was the perfect place to get all the info out. A food diary tied in a pink bow for ya.

Alright, do you guys have questions? Happy to answer ALL of them below! Also, I’ll be posting a bunch of fitness/health updates under this Instagram handle: @tscbombshellbody. Check out my SHREDDING FOR THE WEDDING Meal Plan here.

Ok, I’m pooped. Going straight to bed, actually falling asleep at the computer with a cup of lukewarm peppermint tea right now ; ).

Thank you for the support, as always- !! lauryn x

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shredding for the wedding 7 day meal plan by the skinny confidential. How to lose weight before your wedding!

meal plan 2 by The Skinny Confidentialmeal plan 1b by the skinny confidential-gt-mediameal plan 7 by The Skinny Confidential

Fitness Wear Favorites ♡

  1. Do you have an option to purchase just the meal plan? I have a workout regimen that I love and is currently working for me!

    1. That’s great Ruby! I’m working with my web team to make JUST purchasing the 7 day meal plan an option. Stay tuned! xx

  2. First, can we talk about how icy cool your hair is? It looks incredible! Second, I am so, so SO excited for this plan & thank you for including it with the membership. Since following you on Snap and joining BBG, it’s absolutely helped me make incorporating a healthy lifestyle on the go much more attainable – seriously! It’s also VERY well done. I am going to go get it bound as well and def giving this a go to the T this week or next… but I’m sure my boyfriend will be super confused by the #shreddingforthewedding tag on Instagram! ha ha! x Shannon

  3. Hi Lauryn,
    Do you prefer glass water bottles or stainless steel? I’ve read that some stainless steal still contain nasty chemicals so you have to research what is a pure stainless steel bottle…too time consuming so I thought I’d just ask you! Would love to get your take.


    1. I actually really love Bobble bottles since they are BPA-free plastic! That way if it drops it won’t break. They also have a stainless steal version! I talk more about them in this post:

  4. Hi Lauryn – will you be offering just the meal plan? I do not need the workouts as I already have developed a specific exercise plan that I love and follow 5x per weeek. I’m not looking to change that but would love the meal plan. $50 is a bit steep just for a seven day meal plan. I’m also shredding for my wedding coming up next year 🙂 thank you…abby

    1. Congratulations on your wedding babe!! I totally hear you on this! I’m working with my web team to make JUST purchasing the 7 day meal plan an option. Stay tuned! xx

  5. I am SO excited for this!! I have a trip to Kauai coming up at the end of the month, so this is perfect timing. Starting it ASAP

    xo Annie

  6. I don’t think the subscriptions page is updated to just purchase Shredding for the Wedding. Or do you have to buy the whole plan or a membership?

    1. I’m working with my web team to make JUST purchasing the 7 day meal plan an option Jessi. Stay tuned! xx

  7. Hi Lauryn,

    I see you have “goat’s milk cheddar” listed specifically on the grocery list. I try to avoid dairy (at least when grocery shopping) but recently started incorporating some greek yogurt (I miss that creaminess). What’s the thinking behind goat’s milk cheese being different than typical cheddar etc? Thanks in advance!


  8. I’d love to purchase the meal plan, but my workout plan is already on point, so I don’t need the whole program. I’m just curious to see what you eat 🙂

    1. Not to worry Krissy! I’m working with my web team to make JUST purchasing the 7 day meal plan an option. Stay tuned! xx

  9. ah so bummed that I cannot just buy the meal plan, maybe that will change in the future 🙂 I am training for a marathon and have a weights routine that goes along with it so can’t quite fit in the whole boby shell body guide at the moment. Looking forward to trying it in the future.

    1. Stay tuned Nicole!! I’m working with my web team to make JUST purchasing the 7 day meal plan an option. You are going to kill that marathon! xx

  10. Lauryn, delighted to have this! I’m leaving for a trip to Europe Sunday and can’t wait to use this plan when I get back – just purchased. Your tips/tricks for healthy eating are always welcome.

    Kisses and great work,


  11. Hi there,

    Is there any way to just purchase the Shredding for the Wedding plan? I’m really interested in using it and would love to slim down for my wedding but not sure if I need the other meal plans or work outs.

    1. Hi Erica!! I’m working with my web team to make JUST purchasing the 7 day meal plan an option. Stay tuned! xx

  12. Lauryn, this is awesome! I would love to see what you eat in a week. I am a paid member of the TSC bombshell community. I’m not certain why I don’t have access? I saw the option to upgrade my account but $49 seems a little steep for a member? I am charged monthly… Is there a more affordable price for existing members? Totally understand that you need to charge something!
    Thanks for you do, you are an INSPIRING force in a murky online sea. lol

    1. Hi! I hear you guys on this! Working with my web team now to make JUST purchasing the 7 day meal plan an option. Stay tuned! xx

  13. Quick addendum to my comment before I had tried to program. This is amazing! Simple, real food, tasty – just amazing.

    I’ll be in Paris starting tomorrow for my first time ever. This is been a great three detox. Then I’ll be in Italy for a week.

    If you are on the fence about trying this program, get off of it. You should definitely give it a shot.


  14. Oh wow perfect timing! My wedding is in September!!!
    Really need to knuckle down on my diet, are the meals sugar free??
    Thanks xx

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