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Maybe The Weirdest, Most FLATTERING Halloween Tip EVER?


LET’S FACE IT: Halloween costumes can be um, on the tighter, more revealing side.

I mean have you guys seen the costumes lately? THEY SHOW SOME SERIOUS SKIN.

On that note, I’m going to introduce you to one of my best kept Halloween secrets:


Firstly, no this post isn’t sponsored by Hooters. The truth is, I’ve been rocking Hooters tights since 9th grade. As the story goes, I was eating spicy chicken wings at Hooters with my ex-boyfriend who was literally drooling over all the hottie Hooters girls.

To be real though, I was staring at their legs & ass too…because their bodies looked damnnnnn good. & guys, this is pre-Instagram filters, Spanx, & juice cleanses. So after full-on examining their outfits I realized they all were wearing nude tights.


Let’s pretend for a moment we’re the CEOs of Hooters, mkkkay? What is one of the most important things of our business? I would say it’s how the girls look. And as business owners, we’re obviously going to find the most flattering outfits on the market.

An outfit that makes everyone look as hot as possible. That of course includes tights. And these tights need to hold the girls in because they’re practically wearing a bathing suit every day to work. These tights need to BE INCREDIBLE, RIGHT?

So as the CEOs of Hooters we are going to supply THE BEST OF THE BEST, most flattering tights. BECAUSE ultimately, guys come to Hooters to drool over the girls ( & in defense of all men, the chicken wings are bomb too ).


Back to me eating my wings many many many years ago… I had a SERIOUS light bulb moment: what are these tights that make these girls look SO amazing. AND THEN I REALIZED I HAD TO GET MY HANDS ON THOSE FUCKING TIGHTS.


I wanted my legs & ass to look like a Hooters girl.

9th grade GOALS, you know?

Hooters tights | by the skinny confidentialHooters tights 2 | by the skinny confidential

For the record, I didn’t actually want to like, wear a bathing suit to high school…but for Halloween, I certainly did.

To be real, when I was in 9th grade the theme was sort of the sluttier the better ( thank God the times have changed. But have they ?? )

Coincidentally, that year I was going to be a slutty sexy fairy. 9TH GRADE. Ok, guys – remember that.

So as you can see, getting my hands on these magical Hooters tights was VERY necessary.

My first plan of action was to ask the gorgeous waitress about where to purchase the tights…, who in all honestly, acted weird. It was almost as if she didn’t answer my question about the tights. She played dumb. So I asked another Hooters girl & I had the same reaction— a strange blank stare with a stutter. Basically these girls did NOT want to tell me where they found their compressing, flattering tights.

Now if you know me, which I feel like you guys do, you know I love to share tips, tricks, whatever with other women. And in 9th grade, I was the same way. I just wasn’t one of those girls who pretended like they forgot where their Guess jeans were from. Like, we all know you know where you bought your amazing shirt. Just tell us. If it’s Forever21, share PLEASE.

Really though, there’s enough Hooters tights for everyone, ladies!

Once I realized that these two waitresses were in fact NOT going to tell me where to find these magic nude tights, I made a plan. Because anyone who knows me well, knows that once I get an idea in my head, I will not stop until it’s finished.

So DUH, the next day I drove 35 minutes to another Hooters to get myself some tights for my sexy fairy costume. I really just could not get those Hooter tights out of my head. Does anyone blame me after coming to this revelation?

Thankfully, the girl at the front sold me a pair she had in the back.

YESSSSSS. She really was cool as shit. To this day I still remember her chill vibe.

Ok, so I got the tights, wore them to Halloween to a San Diego State ( OMG, frat boy city ) party, got tons of compliments on my legs & ass ( thanks Hooters! ), & felt tighter/leaner/etc. Imagine me fluttering around as a slutty fairy in my fabulous nude tights, so proud of my Hooters mission…memories, HA!

Where to buy Hooters tights

Unfortunately, I cannot make this shit up. All of the above really happened & to this day, I love Hooters tights if I’m doing a revealing Halloween costume. The ones pictured are without feet, but I also really love the ones with feet ( it just depends on what you’re wearing ). You do you.

Pretty much these tights HOLD IT IN. Like SPANX X 237239482 & they cost a measly $2.95.

& yes, I did research on how to find REAL Hooters tights for you guys.

Here’s the online description for these tights: “The “Original” Tamara Calendar Girl Pantyhose with feet  ( before Tamara Hosiery innovated the first footless Hooters Girl Pantyhose ) designed to create perfect looking legs. Sheer to waist, NO panty lines. Silky Smooth and soft. Very comfortable to wear. Designed with extra support. New run resistant stitching technology adds strength & durability, greatly reducing rips and tears. 40 denier, 14% spandex. The highest quality made pantyhose.”

The CEO of Hooters must have been a real genius, right?

What are you being for Halloween this year? If you have to show your legs & want a little coverage, Hooters tights is one of the best tips ever.

If you can’t find Hooters tights, these ones are similar & the reviews are 4.5 star.

Do you guys have any random, amazing, weird tips like this? Share the wealth, don’t be like the Hooters hoarders who wouldn’t share the tights. LOL.

x, lauryn

+ learn how to set up a Halloween candy bar here.

++  what is a cinnamon broom & why do you need one? 


    1. I was told they sell them from a hooters mcoin machine in the ladies rest rooms? Am i right what i heard

  1. Thanks for the great tip Lauryn! I love reading your blog to find out all these great secrets. I agree…why hoard the tips? I love to share with other women any tip that I’ve found works great for me! Kudos!

  2. What an ingenius idea! And now I might have to find some to wear with my costume…I wonder if they would work under the fishnets I’m already wearing? Hmmm…

    1. You totally could! I’ve worn them in New York to stay warm & after I’ve eaten too much sourdough toast. LOL.

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing! I hear you on girls sharing or not sharing. Love your story telling too, was hilarious! But hey, a girl’s got to do what she has to do!

  4. LOVE THIS!!!! I hate when girls don’t share. I always think of it – if a girl asks, that means you’re looking good and if you’re looking good, no need to worry about how everybody else is looking? Right?!

    xo Annie

  5. OMG I love this story as much as I love the advice itself!! I just went and ordered myself a pair 🙂 Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

    1. Eeek!! You have to let me know what you think when you get your tights. I’m obsessed! Snap me?? @LaurynEvarts is my username

  6. Best tip ever!!! Would never have thought of it!! :O

    … btw because of all the effort, you really make me want to see the sexy-fairy costume 😉 haha
    I might just have to buy some for myself!

    1. Hi Helena! You should! Let me know if you do! I am so curious to know if everyone else loves these tights as much as I do

  7. Love this story! I got black no nonsense tights from the drugstore that are considered shaping and they are amazing! They hold everything in and are great quality for tights.

  8. Pretty sure I never would have thought of that but thank you so much for sharing!!! This is definitely a classic TSC tip right here haha.

    Btw your puppy’s tepee is literally the cutest thing ever.

  9. Do you know how fast they ship? I have a SHORT dress for homecoming and it is this Friday. These would be perfect but it’s really soon….

  10. Love your blog! I am always entertained 🙂 and thanks for the tip! Definitely going to order some!

  11. So True!! I worked at Hooters briefly yrs ago when I first turned 18 but I still wear the tights to this day for some outfits lol They are truely one of the best kept secrets. I think it’s awesome that you post beauty tips like this. Sharing is caring haha

  12. I was a hooters girl for 5 years so I know all about these tights haha! The reason the girls wouldn’t tell you how to get these tights is because it’s against Hooters code. We actually buy them out of a vending machine lol or at least the stores I helped open and I worked at did. We aren’t aloud to tell people or sell them crazy right! Anyways so glad you were able to find them 🙂 xo C

  13. Do you know anything about the shade of the leggings. Like what color to order? I am a readhead with slight tan and idk what color to order.

  14. They are suntan. They have different sizes A B C D. The panty hose they used to give us (hooters girl for 6 years) are suntan c but you can go into any hooters and buy them for $5 every store has a machine with them. I have always given them to people when they ask for them!

  15. I cheer for an NFL team and these tights are life! I think most NBA dancers wear them as well. We typically use Peavey Hosiery, but I’ve used the Tamara tights before… too good. And especially good when I’m too lazy to shave my legs (is that bad?) whoops

  16. YASS girl, I used to work there for 21/2 years in my early 20’s. We actually had them in the bathroom to purchase at first and then they eventually got smart and took the vending machine out which then you had to buy from the company for $2.00They did work wonders and man I wish I still had all of mine!

  17. Hey Lauryn, I just purchased my Halloween costume this weekend and it’s a bit more revealing than I’m comfortable with. I remembered this post from last year and knew I had to revisit to find out where to buy these tights! I just ordered a pair and I couldn’t believe how cheap they are! Thanks for the tip. I’m looking forward to getting them!

  18. So I am a year behind on this post but somehow after reading other posts, I’ve ended up here! Anyways, I used to work at the Hooters in Mission Valley (hopefully that’s not where the useless girls were!) and we used to always cut little slits on the sides (like 1 inch or less). This prevented it from pushing into our hips because it was so tight and making it look like there was a serious a muffin top!! Thought this might help someone for this year if they come across this post. xo!!

  19. Omg so glad I googled this question about the hooters tight!! U r the truth TFS Lauryn xoxo

  20. I’m a crossdresser / drag performer and I LOVE these! A similar brand is Peavey. Spanx are good, but pricey. Target has “Assets by Sala Blakely” (inventor of Spanx) which are a good, less costly alternative.








    Hahaha, it’s hilarious to me that one would pretend that they’re not wearing pantyhose when you can clearly see that they are ??‍♀️?

    Thanks for the tip! It’s great because I’ve purchases these type of pantyhose before but not for a steal of $3!!


  23. Do you know what color those ones are? I am trying to buy a pair and I don’t know which color to get. They have light suntan, suntan, mocha, and black.

  24. Actually the Hooter’s girls at the restaurant near me like to wear Peavey Tights

    They are much more flattering than the Tamara tights which are too matte and can make you look ashy or dull.

  25. YAAAS! I worked at Hooters in college and to this day I love those tights for costumes!! I have one pair left that have yet to rip or snag but I’m SOOO happy to know where I can get another should they ever get ruined! Thanks a million

    Also, I think it’s strange the girls reacted so oddly about your question- I would’ve just been honest- when I worked for Hooters I just told my manager I needed a new pair and they took it out of your paycheck and gave you some! Easy 🙂

  26. I am a crossdresser and I used to dress up as a Hooter girl on a regular basis. Hooters restaurants have pantyhose vending machines in the ladies room for the Hooter girls to purchase for work. Some areas use Peavey brand pantyhose and some areas use Tamara brand pantyhose. I always thought the Tamara pantyhose made my legs look better than the Peavey pantyhose, just my opinion. Both brands will make your legs look awesome. I always received tons of compliments on how great my legs looked for a guy dressing as a woman. I had one girl tell me that I had “Legs to die for”, one of the best compliments I ever received. These tights are available all over online, I usually would buy them off of E-Bay.

    1. i can’t find where to buy these other than ebay and random sites that do not look legitimate….any suggestions?

  27. I love it!! I wear hosiery regularly as a man on my feet a lot but I’ve never tried these! I’ll definitely look into them since they seem to have some compression and are cooling! ?

  28. Former Hooters girl all through college right here and I’ve missed my beloved tights. True story- we got them out of a vending machine in the back. How fun right?! Thank you for the link to buy online ?

  29. Just chiming in with a male perspective, here. All women look more sophisticated and also sexier in sheer pantyhose, so I hope more women pick up on this tip.

  30. Thank you so much for sharing this information, I just bought a pair for my Halloween costume. I too wanted the flawless look of the Hooters girls so I’m excited 🙂

  31. I used to be a Hooters girl and I can attest to how bomb those tights were. Now u have me wanting to go and buy some more for the hell of it bc they were just THAT good!

  32. ladies help me out. looking for something that have no clue about. Sometime ago was involved in a relation with a waitress at a bar. She had this outfit that was overwhelming. ben able to get all products except one. i guess they are tights that I can’t describe that well,so I don’t know what to look for. All I can remember is they were all-sheer, I think,they reflected light or I guess shinny and extremely durable because they never ran, which is why they were chosen, like something you see a hooters girl or casino bar maid wear. Please can’t find and don’t know how to but love to see them in action again

  33. I thought they sold hooper’s tights in the ladies toilet from a vending machine, in Vegas the hooper’s shop went putting them on display if they were selling them

  34. I’m SO happy I came across this post. I’ve been looking for Hooters tights for a long time and couldn’t find them…TY so much for posting! I plan on wearing these at times I want to feel more secure with my legs! I ordered 3 pairs in different colors…couldn’t tell what would be the most ‘natural’ color haha

  35. Thank you for this blog I stumbled in in search of quality hosiery!!
    Question: are the tights exactly the same quality and fit but just one is open toes and the other is not??

  36. Found this story and it’s basically my story. When I was 20 years old I was 70s Wonder Woman for Halloween and I know I needed the Hooters tights. None of the Hooters girls would tell me where they got them! I drove to three different Hooters in the area and finally a girl decided to sell me a pair from behind the counter. Fast forward and my 20-year-old daughter needs Hooters tights for her costume this year. Started looking online and found your article. So much easier than what I went through back then, lol.

  37. This is very helpful for my costume this year which just so happens to be a hooters girl, thanks for sharing the secret!

  38. I feel like girls are always more sexy in tights. I love my girlfriend in them. She has worn Hooters tights. It makes for incredible sexy nights.

  39. I think Hooters pantyhose make female legs look amazing! I have always loved looking at the hosed covered legs when going to a restaurant…so smooth, so uniform, so silky! As a male, I was curious as to how this sexy item might feel on myself. I finally bought some footed Peavey and Tamara pantyhose, some sellers say they are even for both men and women. I prepared my legs the way you are supposed to when wearing hosiery by removing hair and then adding lotion. I felt embarrassed being a male trying something so feminine but so excited to be able to wear something so soft and silky. Sliding them over my foot and my legs was amazing. I loved the nice color transformation, the close and gentle touch to my skin, and the even look. Yes, it was a little different being a male…looking down at my suntan, feminine looking legs but I did love how the pantyhose looked and felt. Also, I slid over a pair of older style satin Hooters shorts which glided easily and smoothly up my legs. I continue to wear Hooters style pantyhose and recently bought a new line called “Silk Plus”. They feel smoother and silkier than the original at a great price. So women, keep wearing your Hooter style pantyhose they look amazing and men, if you are curious, buy yourself a pair of Tamara “Silk Plus”, slide them up your legs and enjoy the sensation.

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