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The Benefits of Magical Matcha

Matcha matcha matcha. It’s a thing.

You’ve seen it everywhere, you’ve heard about it everywhere & it looks…erm…interesting?… until you try it.

If it’s prepared right, let me tell ya, it’s DAMN GOOD.

When I got pregnant I cut down on caffeine & became a matcha fanatic. Actually, in the last 9 months I feel like I’ve become a bit of a matcha connoisseur.

I like to drink it in my clear Bodum mug….which if you haven’t heard about yet….YOU NEED.

They are TRÉS MOTHERFUCKING CHIC. This was a recommendation from Ingrid & she really delivered. They’re light-weight, chic, fun, BPA free, easy to wash & look so cute on Instagram. Never going back to ceramic mugs EVER. Be sure to follow my new Instagram account for more gems like this.

Anyway, back to matcha. So, like I said, you can catch me drinking it out of my Bodum glass with a Softy Straw, some inulin & a cinnamon stick.

Just pour some almond milk & inulin into a milk frother, add 1 scoop of matcha into your glass, then pour the milk over it & add a cinnamon stick. You should know that this drink is good hot or cold too.

Side note: if you’re in the market for a milk frother, THIS IS IT, let me tell ya. Having a milk frother at home is the best way to make sure you’re not drinking nasty-ass sweetened almond milk. How many times did you go to your local coffee shop for an almond milk cappuccino, only to find out later they’re using sweetened almond milk. No thank you. My very own milk frother? Yes plz.

If you don’t want to buy a full blown milk frother, this little handheld one does the trick. You’ll just have to heat your milk first.

Anyway, matcha gives you a little zing without the comedown. Mimi, who’s on The Skinny Confidential team, actually got me addicted to matcha after her trip to Japan. She raved about this little stand where a man would make warm, delicious matcha right in front of you with homemade marshmallows in it. She said it was the best thing she ever had & she would go every single morning for this heavenly drink.

After she told me that story, I was drooling, so I started trying all different kinds.

The one I’m loving right now is from Rootz Nutrition & is a matcha, collagen, superfood mix.

We’ve talked about Rootz Nutrition on the podcast before ( use code SKINNY for 20% off your order ) & I just really feel like you’re getting all your nutrients in with this stuff.

It contains ceremonial grade matcha for sustained energy, collagen for healthy skin, hair, nails, joints & bones ( YES PLZ ), MCT oil & coconut milk powder so you know you’re getting in your healthy fats. Not to mention it also has adaptogens to fight stress & increase vitality.

The other one I like is by SunLife Organics. It’s a ceremonial grade matcha, handpicked by my friend ( & owner ) Khalil ( << check out his amazing story on the podcast ). He has traveled all over to find the best matcha powder & this one is legit. So if you’re in LA go to SunLife & order a matcha latte. They use coconut cream & it’s out of this world.

The whole concoction is amazing. Throw in a delicious cinnamon stick? You can’t go wrong.

The Benefits of Matcha:

♡ rich in fiber & chlorophyll ( more on chlorophyll here ).

♡ lowers cholesterol & blood sugar.

♡ boosts metabolism & burns calories.

♡ enhances mood & concentration.

♡ contains vitamin c, selenium, chromium, zinc & magnesium. { via }

You really want to try to get ceremonial grade matcha when you’re shopping. These are 4 boxes that need to be ticked in order for matcha to be ceremonial grade: { via }

♡ Is it from Japan?

♡ Has it been shade-grown?

♡ Is it produced from pure tencha tea leaves?

♡ Has it been traditionally stone-ground? ( Authentic matcha is ).

Now that Zaza is here I’m still drinking matcha. I really thought I’d go back to coffee but now I have one of each. Matcha makes you feel energized but calm & even-keeled at the same time.

Anyway, GTG drink my matcha & feed the baby. Did you know coconut cream ups your milk production?

Until next time, lauryn. x

+ why you need silicone straws.

++ read about the importance of spices.


  1. I think you’re amazing. Please know that Macha contains caffeine. I don’t care if you drink espresso or macha while pregnant, I probably would, but you should have that info, and with that info, maybe with baby #2, you won’t deny yourself the coffee you love.

  2. So the Jade Leaf, on Amazon, says it comes from Seattle Washington, so is that a lesser quality/grade?
    Thank you,
    Lisa Metcalf

    1. that is just where it ships from, the product says product of Japan! xx

  3. The clear cup with the gold rim thats pictured, can I get a link to that product, please?

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  5. My wife is a big sucker for matcha or green tea. She has always loved this specific flavor and taste. She never shuts up about it, she wants me to try and probably acquire the taste of it. I think I probably know now the reason behind why. I decided I’ll try and possibly get the gist of loving this acquired taste or exotic flavor!

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