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The Marley: The Chicest Private Hotel For You & Your Friends In Palm Springs

Hey guys, what’s up, what’s new?

Today I thought it would be fun to come on & share that a few weekends ago my friends & I went to Palm Springs. We stayed at literally the chicest little private hotel EVER- The Marley.

But before we get into it, you should know that The Marley is the sister hotel to where I had my bachelorette party, Hotel El Cid. You can read all about that here to get all the insane details of the whole weekend. Also, scope this post by my best friend Erica of @fashionlush to get a BTS look of all the planning that was involved. This is a must-read if you’re a bridesmaid or maid of honor in a wedding coming up.


Anyway, back to The Marley

This hotel is so major. It’s such a fun property to rent out for a bachelorette party, birthday hangs, reunions, retreats, you name it.

The cool thing is that it’s private for you & your friends. You & your friends will be the only ones staying their, so you don’t have any strangers walking around. How perfect for these times, right?

About 10 of us arrived & after a seamless check-in, we went & hung out by the pool while we drank skinny margaritas & ate tacos from a local Mexican joint. When it got dark, my friend Niel went inside to make his famous vegan quinoa bowls. His wife ( & my friend, Faith ) always raves about the bowls so I was so excited to try them.

YOU GUYS…they were so good that I actually asked Niel to come on the blog to share the recipe. The recipe is here, but think quinoa with fresh veggies & the best sauce/dressing ever.

Speaking of Niel he’s the CEO of & I recently did an interview on his site. So did Michael. If you’re an influencer you have to check out to stay up to date on all the hot stuff going on in the industry.

Anyway, the bowls are so good, they’re vegan & honestly just so delicious, but were also like a skinny hack, ya know? We ate the bowls outside with our skinny margaritas, under the stars, listened to French 60s pop, & talked for hours.

After a late night ( yes, 2 am is very late for us now ), we woke up, set up shop with watermelon mimosas by the pool, while all the kids swam. We floated around on cute floaties, discussed life, enjoyed chips & salsa/guac, & wore lots of sunscreen, of course.

Toward the end of the night my friend, Mauricio whipped up his famous mozzarella, basil sandwiches & again we sat outside having amazing conversations. The ambience was right & The Marley did not disappoint.

Every detail is so cute, from the pink cups, to the pink shower details- it was all adorable. The whole place is so Instagrammy, from the paintings to the HUGE flamingo in the pool. Everywhere you looked was an Instagram story waiting to happen. LOL.

Some other things they have available for guests are: massages, yoga, guided meditation, catering options, bartenders & pantry stocking.

We were actually going to hire a private chef, but none were available- cause it’s crazy times. But,  you could even get a bartender, too? We brought our own food & cooked it all ourselves. This was fun though because they have the most high-end kitchen with the best appliances.

You should know that The Marley can fit 16 guests, has 9 bedrooms, 13 beds & 9 bathrooms.

So, the next day we woke up early, checked out ( again, seamless & easy AF ), & that was that.

It was the perfect weekend away, totally styled out at The Marley. I would totally recommend staying here or at Hotel El Cid for any fun even you have coming up. Even a dinner or small wedding would be so perfect at either.

It was such a blast & I just really wanted to share it with you guys in case you’re looking to book a bougie, chic private hotel for you & your friends. Happy to answer any & all questions below.

Oh, & if you’re wondering what playlists we listened to you can get them here. As for the French 60s pop playlist, I’m working on it. Happy summer.

x, lauryn

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