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MAPLE SYRUP…BUT NOT THE FAKE SHIT! Real Deal, 100%, Organic Syrup

maple syrup


Not just any kind though, but 100% PURE MAPLE SYRUP.

It’s expensive. I get it. But TRUST ME when I say it’s worth it.


Because it’s a sweetener that’s full of badass benefits AND you only need a little drizzle. Don’t over do it, keep it simple!

Ways I enjoy a little maple syrup: on my oatmeal, a bit in my Look Hot Naked smoothie, in my cinnamon laden coffee ( just a little! ), on three ingredient pancakes, &/or on top of a fruit salad with goat’s milk yogurt. YUMMM.

Also, you guys know I love using it to make TSC Syrup too ; ).

I love how you really don’t need a lot. Just like 1/4 of a teaspoon. Maybe a half if you’re feeling rebellious.

A little maple syrup history lesson: “Maple syrup is one of the many wonders of the world and far more than a simple sweetener. Maple syrup is not only rich in essential nutrients such as manganese as well as zinc, but 34 new beneficial compounds, discovered just a few years ago, have been confirmed to play a key role in human health.

The process of making maple syrup is an age-old tradition of the North American Indians, who used it both as a food and as a medicine. They would make incisions into trees with their tomahawks and use birch barks to collect the sap. The sap would be condensed into syrup by evaporating the excess water using one of two methods: plunging hot stones into the sap or the nightly freezing of the sap, followed by the morning removal of the frozen water layer” { source }.

I WANT TO COLLECT SAP TO MAKE SYRUP. Seriously, what a cool hobby.

And now in 2015, what do we do to natural syrup? UGH, we went & fucked it up by adding fake shit to it & completely striped all its benefits.

If you’re looking for specific benefits, I gotcha covered. Maple syrup contains:

♡ Minerals such as zinc, thiamine, & calcium
♡ Seeram ( << an awesome antioxidant )
♡ It’s also known to be an anti-cancer, anti bacterial, & have anti-diabetic properties
♡ Boosts the immune system
♡ Less likely to cause indigestion than any other sweetener
♡ It also contains: iron, magnesium, phosphorus sodium, & potassium

But wait, before you go run out & buy Aunt Jemima’s, read this post on buying FAKE maple syrup to get acquainted with what NOT TO BUY.

My favorite brand is found on Amazon. It’s a special grade of syrup that’s all-natural & organic. Plus the bottle looks cute in my kitchen. I feel like the bottle looks like a mountain man hiked to collect my 100% real syrup, ya know? None of that Aspartame shit. I’m on TEAM SAP. LOL.

And by the way, my absolute obsession lately: a piece of sunflower seed toast with raw almond nut butter, sliced bananas, & a drizzle of REAL maple syrup. Try it & thank me later.

It’s very embarrassing though because I have to cut it in little pieces & legit eat it with a baby spoon because I still can’t chew. FUN TIMES.

Ok, so what’s your favorite sweetener? SPILL.

– lauryn xx

+ more health tips & clean recipes like this found in TSC Bombshell Body Guide.


  1. I love maple syrup!! My friends call me a syrup snob bc I hate all the other fake syrups… not my fault having grown up on fresh WI maple goodness. Have I taken a sip of it before? Maybe… Sorry not sorry
    I hope your healing continues quickly!

    1. ha! I definitely just LOL’ed at “Have I taken a sip of it before? Maybe…” (insert crying laughing emoji HERE). So funny. Thanks for reading babe

  2. COME TO CANADA. We have the best maple syrup ever (duh, we literally have a maple leaf on our flag). One of my parents good friends makes it himself and then gives it away as presents in old Crown Royal bottles & it’s my favourite thing ever. I love using maple syrup in my chia pudding or greek yogurt for that extra bit of sweetness!!
    xo, Laura

    1. Eeeek! I must visit! I’ve heard all about those little maple leaf candies. Sounds soo good! Aren’t those little maple leaf candies like, super famous in Canada? Mmmm! Seriously salivating right now! Thanks for reading Laura :))

  3. I am a former Vermonter so I know alllll about that real maple syrup. Plus I love that with that brand you are supporting the Vermont economy. Vermont is a great state full of awesome, hardworking folks. Also its perfect for the ski-bunny trip you mentioned and a lot less touristy/more authentic than Aspen if you’re feeling adventurous!

    1. Ooh Vermont sounds perfect Emily! I’ve never been. Any hotel recommendations or specific places to go in Vermont?? LMK!! Thanks for reading

    2. I could go on for hours and hours about things to do in Vermont!

      Definitely rent a car, you can drive across the whole state in just a couple of hours. If you are going for skiing, my favorite Mountains are Jay Peak, Stowe, and Killington. There is also a lot of snow-shoeing to be had in those areas too.

      Stowe has the cutest town area out of all of them. Gives you that real New England Charm. Topnotch resort is probably the most romantic.

      Burlington, VT is a college town 40 minutes north. I spent 5 (yeah, I took my time) years there. Tons of cool artist shops and galleries, record stores, live music, dive bars. Also Burlington, and the whole state really, focuses on local, seasonal meals, so you will definitely enjoy that.

      If you aren’t feeling a hotel there are TONS of cute B & B’s all over the state. That will also allow you to chat with real, local Vermonters who are THE NICEST PEOPLE.

      I have never stayed here, not exactly in a college student’s budget, but I hear its amazing.

      I could go on and annoy the shit out of all your readers, but if you do go, feel free to e mail me and I will give you a million and one more ideas. 🙂

  4. This post is great! I actually really need to give maple syrup (scratch that.. REAL maple syrup) a try. I know it’s just super awful but my favorite sweetener is sweet-n-low. I know, I know, I could go on for days about how bad it is, but I swear I’m trying to find substitutes and wean myself off but it’s kind of my flaming hot cheetos, you know? Thanks for the tip, will definitely be giving this a try!! Hope you’re starting to feel a little better!

    1. SARA!! Sweet-n-low??!! You’re giving me anxiety!! We’ve got to get you off that stuff. Try maple syrup! I do understand what you’re saying though, I love hot cheetos, can’t give em up! But seriously, sweet-n-low is so bad! Will you try alternatives for me? PLEASE!! xx

  5. MMMMM. This stuff is the bomb. It’s literally a perk of having Canadian friends (they alway bring some to school with them haha). My friend once glazed salmon with maple syrup and pineapple. It was extraordinary. 10/10 would recommend!
    xx, Pia
    @ gymbagsjetlags

    1. Hi Pia, def need to try that salmon dish. Can you get the recipe?? Email it to me?? It sounds sooo good!

  6. Maple syrup is awesome.

    BUT. I have been loving raw honey recently, my sis brought me some genuine raw honey from Africa, completely unprocessed, and brought directly from the collectors. The taste is out of this world and you only need a teeny tiny bit to get that sweet kick!

    1. Hi Whitney, thanks for the suggestions! Love it! I love both almond milk and cashew milk. I never drink regular milk anymore. Isn’t it so hard to go back to regular milk after switching?? Thanks for reading

  7. I am so glad you aren’t on the maple syrup bashing train, some people are really neurotic about sugar intake, but I just think maple syrup is the best thing EVER! Such a great natural sweetener for baking (have you tried it with avocado and cocoa powder? Just throw into a food processor and you have instant healthy chocolate mousse).

    xo Annie

    1. Hi Annie, I haven’t tried that! Sounds good i’ll try it 🙂 And yeah, I’m def not on the maple syrup bashing train. Sugar isn’t bad as long as you’re not like, overdosing on it on the regular. Everything in moderation! Thanks for reading

    1. Yes, please do! Try some of the brands I posted above and let me know what you think. LMK if you need more recipes too! Thanks for reading Nicole

  8. I recently bought some 100% Maple Syrup as an ingredient for some cookies I planned on baking. Well…that never happened, but I did run out of Aunt Jemima’s one day and gave the real stuff a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It’s definitely a different kind of sweet but nothing too odd. I hadn’t thought to use is as a sweetener for beverages, but I plan to very soon!

    1. I looooove the taste. So yummy. Let me know if you try any of the brands I posted above, I like them the best! Thanks for reading Brianna

  9. How cool!! I use syrup all the time for pancakes. I hope you’re enjoying yours. 🙂

    -Heather M.

  10. After a 3-mo sugar detox last year, I don’t add maple syrup to anything anymore even though I’m sure a little doesn’t hurt (I just don’t need the sweetness anymore, ya know) but I LOVE baking with it! I like coconut palm sugar, too, but real maple syrup just makes everything so moist and delicious! I get mine from farmer’s markets and BJ’s (like Costco) and it’s so much cheaper there even for organic.

  11. I have a couple of questions regarding your chosen brand of Maple Syrup… firstly, it doesn’t specifiy that it is organic. I’m sure that if it was, it would advertise as such, you know? Secondly, that syrup is grade A instead of grade B (the healthier kind). Just curious why you chose grade A?

  12. My parents live on a property with a sugar bush – I love making syrup!! I use it in everything. Lots of baking and overnight oats 🙂

  13. I had NO idea it had so many health benefits! My parents have made maple syrup every year since I was a toddler.. (My brother and I would have to collect the sap buckets after school each day) so the idea of using store bought syrup completely grosses me out. I remember getting syrup with school lunches in elementary school and not being able to eat with it.. hahahaha

  14. I Love maple syrup!! I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and there are a few maple syrup shacks here. One is only 10 mins away from me! It’s fun to eat the freshly made syrup taffy on snow (yes we do that haha)

  15. Can you do a post on aspartame? I have diabetes so I sometimes drink coca cola light (lately only when I take a particular medicine because it’s the most awful taste ever). And most restaurants and bars only have sugary drinks :/. So I always end up taking light. 🙂

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