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Makeup Tips/Tricks/Favorites

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

I know I shared my whole makeup routine in The Skinny Confidential book but today I’m showcasing some products that are game changers. In the book, I talk application. Today I’m talking specific products plus a couple of other tippity tips.

Here’s my deal with product: I like companies who have been around a long time. Companies who have a proven formula & specialize in women’s needs. Some of my needs?

Hold, lemme pull out my scroll.

Ok, ahem…

♡ A flawless finish— this is muy importante. ESP with foundation.

Foundation that gives a dewy look, none of that flakey/cake-face/ clown crap for me, thanks! Also, a good brush makes a world of difference.

♡ Pigmented lipsticks…seriously though. If a color’s called Purply Purple, then I want it purple (!!!). For bright red, I want a striking, sultry red, not light reddish-pink. The more pigmented, the better.

♡ A damn good highlighter that makes enhances certain features AKA makes my cheekbones appear higher.

{{ Note: I’m also big on anti-aging anything, obvi }}.

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

Honestly I feel like I’m not asking for much…but apparently there’s a lot of companies who just don’t ‘get it.’

Elizabeth Arden totally gets it.

Their product came into my life a la recommendation by my stepmom, Julie AKA Burlap & Crystal. She introduced me to the products & said she’s been using them forever. She looks fab so naturally I ran out & bought their anti-aging products/makeup. & lemme tell ya: no wonder the company has been around for a while. They understand women’s needs.

First off, I fel in love with their lipsticks because they’re all striking colors. Check out some of my favorites:

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.I’m LOVING a berry lip for Summer 2014. It’s fresh & different without being too overwhelming.

Next topic: foundation. A good foundation is key.

It evens out skin tones & gives you that red carpet, sexy look.

I like to mix foundation with a dime size of moisturizer ( << one that includes sunscreen is ideal ).

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

P.S. putting on foundation without a brush makes absolute no sense. Why? Glad you asked:

1.) Dirty hands/bacteria on your face= pimples.

2.) The brush gives you a clean finish.

3.) No brush= uneven finish.

So invest in a good brush ( & don’t forget brush cleaner!! ).

This foundation is literally perf. It’s not too heavy but gives great coverage & it lasts. No one wants to reapply ever hour. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Also, I’m not too into powder so I need a foundation that has an amazing finish.

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

Drumroll please…my number one makeup trick?


A highlighter stick is probably like, the best thing ever.

Ever, ever.

If you’re not using a good highlighter, you’re missing out BIG time. I also like this highlighting pen for when I’m on the go.

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

Some of highlighter’s benefits? It can shrink the nose, immediately lift cheekbones, give off the appearance of the perfect brow, &/or pout anyone’s lips so they look all Angelina-ish.

º To shrink your nose: put it on the bone of the nose.

º To lift cheekbones: add a stripe of highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones.

º To perfect your brows: add a bit to the bone under your brow.

To pout lips: put a little highlighter in the dip above your lip ( << seriously though this is the BEST tip ever, you won’t believe what a game changer this is ).

{{ Also, FYI: Kim Kardashian lives for highlighter!! }}

So. This a ride or die product. Thank me later.

Also, in the next couple of months I’ll do a YouTube video of makeup application so it’s easier to visualize.

Now spill: what’s your biggest makeup tip? Would love to hear!

xx. lde

{ Shop my outfit: white sweater & black jeans }

{{ Photo cred: Samuel Montfleur }}

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

  1. You said you loved anything anti- aging you have to check out Nerium AD. We have the only patented antioxidant in the world. We have two products for the face, a night and day cream and one for the body our NeriumFirm. You can check out my website to learn more. I had acne scaring and my face has completely changed and my self confidence is so much higher. Price point is well below most anti aging products out on the market and ours is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee! It’s definitely worth checking it out. Love your highlighting tips! Happy Thursday! 🙂

  2. Love it when you do beauty posts!! I’ll be back in SD next week, if you have an event, please let me know. 🙂

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  3. My signature make up is minimal eyes with bold lips. And my favorite summer lip color is the bright red you’re wearing on the top image. It looks great with your sweater!

  4. Love the highlighter tip. Will try it ASAP. LOVE the sweater… I live in pa, could u please tell me where it’s from?

  5. I love these tips. I stopped wearing foundation because I just couldn’t ever find one I liked. Also, since becoming a Mom I kind of gave up on make-up but I’d really like to get back into using it. I am definitely going to purchase Elizabeth Arden foundation right away & probably some highlighter too! Thanks!!

  6. The highlighter pen sounds like a miracle worker! Great tips and here are some of my ride or die make up products:

    – NARS heatwave red-orange lipstick
    -Bobbi Brown concealer (been using it since I was 16!)
    -NARS Laguna Bronzer
    -Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner
    -Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

    Thanks for sharing your favorite products!

  7. Love the makeup tips as always! Do you happen to know if this foundation is oil free? I have super sensitive skin that I manage to keep breakout free until the second oil touches it. If it isn’t, do you have any suggestions for a good oil free foundation that isn’t cakey?

  8. I sell a fiber mascara that is all natural and uses green tea leaves. It makes your lashes 3 times longer and thicker. I’d be happy to send you one if you would blog about it. My website is
    It’s easy to apply and easy to remove too!

  9. Elizabeth Arden Mascara is the absolute best too! Here is a q&a I did with my friend who works there:

  10. I’m such a huge fan of Elizabeth Arden’s lipsticks. Mine last an entire day at work which is basically unheard of for me. Their products are just amazing.

  11. Ok, you’re seriously inspiring me to get back on the lipstick bandwagon! I think I need to hit up MAC and have them work their magic on me to find the perfect shades! Xo, S

  12. I just got into lipstick this year and I have to say that once you find that perfect pigmented color, its ON! I have never used Elizabeth Arden before, I love the 8 hour creams (Victoria Beckham uses) but never tried the makeup so I will have to give it a go! Thank you for simplifying the highlighter tips, I can’t wait to try! Love to you C

  13. I just recently started reading your blog and I’m kind of obsessed (Like purchased your book the very next day obsessed). You have definitely inspired me to get out of my nuddie nude lipstick comfort zone and step into the colorful lip realm and I thank you for that. Although I have to say I really like applying foundation with my fingers (I know it may not be your personal pref and you may think “umm gross. You apply foundation with your filthy troll hands?!”). I think it’s cleaner (as long as you wash your hands or use antibacterial wipes before touching your face) and the warmth of your hands blends the product into your skin, giving a flawless and dewy finish.

    P.S. My go to products this summer have been Josie Maran’s Coconut Water Cheek Gelee (it’s a sip of coconut water for your cheeks) and the Coconut Watercolor Eye shadow in Rio de Rose Gold ( <3 ).

  14. I’ve always considered Elizabeth Arden to be grandma makeup but OBVI that is not the case! I’m a Chanel devotee but I’ll have to check these babes out!

    Also love the sweater and hair pulled-back combo. So perf.

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