Makeup Organization: Because Everything Should Have It’s Place

makeup organization | by the skinny confidential

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “a cluttered house is a cluttered mind.”

Well, it’s ONE HUNDRED PERCENT true.

A while back I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. The title is SPOT ON because it totally changed my thought process.

Basically, the idea is that having an organized & decluttered home can help you feel calm, motivated, & inspired.

On that note, one of the most challenging things to organize, is MAKEUP.  Can anyone relate?

Here are my favorite ways to get my ass organized:

Pretty Makeup Bags:

I throw the everyday items in these & carry them around in a purse. Think: CC SPF cream, brow kitbeauty blender, my Watt’s Up, & favorite lip plumper.

Clear Drawers:

These are GREAT for storing pallets, mascara, foundation, anything really! I use the drawers for items I don’t use as often, but still want in my makeup collection just in case.

Acrylic Organizer For Your Vanity:

This is ESSENTIAL. I use mine to store the items for a night out. For more on how to style a vanity, check out this post.

Lipstick Holder:

Another great addition to a vanity, this tray will organize all of your lip glosses. It can hold up to 24 lip glosses!!

Roll Up Travel Brush Bag:

Ok, I LOVE these travel brush bags. They can carry A TON of brushes, pack easily, & will keep any brushes separate so they don’t get nasty/dirty.

How do you keep your makeup organized?



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