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How I Make Zaza’s Baby Food and What I’m Feeding Her


How fun. Zaza is almost 6 months old and starting to dabble in solids. Obviously if you have a baby you have to do your own research and talk to your own pediatrician, but at 4 months our pediatrician told us it was fine to start testing out foods.

He even said we could give her little licks of healthy food quite early on, so she’s been licking foods for a while. Now at 6 months old, it’s time for Zaza to try more food and purees. Again, consult your own doctor, I’m just sharing what I am doing with Zaza. 

So today we’re going to talk about two things. The first is how I puree our own baby food, DIY style. The second is for the mom on the go. Maybe someone who doesn’t have a lot of time or help. Some days I totally don’t, so I pivot towards what’s happening that day.

Let’s get into it.

♡ Zaza’s Baby Food, Method 1:

We use this blender to make our own purees at home. It’s a little pricey, but worth every single dime. It’s so good you can even make your own soups. I’m not kidding, the other day I made a delicious broccoli soup from Curry Girls Kitchen ( recipe here ). You could even make your dog’s food in it too.

Anyway, you can puree everything with the touch of a button. It’s chic, white ( but comes in other colors, so you do you ), and can sit on your kitchen counter without being an ugly eyesore.

The blender was recommended to us by Zaza’s night nurse, and she says it’s way better than any Cuisnart or other food processor. After using it, I must agree with her. It’s just the best of the best. It truly helps you whip up your own baby food that you could sell in a store.

The key here is to get the glass jars to store the extra purees in. At the moment I’m trying to avoid plastic as much as possible so these glass jars are perfect, plus they come with aesthetically pleasing pastel lids. Think pastel green, pink, and peach. They just make everything easy and more efficient. They look super cute in the fridge and will help you save your homemade baby food.

Some of Zaza’s favorite purees:

♡ peaches

♡ avocado

♡ sweet potato

♡ carrots

♡ pears

♡ broccoli

♡ squash

♡ berries ( but we avoid strawberries )

Our pediatrician told us that babies can be really allergic to strawberries so we are avoiding them. Our night nurse ( who is amazing at what she does ) also told us to introduce the foods one at a time and not to mix them. This way Zaza can find her own tastes. We also start with the least sweet foods and finish with something a bit sweeter like peaches or pears.

Also want to mention that right now we are doing milk first because I want to make sure she gets all her nutrients from that first, then I give her food. Zaza likes this little bowl and spoon that is soft and doesn’t hurt her gums. It’s pink and we both love it. She just eats until she is full. Sometime she wants it, sometimes she doesn’t, but I always offer her food.

Oh, we also have this pink bottle called a Think Bottle that I put water in. I just have some water around in case she wants a little sip.

AGAIN, I’m not telling anyone what to do. There are a million different ways to feed a baby and everyone is different. I just wanted to share what we’re doing and how it’s going.

♡ Zaza’s Baby Food, Method 2:

The other method is something we like to do when we’re really busy. I’ve researched a lot of food and spoke to a lot of different people about this, and for us, we decided that Serenity Kids was the best place to start. The owner came on the blog and shared all her tips for pampering yourself pre-baby, plus other ways you can prep for your little one.

Anyway, Serenity Kids specializes in super high-quality kids food. All their ingredients are ethically sourced, the vegetables are 100% organic, and they’re full of healthy fats. Their focus is on nutrient density, regenerative agriculture and all their packaging is eco-friendly. And get this… they will even send you an envelope, postage paid, so you can send back used pouches for them to recycle for you. It just doesn’t get better than that.

One of Zaza’s favorite pouches is the organic roots one! They’re so great on the go and for little ones, you can just squeeze a bit in their mouth. I also heard that liver is really good for babies because it’s super nutrient-dense and full of iron so I’ll probably try that soon. Serenity Kids is such a good choice when deciding what to first start feeding your kids. You can also use the code SKINNY for 15% off your first order.

So there you go. That’s what Zaza is eating and what’s working for us. When she starts more solids I might do the thing where I lay out the food for her and let her just choose what she wants to try. I’m not attached to anything though, we’ll see how it goes.

Oh, and the jars are a must in my opinion. The food keeps in the fridge for about 5 days, and I’ve been known to sneak a bit of peach or pear here and there. I just clean the jars normally, but if I have to sanitize the spoon because it fell on the floor, I use a countertop sterilizer. It deserves it’s own post so stay tuned. It’s so beautiful and looks like a space ship in the kitchen. In fact, I may even be sad when Zaza doesn’t need it anymore and I have to put it away.

What are some tips & tricks you guys have when it comes to feeding babies? I want this to be a very non-judgemental space, so share any methods below. Open to anything and everything.

In the meantime, check out Zaza’s favorite playlist and how she’s obsessed with The Lady and The Tramp soundtrack.

x, lauryn

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