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Make Your Manicure Last Longer: My EXACT Method

Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Make Your Manicure Last Longer: My EXACT Method

Been so into getting my nails done lately.

For years I was just into polish changes, but now I’m sold on gel extensions. FRENCH gets extensions to be exact. It’s so 2000 but elevated for 2023.

I go for a more pointy look with a really thin French tip. It’s so chic I feel and kinda classic?

Anyway, here are my exact colors & what I ask my manicurist for:

Gel Extension French Manicure

+ base color is OPI Do You Take Lei Away

+ on top of that, we put OPI Put It In Neutral

+ use OPI Alpine Snow for the white tip.

& voilá

It looks fresh and clean and I’m addicted to say the least.

Make Your Manicure Last Longer: My EXACT Method


You have to bring your BOUGIE driving gloves. Why? Because we always want to be protecting our delicate hands from the UV curing lamp.

“The skin on your hands and arms is thinner than other parts of your body which make it especially susceptible to UVA/UVB damage.” – Dr. Dennis Gross

The Skinny Confidential BOUGIE driving gloves fold up small enough that they can slide right into your glove box, purse, stroller caddy, golf bag – whatever. But I feel like people aren’t thinking about the exposure when getting a gel manicure. If you go every 3 weeks, think about all that exposure on your hands. Wearing protective gloves prevents brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles on your hands (which always reveal someone’s age).

There you have it, how to get my exact manicure that I’m so into right now.

Before we go, I have a secret that’s perfect if you have long nails. It’s going to totally change the game for you.


Why make a bed the ordinary old way? LOL.

Ok so all you do is take the bed tucker and use it in place of your hands. So wedge it in between your mattress and box string to tuck the sheets without your hands getting in between. It’ll literally save your hands and your manicure.

Manicure and bedtucker – whoever has a manicure absolutely needs this. Let me tell you about a littl whack that is going ot change your game and extend your amniucre’s life. I’m gonna introduce you to the TUCKER.

So that’s the move. A very specific manicure and a bed tucker to preserve it.

What gel colors are you loving right now? Tell me below and maybe one of these days I’ll decide to try something new.

x, lauryn

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