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Make Two Lists: YOUR 2018 FREE PRINTABLE

Seth Godin says to make two lists.

It’s easy, he says. Two lists. Just two.

And I very much agree.

His words, not mine:

On one list identify the grievances, disrespects, & bad breaks:

♡ People who don’t like you.
♡ Deals that went wrong.
♡ Unfair expectations.
♡ Bad situations.
♡ Unfortunate outcomes.
♡ Unfairness.

It’s all legitimate, it’s all real. Don’t hold back.

On the other list, write down the privileges, advantages and opportunities you have:

♡ The places where you get the benefit of the doubt.
♡ Your leverage and momentum.
♡ The things you see that others don’t.
♡ What’s working and what has worked.
♡ The resources you can tap.
♡ The things you know.
♡ People who trust you.

Now, take one list and put it in a drawer. Take the other list and tape it up on your bathroom mirror. Read the list in the drawer once a month or once a year, just to remind you that it’s safe and sound. Read the other list every day.

The daily list will determine what you notice, how you interpret what you see and the story you tell yourself about what’s happening and what will happen.

You get to pick which list goes where.

Picking your list is possibly the most important thing you’ll do all day.

+ + +

Seth Godin wrote Purple Cow ( one of Michael’s and AND Jillian Michaels’ favorites but you know this if you listened to the latest TSC Podcast ). He is a genius! I love him.

This printable is FUN, EASY, BUT MOSTLY… ESSENTIAL. You write your lists ( your story, your narrative ), YOU decide what list you live by ( where focus goes, energy flows ). So make sure it goes to the RIGHT list. My list is on my DESK. STANDING PROUD. It’s full of positivity & ideas & GOOD VIBES. Tip: I printed the above list in COLOR on thick, matte paper ( WHAT UP KINKO’S $3.99 SPECIAL ) so it’s pretty. The prettier, the better…especially if that shit is going to sit front & center on my white desk, you know?

OH & IF YOU WANT TO CREATE YOUR OWN FUTURE? We got you covered. I made this other free printable for everyone & anyone who wants to design their own life. I did one on the 2nd of January & I typically do them monthly. They help me to stay focused with my goals. On my IG Stories last night I posted a quote by Khaled Hosseini ( who wrote The Kite Runner in the early mornings while working as a full-time doctor ). He said: “if it’s truly important, schedule it. Is it a dream or a goal? If it isn’t on the calendar, it isn’t real.”

AND we can’t forget what Tim Ferriss said recently: “In 2018, I’m hopeful for you becoming the author of your own life because it’s never too late to replace the stories you tell yourself & the world. It’s never too late to begin a new chapter, add a surprise twist, or change genres entirely.”

POINT: it’s up to you to design how you want to live your life. Proceed accordingly! AND MAKE YOUR 2 LISTS. CREATE YOUR STRATEGIC FUTURE BY DESIGN. AND CALENDAR THAT SHIT!

Shit, I’m quote-y today- huh? It’s been a day. Literal non-stop computer work from 6 AM to now ( 10:04 PM…until who knows ). Quotes have been fueling the day. Well that, & LEVEL 2 yoga…& cinnamon cold brew…& ok, 3 MINUTES of cryotheraphy.

Going to go now, we have the podcast to edit! You will love tomorrow’s episode- it’s a good one. AND I talk in-depth about THIS TIP!! Two lists!! WHICH LIST ARE WE CHOOSING? YOUR LIST BECOMES YOUR STORY.

OK enough.

WAIT one more quote, one more time, for good measure…”where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins.

I had to.

Happy list making, x lauryn

+ another printable.

+ more business tips for you!


  1. This double list is a great idea. I feel like whenever I make lists like this I do them in a notebook and then they just sit in my desk drawer forever. I actually feel like that about a lot of things – I do all the good work and introspection and then just never do anything with it. So I love the idea of leaving it on your desk to see every day and actually use it in everyday life. Thanks!

  2. Such a great reminder to see your privileges, advantages and opportunities everyday. It’s true, when you focus on the positive life just feels better. Great post!

  3. Thanks so much for this tip. I can’t stop listening to your podcast by the way. You and Michael make a great team!

    Xo, Mayra

  4. Great idea! I can’t imagine who would actually choose to post the negative list in their daily view haha – hopefully no one 😐

  5. Love this printable and definitely going to put it to use. Thanks for sharing this. Love what you do and that your content is for your readers 🙂

  6. This is a very interesting exercise! I’m definitely going with the positive list daily, it’s just how i function 🙂

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