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make your home sexier with these nordstrom anniversary sale picks

make your home sexier with these nordstrom anniversary sale picks | by the skinny confidential

As you guys know from Snapchat, I love a good home decor haul.

My go-to spots for picking up new sexy items for the house are usually Homegoods or Target, but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale HOME section is UNREAL.

So naturally, I picked up a few goodies!!

The most important thing when shopping for ways to make your home sexier is the price, in my opinion. Home items ALWAYS go on sale, so why would you ever shop full price? Right??

Here are the items that will definitely make your home sexier from the Nordstrom Sale:

Black Fluffy Accent Pillow:

Who doesn’t love a good fluffy pillow? Throw this on your bed, couch, or accent chairs for a little extra detail. This would go great with any white, black, or grey tones in your home. It’s seriously SO soft AND it’s under 20 bucks.

Giant White Faux Fur Accent Rug:

This rug comes in FIVE different sizes & FOUR different colors so you can literally put it in any area. This would look great under a desk, in the center of any room, or even under a giant wall or corner mirror. Pixy & Boone love to nap on these rugs.

Marble & Wood Cutting Board:

This cutting board is SO chic. You can actually use it for food prep, or throw a cheese board together to serve family & friends. It’s great for photos.

Instagrammable Bowls:

I actually have these in blue, & I LOVE them. They come in three different colors & I LOVE all of them! They’re perfect for salads, steel cut oats, literally anything! They’re the perfect size & SO cute.

Super Soft Ivory Throw:

It’s important to have a cozy house. Soft, snuggly throws should be all over your home. Grab this throw & plan a wine & Netflix night to get cozy in it! This throw also comes in blue!

So where is your favorite place to shop for sexy home items?

If you want to see my usual home hauls, definitely follow along on Snapchat! Michael & I are in France this week snapping the whole trip too!

Okay, off to hunt for the best crepes in the South of France!

Any recommendations?


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  2. Loving the faux fur! I am in the market for a good faux fur rug (or a faux cow-hide, is my Texas showing?!) and I know it will make my cat happy too!! Loving the instagrammable bowls but sadly the blues are sold out! Will keep an eye on it though – great find and would be super cute with some ice cream in them… 🙂

    Have so much fun in St. Tropez!!! x Shannon

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