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How to Make a Chic Baby Shower Goodie Bag That Everyone Will Love


My sister-in-law Jordan & her husband Nico are pregnant with their first baby – a little girl named Luna Rose Becerra – so she recently had her baby shower which was thrown by my mother-in-law Lisa. I was in charge of goodie bags, & I wanted to make them as special as possible for Jordan, so I reached out to all my favorite brands to curate a very special goodie bag for all her friends & family.

Obviously I don’t have a ton of experience with the whole baby thing, but I did throw my sister Faye a baby shower so I wanted to share with you guys all the goodie bag deets & maybe it will provide a little inspo.

♡ Kopari

Kopari has always been a ride or die for me. I love their lip balm & I’ve been obsessed with them since they launched. The lip balm is so delicious that Michael likes to kiss it off my lips so it was a no brainer when it came to Jordan’s baby shower. It’s the perfect addition to a goodie bag because it’s super girly. We included a tiny Kopari Coconut Melt too which is safe for mom & baby. Kopari’s products are super clean & they just get it. I love all their stuff, PLUS they’re not tested on animals, non-GMO, free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, & gluten.

website | instagram

♡ Poo~Pourri

Poo~Pourri is all over my house- it basically works like magic. You spritz the bowl before you go & it creates this barrier on the surface of the water & traps the odor below. This is incredibly efficient if you share your bathroom with you S.O. or a roommate. You should know that there are NO harsh chemicals—just the good stuff. Unlike the other guys, Poo~Pourri is safe to breathe & safe to flush. All the stuff we like: no fake fragrances, no parabens, & thank God- no formaldehyde. It’s just a bunch of essential oils that work. This is all so important when getting a house baby-ready so I thought it was perfect to include a little bottle of the lavender vanilla scent.

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♡ The Sis Kiss

This is a line by 2 TSC readers who are sisters. They reached out about a year ago to send me some jewelry & I absolutely fell in love. For the goodie bags they sent us a bunch of gold necklaces that were tiny little moons for Luna. Their jewelry is super delicate & it layers really nicely. It’s affordable & chic & I think it’s the perfect thing to add to a gift or any goodie bag- whether it be a baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday. The sisters, Megan & Marla, started The Sis Kiss because they couldn’t find any jewelry they wanted to wear so they made it themselves! Love seeing the community start businesses & follow their passion!

website | instagram

♡ Taja Collection

This is one of my favorite candle brands because of their customization. They’re out of control with how gnarly they customize. If you’re looking for a brand that really takes it to the next level, then this is the brand for you. I cannot recommend them enough when it comes to candle customization. They worked with me to design a candle that was specifically for Luna. We did one with tiny moons & stars on it & on the lid it said “thank you for helping us celebrate Luna Rose.” This was probably one of my favorite additions because it was so personal. We decided on white matte because it was for a baby shower. This company also does custom diffusers & vases.

website | instagram

♡ Tavi Noir

These socks have been on the blog a lot & this brand was founded by my friend Charlotte Hobgood. Tavi Noir creates these amazing grippy socks that are perfect for yoga, pilates, or barre. It provides this grip that’s just essential for getting the most out of your workout. They don’t slip or fall down & I feel they are a total must-have. My favorite ones by far are the knee-highs– If you want a visual, check out this pic: ( don’t mind the mask. LOL. )Their knee high socks are major & they have all different styles which are all super cute especially if you’re into barre or reformer pilates. These socks are functional, fashionable & very good quality.

website | instagram

♡ Olive & Nectar

If you want a cheese & meat plate that’s on fucking steroids then Olive & Nectar is your go-to. I’ve never seen a Charcuterie board that is quite like this before. First of all it was about 6 feet long. It was so decorated that it’s more like a piece of art. Sofia is so artistic with the way she lays it out- not only did she have all these amazing cheeses, she also did a big pink moon out of beet hummus. There were tons of fruits, nuts & crackers & the whole thing is out of this world.

I’ve used Olive & Nectar before for my friend Faith’s party too. It’s such a hit. People actually stand in line to get to it & it’s such a conversation starter & a place where everyone wants to stand to stuff their face with brie cheese & grapes.

♡ The Floral Exchange

The amazing flowers were done by Marian Inbar of The Floral Exchange. Not only did she do the most beautiful flower set up ( as you can see ), but she also made these clouds out of cotton that were hanging over the flowers with a moon that represented Luna ( Jordan & Nico’s baby’s name & ‘moon’ in Spanish ). She is so creative & did everything herself- a real expert DIYer- definitely outdid herself with the flowers, decorations, & tiny details. We love a detail.


If you like this post, make sure you check out Faith’s birthday where we also made super fun goodie bags.

You guys should also know, if you’re a blogger/business especially, that Jordan is the founder of InfleuncerSEO. She’s VERY good at SEO & has done it for me before. If you have any questions or want to check her out, follow her on Instagram: @influencerSEO & stalk her website. Jordan knows her shit when it comes to SEO so if you’re looking for an SEO expert, she’s your girl.

Hope you guys loved this very baby post. I’ll see you tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

love, lauryn

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