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Why You Should Make Your BF/GF Get You A Coffee Warmer ASAP


AND I’M HERE, of course, to tell you why.

This post has been on my to-do list on my iPhone for a decade. Ok well not a decade, but you get the point. BUT like really, it’s a thing- you need one!

Backstory: I asked Michael’s mom, Lisa, how her & her husband, Gary, have been married for so long & she gave me a real FAB list. One of the things on this list was how she has a coffee warmer ( by her bed AND by her makeup stand to get specific ). Now on this coffee warmer she expects coffee or tea- depending on her mood maybe?- every morning from Gary. Like she doesn’t ask for much, you know? It’s RATHER simple if you think about it. Coffee by the bed every morning!


Immediately I told Michael the importance of ME having my own coffee warmer by the bed. I STATED ALL THE PROS. YOU KNOW- a small, sweet gesture to start the day off with. He didn’t really get my cues here so an amazing TSC reader ( shout out to @ERICA_MOYER! ) bought me a white marble warmer that very much goes perfectly with my bedroom side tables. I put this one by my bed & then finally for Christmas ( hints were given! ) Michael ( FINALLY ) bought me this one– which lives by my makeup vanity. So ya, I got excessive ( weird? ) & now have TWO.

So every morning around 6 AM ( he’s an early riser which works out perfectly for me! ), he wakes up, tip toes to the kitchen ( wake me up like a cat or die! ), & prepares a hot mint tea  ( organic please! Maybe a mint leaf or two- add a lemon if you’re feeling generous, thank you ). Then he quietly sneaks back in the room & places the magical mint tea on my coffee warmer. We love this right? Everyone needs this! Really what girl DOESN’T NEED THIS?

( Granted he did forget to turn the coffee warmer on for a month- I didn’t want to tell him because we wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings…but after a month I felt like the cold tea wasn’t cutting it. So now he turns it on ( sometimes )! Thankfully! ). 

When I head over to the bathroom to do my whole morning skin routine, I have a coffee warmer that turns on the second you sit the mug on it- which is rather fancy if you think about it. So my tea stays warm while I’m sleeping & then while I wash my face, SCRAPE MY TONGUE, & brush my teeth. It’s heaven.

So today, on a Monday- I came here to say: YOU NEED A COFFEE WARMER too.

It’s such a fun way to start the day, no?

I feel like it’s something we’ll do well into our eighties ( RIGHT MICHAEL? ). As long as the tea is by the bed every morning when I wake up, we’re good to go.

I kid but I’m serious- it’s a real sweet gesture to wake up to fresh mint tea.

If you’re going to tell me to get a heated cup, I would argue it’s not the same. WHY? Well, I like a mug for one. And for two, there’s something cute about having a warmer by the bed. Of course if you don’t like warmers there are heated cups too. You can do you here! Get creative!

ANYWAY- simply send this post to your husband, girlfriend, dad- whatever. Just tell them to get you a damn coffee warmer so they can bring you a nice, warm drink every morning! What a HOOT.

But really, you’re seriously serious.

Oh! And you should know: this warmer is great for a hot toddy- just saying. Anything works!

Happy Monday- hope you’re all having a productive week. Get your coffee warmers & tag me on IG so I can see how you micromanage your significant other. Get crafty with it. The crazier the better really!

Until tomorrow- lauryn x


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  1. This is absolutely genius. And you are looking soooo gorgeous dear with this lovely dress! I loved your attire very much

  2. Could you please send me link for the The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows travel mug? I would really appreciate it.

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