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Major Realness Today…The Truth About Blogging

The Skinny Confidential talks behind the blog.

Majoooorrr realness today.

Today we’re talking about blogging.

But not like, oh-I-casually-came-home-to-a-bouquet-of-perfectly-positioned-baby-pink-roses-and-my-desk-contents-just-naturally-look-chic-spilling-out-of-my-Celine-handbag-and-life-is-just-so-naturally-flawless kinda blogging.

No, no, none of that fake shit.

We are talking about behind the blog.

Recently I came across the cutie blog, Queen of Jet Lags.

And guys, I read the most AMAZING post. Basically the author of the site, Noor ( <<< love this name! ) writes about the ‘8 truths about blogging reveal.’ She says “one of the things I’ve experienced that’s quite difficult about blogging is the vagueness of this job, or hobby. If you’re a blogger or someone who reads blogs all the time I’m sure you’ve heard many questions from family members or friends asking you about the details of blogging. Because there are so many things that are quite unknown in this field I thought about it and came up with eight truths about blogging and I’ll tell you what to learn from them.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Here’s the deal: when people ask me what I do & I say “I’m a blogger,” they look at me weird. Especially adults/the elderly. It’s kind of frustrating to have to explain my career but………

I’m ok with it because I’ve never been that fish that swims in the same direction as all the other fishies.

I guess I like swimming against the fish.

The Skinny Confidential talks behind the blog.

Ok, so I thought I would share her eight simple truths, but explain each truth myself. Basically share my own experiences behind the blog. So here we go:

♡ 1.} Most people won’t believe you’re actually busy because your run a blog: 

Ohhhhh GEEEEZZZZ. This one is damn annoying I can’t even. First off, I run my blog as a business. It’s a business & brand first before it’s a blog. This is really hard for people to understand. A new business is like a baby ( kinda? )— it takes a lotttttt of TLC. As Queen of Jet Lags says, “I can’t recall the amount of times friends called me during a workday and I had this exact conversation. Me: ‘let me call you back, I’m super busy’ –  Friend: with what? – Me: I have to finish so many things for my blog – Friend: how can you be busy with blogging? You just have to upload a picture of yourself?” THIS has happened many, many times. It’s almost like people don’t take bloggers serious.

My advice to anyone who has trouble understanding a full time blogger: think of the blog as a business.

My business entails: photography, editing, writing, replying to e-mails ( at least 150 to 300 a day ), cooking, graphics, meetings, conference/Skype calls, accounting, planning events, attending events, 2485987234827 to do lists, annoying tax shit, traveling for work, social media, designing, Blog-Doo, video, writing a book, &/or shooting. Lemme tell ya: it’s non-stop, round the clock work. But I’m not complaining, just explaining. 

♡ 2.} Planning is the hardest thing to do as a blogger:

Planning is half the work. My schedule is all over the place & I’m my own boss so this can be difficult at times. I have to keep my ass on track. There’s been many ‘frustration tears’ cried over balancing my schedule. Sometimes I feel like I can’t juggle it all. Pretty much we’ve all been there.

The weather is also funny for shooting…no one wants to see grey-ass pictures. There’s also a lot of last minute changes ( like, a lot, a lot ). As Queen of Jet Lag says “a lot of collaborations come in last minute which seems to shake up things quite frequently.”

For me, I have a hugeeeee calendar on my desk, I use OneNote like every second, & my iPhone is full of notes that popped in to my head at midnight. Also, here’s a weird one for ya: I bring a piece of paper and a pen to Pilates & barre class. I’m so clear when I’m working out so having a piece of paper next me is golden. I’m able to jot down my thoughts on a whim.

♡ 3.} You and your readers are mostly not on the same page:

Hmmm. You guys are usually on the same page as me. I have to say, you guys are fucking amazing. But I will agree that sometimes I think a post is rad, & it turns out to be an ‘ehhh, so-so’ post. That kind of sucks but for the most part you guys are on the same page.

 Queen of Jet Lags says ‘when I think a post is awesome you guys don’t give it as much attention to other posts where I’m not sure about whether I like them. I don’t know what it is, but it’s true.”

♡ 4.} The wrong perception ( AKA: “you want to be a model, right? ):

Oh, blow me!!

…but honestly!! Like, really?

Noor states, “I can’t tell you how many times people asked me if I was auditioning to be a model. No, I don’t want to be a model and yes, I just like posting my outfit pictures online.”

Let it be known: I’m not interested in being a model. I just want to inspire women to be the best version of themselves. If I wanted to be a model I would be at a GUESS? audition. I mean, right?

And obviously I’m not Gisele. So let’s throw the whole ‘you want to be a model’ thing out the window. I’m not aspiring to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway anytime soon.

I like to write. I like to create. I like to connect. That’s it.

The Skinny Confidential talks behind the blog.

♡ 5.} People lie about their analytics:


As QOJL says, “I’m a little naive to some things but I really found out that a lot of bloggers lie about their analytics. I do understand that if you want to get into a show or want a cool job you get very tempted to exaggerate a little but I think it’s sad people do this.”

Agreed. Own what you have. Why lie?

♡ 6.} Not everyone is going to like you:

Ever heard of “you can’t sit with us bloggers?”

Ohhhh geez…they’re out there. Bloggers can be as catty as the high school cheerleading team…& I’m not interested in the head flyer position.

According to QOJL, “bloggers get very competitive with each other and of course there’s a lot of gossip. I would strongly advise everyone to not get into this and to focus on your own thing, most importantly creating your own original content. I do have to say though that I made a couple of amazing friends which I’m sure I will hang out with for a long time.”

Bloggers can be ( note: can be, not are ) catty bitches. Just saying.

But I’ve met a lot of bloggers that are AMAZING! Some have even turned in to friends.

♡ 7.} Instagram is as important as your blog:

Ya. Face it: Instagram is a huge, important thing for bloggers.

I know, I know, say it isn’t so.

But it is.

Every management company/agency will let you know loud & clear: INSTAGRAM MATTERS for connecting with your readers.

♡ 8.} Blogging shouldn’t be taking over your life:

As Queen of Jet Lags says:

“When I focus on blogging and gaining a lot of followers too much I always seem to lack inspiration so I’ve definitely learned to not only do other things than blogging but also to keep surrounding myself with people who work in a completely different field as I find that this is the best to keep your head in the right place and the inspiration flowing.”

I confess, I confess, sometimes blogging takes over my world & I’m that annoying girl at the table who’s on her phone 24/7. BUT. I’m working on it. Seriously though. I am working on being more present.

Balance can be tough in any job & I’m a work in progress. Any tips?


{ Photos by: Chantel Marie // flower crown: Flower Gypsies }}

The Skinny Confidential talks behind the blog.

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  1. I LOVE THIS POST! I started blogging/freelancing full-time last year, and the amount of people who think I just sit here and suck my thumb all day is ridiculous. I’m working very long hours (heck, it’s 2 a.m. and I’m still working even though I started working at 7 a.m. yesterday), but luckily I love what I do.

  2. This was such an awesome post to read. I just started my blog about two weeks ago and Im having the best time doing it. I can already tell how much work it takes, but Im so passionate about writing and creativity that I’m up for it. I can’t wait to have more readers and hopefully inspire people just like you do.

    Thanks for the enlightening post =)

  3. I think non-bloggers won’t understand the work behind a quality blog unless they try it out for themselves or get to witness it. For example, a photo is only a photo and not the ideas/setting up/adjusting/angles/lights/arranging/re-arranging/shooting/picking/editing/not being happy/doing it all again. I think this post is a good reference!

  4. This could not be more spot-on! Since I started blogging my perception of it has changed so much — it’s so much work and I think a lot of people don’t realize that. Keep up the awesomeness gorgeous!

  5. Love this post! It’s about time that we get honest and transparent about all the hard work that goes behind a blog. It’s far from being just glitz and glamour. I have to say that one of the things I struggle with is the time I spend on social media. I do it because I love it and because I know it’s important for my brand but it’s such a time consumer! I now try to set aside two or three moments in my day where I check my accounts as well as the favourites I follow. It’s been a challenge but at least I am trying and not checking every 20 minutes or so which really didn’t help with concentration. Keep up the amazing work Lauren!

  6. I’ve been a blogger for only about half a year and what I hate is when I get writer’s block! I find it happens more so when I’m focusing on how brilliant other people’s blogs are, and then I worry that mine isn’t good enough and it causes me to lose inspiration! But at the same time, reading other blogs is so fun and it really motivates me to continue blogging and to try new things Xxx

  7. I think this was super interesting. I’m not a full time blogger but I love blogging as a side “job” or a hobby. It’s true though that sometimes blogging overpowers (for my case weekends are for my shoots/posts/planning) so it’s important to remember that life comes first 😉 Otherwise my hubby would get so pissed spending the weekend shooting lol

    X Ang Moh Chick

  8. Thanks for this posts! I don’t know many bloggers so I can’t talk about these things but thank God I’m not the only one who thinks a post is great and then it gets unnoticed.
    For me social media is the most complicated part of this job. And sometimes I wonder… do people buy their followers on Instagram? Is that a thing? I don’ know…
    Anyway, great post!

  9. I love this post! I’m still new-ish blogger so I don’t have any tips, but I do think it’s funny that creative careers are so misunderstood. My full time job is working in media and people have no idea how much time and planning go into creating content. I treat my blog the same ways as I treat the magazine I work for and it’s def time consuming, but I love it!

  10. Her name is Noor (About Page)

    And yes it is very true – blogging is work and a lot of effort but it should look effortless, I guess!

  11. Super true and the stress of getting free products and asking to review but having no way to pay your bills is another blogger stress to the max! Everyone wants you to do things for free its crazy especially at first, that was the biggest drama for me. I mean sure I had tons of free makeup and clothes but money in the bank nada lol you have done a great job at inspiring bloggers to take there game up to the next level! Great post! xo C

  12. I love Queen of Jet Lags as well….I really like her blogging specials every Wednesday….slightly jelly of her long blond hair and legs and her DJ boyfriend!!

  13. Just wanted to say thanks for a great post.
    I’m a newbie blogger so can’t really offer any advice but I’m definitely going to be taking yours on board. I’m very guilty of being super distracted by my phone/emails/blog at the moment, going to attempt to regulate myself better!

  14. Lauryn – I love your blog & find it as inspiration for my blog/health & lifestyle coaching business. Between balancing work, my man(I just got married) school (Lead NY Cornell) I find that I’m getting of course to my dream job. Do you have any tips/suggestions for staying focused while still building my business & working a day job? I get on a good run & then find I’m on a tangent painting my bathroom when I should be blogging!

  15. I love QOJL and I love TSC. Really really nice to see your take on this. My blog is my hobby, but I can still relate. It takes up so much time. I spend minimum of an hour a day (that’s before working a 8 – 12 hour day in my full time job) scheduling tweets etc. Then I spend two full evenings a week writing posts. I’ve got a notebook on me at all times too. I mean, I enjoy it otherwise I wouldn’t do it. But there’s so much more than people realise. I’m trying to organise my first event too. It’s taken over my life xx

  16. Great post! I’m a brand new blogger and love seeing the blogging community support each other. It’s hard finding time between my regular full time job and life in general but we do it because we love it!

  17. Just as you stumbled upon QOJL post, I stumbled upon yours (not through stumble upon though haha), and I LOVEd this post! So true, and you are right on with so many of these. It is funny, as we all think them, but we don’t think that others do too. So thanks to QOJL for her post, which led to yours.

    As I am an elite runner, people often think that life is easy for me, especially in races, but it is really not, I struggle with many of the same things as everyone else, especially the mental battles. I try to make my blog as real as possible, and from what I see of this post, you do too, and I love it!

    As for explaining what being a blogger means to non bloggers, AGH! So frustrating!!!! Especially as they think writing a blog post is done in 2 minutes, and can’t believe you would not write the post, and the click publish as soon as you put the final period! Thanks for this!

  18. LOVE these real posts. I’m working officially launching my blog soon and it’s so much work. Even for a simple, brand new blog. Luckily though, at the end of the day, you are your own boss with blogging so even when it’s frustrating you’re still in control. There is definitely a great satisfaction that comes with that!

  19. When I started my blog in 2012, I had NO IDEA how much work it would be. I still don’t have the following I’d like, but I’m still only treating it like a hobby. I’m taking baby steps to get there (hell, I only just joined the Omaha Bloggers Network two weeks ago!).
    My family continues to look at me like it’s cute that I think I can blog, but the few audience members I have really enjoy it (and I notice that I get the most like when I post a recipe…hmm…).

  20. Love this! I’ve just recently started my blog and it’s all time consuming, and my brain is travelling a mile a minute and trying to keep up with it all. I would love some feedback from fellow bloggers out there! But I am loving this creative outlet, everyday is an inspiration for new blog post!
    So far my only tip is to stay committed and try to organize yourself as much as possible!

  21. Love this post!
    I recently started my blog also (Blog-Doo is re-designing it right now!). But It’s definitely not easy, especially when you’re new to the “club.”
    It IS a full-time career, besides the million other things I have going on at that I have to manage– i.e., 2 babies, husband, home & finding time to take a damn shower!!
    But blogging is something I’ve always wanted to do & am passionate about. It’s harder than I thought. It’s hard connecting with other bloggers/companies too. But everyday I’m learning something!
    Thanks for posting this!! Xx K

  22. It’s so veryyy hard to not let blogging consume you. I’ve recently [within the last 4 months] really buckled down, started treating it like a job, and putting my blood sweat && tears into my blog. I’ve noticed rapid growth, which is exciting… but my apartment is suffering aha.

    I LOVED this line: “But not like, oh-I-casually-came-home-to-a-bouquet-of-perfectly-positioned-baby-pink-roses-and-my-desk-contents-just-naturally-look-chic-and-perfect-on-the-reg-and-life-is-just-so-naturally-flawless blogging.”

    That is too true! You see pictures all over Pinterest of exactly that, && I’m over here like “there’s yesterdays coffee mug, sticky notes all over, and an all around mess around me”. Blogging is HARD WORK and I think only bloggers can appreciate that…

  23. This is so true. But rather than us bloggers reading this, I hope people who are NOT bloggers can read this so they understand it better. 🙂 I’ve been developing my blog for a while and am hoping to take it to the next level. Little wins and opportunities can be so exciting for us, even when they’re hard to explain to others.

    My other advice — don’t assume all your friends read your blog. Some of mine don’t read mine!! It’s not that they don’t care, but some people just don’t read much.

  24. Interesting. I definitely didn’t understand how much work a blog takes until I started my own, and my blog isn’t even that complex in the larger spectrum of blogs out there! I’m with you 100% in terms of the write/create/connect mantra. – a clean eating bento blog.

  25. I LOVE this post! I just started my blog last March and hope to eventually become a full time blogger or social media consultant. This post truly resonated with me as I know it’s not easy starting a blog or maintaining one. Very well written 🙂

  26. Thank you for this! I absolutely love to blog, but that it’s certainly quite a bit of work. When I tell people I wish I had more time to blog, they always look very confused. Great advice.


  27. Thank you so much for this post!! As the writer of a new blog it’s great to get some honest advice beyond the typical “how I did it” post. I’m considering printing up cards explains what blogging entails and mailing them to family members because I’ve definitely hit the awkward what are you doing question many times on conversation. Haha I figured there’d be some catty-ness out there as well. People just love to get mean when they can hide behind a keyboard.

    Thanks again!


  28. 100% Agree! The only thing I would add is take a break when you need one… yes, you lose out a little when you don’t have fresh content, but if your blog is not currently your source of income (even if you want it to be) you’ll be a happier person by stepping back instead of trying to force inspiration. At least, that’s what’s worked for me!

    Thanks for sharing <3

    anisa | whisk & heels

  29. Lauryn,

    I am so happy you wrote this. It is one of the many articles that have hit home as I work on setting mine up (and save every cent so I can use some of your or maybe even ALL of your services). On that note, I have a question for you that I would love to see your advice and/or input on. I am sure it happened to you starting out, also. What is your advice for blogging and working full time (with full intentions of working full time for a good while). My full time job is quite demanding (event coordination + administration in an investment bank), as most jobs are. My schedule is Monday through Friday and I come in early and I leave whenever work is over. Sometimes it is 5:00, sometimes it is very early the next morning. So what is your advice on blogging while working. Whether it is by choice or not by choice. I kind of have the view to look at it like I am working two jobs, but would love to hear it from you. Also, not only do I have a full time job, but also a serious (& supportive!) relationship with a very demanding job. So how do you balance love, work, & blogging? Any advice from you on this would seriously be golden.


  30. I totally agree with how important it is to do things other than blogging in order to stay inspired! My inspiration has totally tanked when I’m too focused on getting connected and keeping up with others. It’s exhausting!

    Thanks for sharing this:) It’s so good to hear how others view the blogosphere and blogging in general.
    Daisy @

  31. I can relate to this so much. I especially struggle with #8. I blog in addition to my day job and I struggle avoiding burn out and finding enough hours in the day. Thanks for this post. Good to know I’m not alone.

  32. I loved this post! I can relate to so much of what you’re saying. When I tell people I’d love to get to the point where I can blog full time, I get a lot of puzzled looks. Blogging has opened so many doors and been such an amazing way to connect with some seriously rad people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise! Thanks for keepin’ it real as always girl! XO, D

  33. Yes yes yes, I loved this post! Honesty by bloggers is always refreshing, especially because as a blogger I can spot a lot of bluffing by other bloggers. I work full time in PR so some weeks it takes about every extra ounce of energy and time that I have to shoot photos, edit and put good posts together, and I don’t even make That much money off of my blog yet, but it’s something I love doing! That being said, even as a part time blogger I don’t think people have annnyyyy clue how time consuming it is and that it really is a labor of love.
    Anyways, great post, and I love your blog!


  34. Lauryn
    You’re the shit
    I love your honesty and perception of true reality!!!no ego and that’s the best part keep goin you’ll go far!!

  35. This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long while…everything is just spot on! I think this kind of attitude applies to most of the online freelancing kind of businesses and jobs! I run my online business and do my blog as a hobby and all people who know me think that I have all the time in the world and actually do nothing the whole day…but not many realise how much work goes into my business and blog…9 to 5 work? You dream about it…more like 9 to 9 type of thing. And I am not even talking about motivation you need when you are your own boss! That’s why it always annoys me when people think that you are busy only when you sit in the office, going through some dodgy paperwork that your manager throws at you!

  36. Here’s my golden rule [for blogging]: If it doesn’t work, let it go.
    I’ll admit it. I’m stubborn. Especially when it comes to my blog. It’s my baby, my life #literally, and I “know” how I want it to be.
    But early on I made a promise to myself – that I would try it my way but if it wasn’t working I would stop. regroup. and try again.
    That doesn’t mean you have to change who you are – it just means you have to be willingly to be flexible. because if you don’t want feedback on how you can make your blog better – than write a journal. #realtalk
    P.S. Often I’ve gotten new ideas from my friends. There able to see my blog from an outside point of view but also know how to tell me what’s working and what’s not working.

  37. As a health and fitness blogger, I find these points so incredibly true! I especially love the looks on the faces of others when you try to assure them blogging is a job 🙂

  38. Really like this post and totally can relate! Non bloggers seem to not really get it, when you say you need to go work on your blog, but that’s what pushes me even more to hope that one day they are reading my blog. Great tips!

  39. This is a great post. It is funny, once I learned to shut off my work at the right times and invest in my personal life/be 100 percent present there, my work became better than imagined. It is hard to find balance but when you do both areas of life thrive. Good luck.

  40. Blogging is so hard! I work full time and am trying to build my blog and brand and it’s brutal! I love doing it but it takes a long time to make it profitable enough to do it full time. Plus anyone can just start a blog so people just assume it’s hack job. They just think you take a few iPhone photos and a selfie, take a half hour to write a post and voila! I just hope I can someday do it full time. You are inspiration girl so keep it up! Rant officially over… for now…
    The Accidental Mama

  41. I totally feel you on #1! When I told my Manpanion’s mom how much I had made on my blog in my first 2 months (which was a LOT for a n00b and I was/am really proud), her response was “well, that’s not going to pay any bills”. Ugh, KFO! So many haters out there toward us bloggers.

  42. Oh, and here is my #9: tech is everything! If you want to be build your blog/brand, you better be prepared to get down and dirty with fun stuff like SEO, graphic design, and a little coding for theme tweaks etc. Not having the right tech skills and/or willingness to learn can sink your blogging ship and/or cost you a lot of money. Blogging isn’t just about creating quality content, you’ve got to get comfortable with the whole kit and kaboodle!

  43. I just found your blog and I have to say that I love the simplicity and realistic content of the post Ii just LOVE IT

  44. Great post!! I am a blogger and I agree lots of people just don’t get it, it’s not a full time job for me yet but I hope it too be some day soon!

  45. I love this! Balancing blog and working 8-5 is really hard, but it’s also rewarding to reap the benefits! I enjoy it but it’s very easy to get caught up in all the hub-ba-baloo that comes along with blogging.

    So to make sure I’m present in my life I give myself only a few windows of blogging each day (or doing blog related stuff) because I don’t want my friends/family/dog/fiance/horses to feel neglected. Blogging for me is fun! If it turns into a business, great, if not, that’s fine too!

    I’ve been tempted to lie about my analytics twice with certain deals but then I stopped myself because I don’t want to be dishonest in this business. I realize dishonesty can sometimes get you ahead in life, but it could also ruin your reputation and I’m not taking any chances!

    Sensibly Sharp
    Find me at : bloglovin’ | facebook | instagram

  46. I been blogging for a year now and agreed with you. Blogging is a lot of work!! I don’t do it full time but theres been time when i stay up pass 3am on getting it ready! Lately been working on learning how to schedule myself for it but is very hard. I’ve heard about the bloggers beeing catty but hear that in LA and NY they can be more competetive. But when you meet good ones they can be your huge cheerleeders too! We should be able to uplight each other instead of pushing each other down. Anyhow, great post!!

  47. When I was starting out I read somewhere that you have to spend as much time doing behind the scenes work (building a following, housekeeping, etc) as you do writing content. I’ve come to realize this is more than true. The journey is a blast but it’s definitely not to be taken lightly.

  48. And another wonderful post! So appreciate all the honesty, thank you, and SO can relate to the schedule overload, albeit on a smaller scale! Xx

  49. Great post Lauryn! Aside from all the points you already explained, I would also love to find out how one makes a living out of being a full time blogger, meaning how does one make money doing it? To me it’s always been a big mystery yet all the bloggers I follow seem to live really comfortable & high-fashion lifestyles.

  50. This post is wonderfully informative and relatable. I’ve only been blogging for a few months, but it’s amazing how many people think that a post takes 15 minutes, or that it’s all fun and games – it’s a TON of work! Especially if you barely know how to code…I hope to make it into my full-time career, which will take a lot of time and effort. It’s great reading posts like this from someone who has had so much success and obviously works so hard.

  51. Any tips for someone who wants to start a blog? I’ve always been intrigued by blogs and making one myself but I don’t have the slightest idea where to start! I’d appreciate any/all feedback 🙂

  52. I’ve been blogging for 5 years and have found it to constantly change – I look at it as my own personal closet. Ultimately it’s the way I express myself, but things change and I definitely need to throw things out and get some new inspiration!

  53. This is incredible. As someone who wants to start their own personal blog soon- this is totally inspiring because I wouldn’t want to do it for anyone other than myself! Creating and connecting is the best thing.

    Also time management tip–The Blog Buddy notebook is awesome! Just got mine last week and helping so much with post management and ideas.

  54. I just found your blog and fell in love! I adore this post as it puts all my thoughts I have towards blogging into words. Explaining to friends and family is the most difficult part. They don’t see the behind the scenes of it all.
    Thank you for putting this all out there!

  55. Your blog is amazingly inspirational and I am literally checking it everyday. I just started blogging a few months ago and especially your posts about that subject are refreshingly honest and motivational! Love it and can’t wait to read more <3

  56. My advice is…. learn how to say NO! Our health, happiness and well being must always come first! I think it’s easy to get caught up with blogging and the endless to do lists, the excitement of planning new trips, collaborations, photo shoots, etc and sometimes forget to take care and listen to our bodies which in the end will help us to tackle even more, even better. Quality over quantity baby.

  57. I just recently started my blog and I must say – I ALREADY agree with most of these! Talk about a full time job and more, huh? Loved this post, you’re awesome.

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