My Maj Fitness Loves

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger, talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

I love how Rachel Zoe says “maj” ( as in major ) over everything. She’s a wild spitfire & I F-ING love it!

Anyway, these are currently my maj fitness loves:

1.} Sexy Headbands

2.} Wildfox Blue Sunglasses

3.} Lime Training Vic Secret Tee

4.} Teal Lifefactory Water Bottle ( BPA Free )

5.} The Cutest Arm Warmers Ever

6.} Argyle Knee Socks ( << loving knee socks over my workout pants lately )

7.} Nike Free Runs in Pink & Grey

8.} No Show Neon Peds

9.} Hailey Hoodie by NUX

10.} Black NUX Pants ( << these hold EVERYTHING in ; ) )

11.} Adidas Hoodie w/ Faux Leather ( << die! )

…because everyone likes to look hot while they’re sweating. Ya look good, ya feel good!

Anything maj I’m missing?



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9 replies to “My Maj Fitness Loves”

  1. The arm warmers are CUTEE. I’m obsessed with anything ruched. Have you tried KiraGrace? They have super cute yoga clothes and lots of ruched leggings/tops. It’s mostly yoga leggings and yoga tops but you could use their line for pretty much any workout. Their leopard is super Michael Kors and their Lace-Ups are very Dolce. 😉