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The Best Salad on the Planet

When it comes to healthy cooking my motto is ‘the easier, the better.’ I’m not a fan of recipes with

A Lil Poolside Salad

Lately it feels like summer in San Diego. Between the insanely beautiful weather & the delish fruit, I’m definitely ready

Lentils: A Total Power Food with Tons of Sexy Benefits

Lately I’ve been crazzzzzy over lentils! Doctor Oz. says that lentils are one of the top three foods that make

My Favorite Snack in the World= Avo + Low Carb Toast

If you read TSC then you know I’m all for easy, healthy, quick snack ideas. This isn’t the 1950’s where

DIY Fiber-Filled Cereal…Because Honey Smacks Isn’t Cutting It

I’m a hugggge fan of cereal. It’s quick, effortless, & super filling. However cereals like Lucky Charms & Fruity Pebbles

Fruit Scrambled Eggs {{w/ TONS of Protein & Fiber}}

Ready for this little dime? Fruit.scrambled.eggs. I know, I know. Odd combo. But trust me, it’s like having a party

Pin It! Pasta Zero + Spicy Tomato Goodness…Yummmmers

This morning Nasoya’s Pasta Zero is hosting a Pinterest ‘pinning’ contest! They invited TSC to participate, sooooo if any of you

How to Eat Healthy When There’s Only Sickie Options Available

[ Being weirdos ] [ The hotel’s duck-shaped soap ] [ #OOTD ] Oy vey!! The food at trade shows

ZERO Cal, ZERO Carb, Fiber-Filled Pasta. Yes. I Repeat: PASTA!

Remember Patch Adams circa 1998 when the medical students take the the cutest, lil’ old lady swimming in a pool

Quick, Skinny Tip: Spoil Your Appetite

Let me set the scene: you’re meeting some sexy babes for dinner + cocktails. It’s around six pm, so you’re

Ummm…Seriously Dying!! Two Ingredient Pancakes…Gluten Free, Flourless, & Full of Protein

Are you kidding me?! This recipe is ridiculous. A real LOL-er, right? Like, I’m never.ever.ever. making real pancakes again. Lately

MMMMmmmm– Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal !!

I get really, really, really into pumpkin anything…esp pumpkin.pie.oatmeal. Instead of whipping up the typical, boring, sugary pumpkin pie this fall, try

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