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How to Trick Your BF Into Cooking For You

If you’ve been following TSC on Snapchat you know Michael has been cooking!! Well he’s been cooking kind of. Blue

Arugula Pesto Pasta Is Going Down

Arugula Pesto Pasta If you’ve read The Skinny Confidential for a while, you know the SIMPLER the BETTER. I’m not a

MMMMmmm Apple Pie (!!!)

Having apple pie for breakfast whenever you want, guilt-free sounds better than…ANYTHING? WELL. I’ve been eating this apple pie every morning for

Fake It Until You Make It: Tomato Soup

There’s absolutely nothing better than a bowl of extra hot tomato soup. I meannnnnnn? Right? Like I’m so in to


A lot of you have asked about three ingredient pancakes! In fact some of you have requested a tutorial so

A Peachy Keen Summer Dish

Oh meeee oh my myyyy. PEACHESSSS are in season. If you don’t like peaches, please comment below & help me

Pasta Salad: A Summer Essential. Trust Me.

Summertime & the livin’s easy…but seriously—- so, so much easier though. I swear it feels like summer is just kinda

Yummm: Rolled Oats with Homemade “Five Second Jam”

Oatmeal is rad…but I feel like it’s sort of the forgotten breakfast food. Lately I’ve been reallllllll into rolled oats. Why?

Ready To Have Your World Rocked? Zucchini Pasta. Ya. I Know, Right?!

DBJ. I have a new BF. & it’s so right it’s wrong. It all started with zucchini pasta. Yup. Vegetable

Breakfast for Din: Skinny-Ass French Toast

Welp, just a few things— Number one: ummm, hi 225 calories French toast. Number two: this French toast that consists

Sooo Good it Hurts!!! Bomb-Ass Cinnamon/Cider Brussels Sprouts

Yesterday I had a pre-Thanksgivs meltdown. Well, not really, but kinda. I wanted to post the PERFECT Skinny Confidential recipe

Easy-Ass, Not So Pretty, Vegan Quinoa Salad

This recipe rocks my world. I have literally made this quinoa salad five times a week for linner ( linner=

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