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The Magical Fairy Water That Makes My Baby Stop Crying

K, I’m not a doctor. But there’s this thing that works, guys. And it works WELL. It works when your baby is crying, when your baby is teething or when your baby is screaming in the car for no reason. I’ve found the ticket.

My sister, Faye, originally told me about gripe water when she first had her son, Daxton. She swore by Mommy’s Bliss grip water so immediately I bought the original & the nighttime one when I had Zaza.

THEN my friend Tori told me about another kind of gripe water by Woodward’s. I prefer the Woodward’s one, but you can’t go wrong with either brand. They both work. Actually the one by Little Remedies is good too. I’ve tried them all.

The point is, gripe water works & it’s your new best friend. It provides relief from everything to gas, hiccups, fussiness & colic.

Recently I found out that babies have immature digestive systems & that’s why gripe water helps them. This isn’t a medication- it’s full of herbs like ginger & fennel, clove & peppermint.

Apparently it originated in England in the 1950s & nannies were all about it. Soon after, mothers became all about it. Some people say gripe water works because it’s a little sweet? Who knows, but whatever the fuck it is, it works.

As always, TALK TO YOUR PEDIATRICIAN or doctor before you try anything new with your baby. Do your own research, ALWAYS. Our doctor told us that it was fine so that’s what we went with.

We give it to Zaza by using this Frida Baby syringe/pacifier. It lets you administer stuff to your baby through the tube attached to the pacifier. This way it skips their taste buds & prevents them spitting up whatever you’re giving them. Highly recommend getting it.

Anyway, I’m telling you, discovering gripe water has been a total score. Sometimes I even mix it with a bit of chamomile tea which is a trick our night nurse taught us. Zaza is obsessed. Chamomile is just another thing known to soothe babies.

Typically I’ll give Zaza half a syringe & she’s 7 months old, just to give you a bit of an idea, but I’ve said it before & I’ll say 100 more times – TALK TO YOUR OWN DOCTOR FIRST !!!

I’d love to know if there’s anything I’m missing here? Tell me all your tips & tricks for soothing babies below.

& for the record, I’ve been calling it ‘grip’ water for the last 6 months, but it’s ‘gripe’ LOL.

Whatever you guys do, get the Frida Baby syringe/pacifier for your baby. It’s great for any time you’re giving them a remedy.

That’s my spiel for the day. Hope you loved this post.

Until next time. xx lauryn

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++ listen to all of Zaza’s favorite songs with you baby.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I remember hearing about this but always forget to use it!! Such a great tip!


  2. Hi Lauryn,
    I am a HUGE fan of Gripe Water and you. As a fellow health & wellness aficionado, giving my little one the best for her little system is a huge priority. I wanted to share with you a brand, Colic Calm, that has helped us and unlike the Gripe Waters you’ve tried is made of homeopathic ingredients, so you’re avoiding giving simethicone or sodium bicarbonate to ZaZa. It also has natural-active ingredients in it that help break down any impurities in their GI systems and passes them naturally. So you’re not just getting a taste distraction, but you’re also getting relief for ZaZa’s symptoms. I even take it for myself when I’m feeling gassy or bloated!

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