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Magical, Bad Ass Pomegranate Seeds

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Pomegranate seeds are freaking magical. I use them in/on everything.


Glad you asked.

Welp, they’re anti-aging, fight cancer, help control blood pressure, loaded with nutrients/antioxidants, low cal, & a total superfood.

These are some of the ways I use the tiny red antioxidants:

<< On top of fro-yo or coconut (dairy-free) ice cream with a bit of real maple syrup.

<< I use them in a juicer with kale, cucumber, lemon, & ginger.

<< In the mood for a Mexican fiesta? Throw them on top of enchiladas or tacos.

<< Sprinkle them on top of a smoothie.

<< A skinny pomegranate margarita ( or mojito ) is freaking delish.

<< Make a mocktail: sparkling water, lime, & pomegranate seeds.

<< Salsa. Just trust me. Add them to any salsa & get ready to die.

<< Greek yogurt, cinnamon, & pomegranate seeds= heaven.

<< Sprinkle some seeds on your oatmeal…so much better than sugary-ass Crasins.

<< Use 45 calorie flaxseed Oasis toast & mash the seeds with a fork to make ‘jam.’

<< On top of a sweet potato.

<< They pair well with any fish ( ESP tuna!).

<< In champagne. Because duh, bubbly & pomegranate seeds? Die.

<< My absolute favie way to use the seed: add them to literally any salad or quinoa ( << I do this daily ). So yummers.

FYI: I am not a fan of pasteurized pomegranate juice- I would rather just use the real fruit. Also, if eating them instead of drinking the seeds provides tons of fiber. The seeds can be found at any Trader Joe’s location.

Because let’s be honest: removing those lil shits from the white part of the fruit is a real bitch!

The best part: it so easy to just throw the seeds on anything. I mean, seriously. Pomegranate seeds are the


Happy weekend! xx.

– Lauryn

  1. I love pomegranates, but yes, they are very annoying to prepare from the fresh fruit. I had no idea TJ’s sold them. This piece of news just made my life so much easier. πŸ™‚

  2. Ahh I love pomegranate seeds like nobody’s business. I’m convinced you can eat them with just about anything and it would still be perfect. Also, laughing so hard at “sugary-ass Craisins” — haha!

  3. I put pomegranate seeds in quinoa and on salad every day for lunch and dinner! They’re my favorite add-on and seriously make everything taste better. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes, thanks for the suggestions!


  4. Got these on Monday from TJ! They are great…I love finding tasty anti oxidants. Thanks Lauryn!!

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