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The Perfect Pillow To Support Your Lower Back

Man oh man has my lower back been hurting. It feels like a horse kicked me in my lower back. Never have I had so much pain before.

I’m convinced it’s from the rapid weight gain & wearing high heels. Ya ya ya, I know you’re not supposed to wear heels when you’re pregnant, & I have more than once, I have to for work, “can’t I just not?” – no. & so here we are.

Anyway there have been certain things that have helped me like custom orthotics, my hole in the wall foot spa, stretching, rolling my feet on a racquetball, but mostly seeing a pregnancy chiropractor.

But what’s also helped, & this deserves a shout out to people who aren’t pregnant too, is a pregnancy pillow. It’s this big pillow that looks like a long wiener or a worm. I’m sure you guys have seen one before. I initially discovered it at the hotel we were staying at in Cabo when I found out I was pregnant. I went to the front desk to ask what pillow it was & they sent me a link for it.

People say you’re supposed to start using it in your third trimester but fuck that!! I started using it in my first. I like to wrap my legs around it & use it to support my belly. Plus it feels good to keep my hips apart.

It takes the weight of your bump so it helps prepare your joints & body for child birth while helping to get rid of aches & pains in your back. Pregnancy pillows are designed to take the support of your whole body which is why they’re so long. & it’s kinda like having another person in the bed so it’s like this perpetual threesome between me, Michael & the pillow. But you don’t have to be pregnant to get one. They’re amazing & will help you sleep better whether you have a bump or not.

For anyone ( pregnant or not ) with lower back issues, keep reading.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow:

♡ increases blood circulation

 When you’re pregnant you’re supposed to sleep on your side. I’ve been sleeping on my back so I really need to keep this in mind, but the pillow really helps with this.

♡ prevents body aches

It takes the stress off of your legs, hips & joints, so the pillow absorbs the weight of your body. Again, great whether you’re pregnant or not.

♡ helps you get back to sleep quicker

If you get up in the night a lot ( to pee, like me ) this helps you get back to sleep faster because it’s so comforting.

♡ helps relieve heartburn

You can use the pillow to prop yourself up slightly when you sleep to ease heartburn.

Choosing a Pregnancy Pillow & How To Use It :

♡ “C” shape

C-shaped pillows provide support & comfort for the head, neck, back, & pelvic area. They are awesome for relieving any pelvic tension & reducing water retention in the legs and ankles. These aren’t the best pillows for combo sleepers who like to switch positions or toss & turn a lot during the night, because you will need to adjust the pillow with you when you change sides. The C-shaped pillow is one of the best options for plus-sized women because the open sided design allows for the pillow to be used in a variety of ways and shapes.

“U” shape

 U-shaped pillows are great to use to support your whole body, meaning head, neck, back, belly, knees, & even ankles. It’s best for women who are most used to sleeping on their backs at night, or women who find themselves tossing and turning a lot at night since you don’t need to flip the shape with you or readjust the headrest part. Because of this, this pillow is a great option for both finicky sleepers & pregnancy. The U-shaped pillow is typically the most expensive pregnancy pillow you can get, because it’s so big. If you share a full or maybe even a queen size bed with your partner, you might want to look at the other options on this list so that it doesn’t take up the whole mattress.

♡ “J” shape

 This one can also be referred to as a candy cane shaped pillow. It’s great for head, neck, and back support. The J-shape is slightly similar to the U-shaped pillow in how it’s used, only it’s smaller & missing the extra side. This makes it a better option for smaller beds, or for couples who like to cuddle. The missing side also makes this pillow less versatile when it comes to using it while sitting, so if you planned on using it for that, you might want to go for the U-shaped pillow instead.

Wedge shape

The wedge shaped pillow allows you to prop your torso up while sitting or sleeping, or you can use them under a pregnant belly. These are nice for those that get too hot or too cold while they sleep, because you can place a heating pad or cooling pack between you & the wedge. Sleeping propped up can also help those who suffer from heartburn, pregnant or not. Wedge shaped pillows are small & easily portable, as well.

♡ Body pillow shape

 These are basically normal pillows, just longer. They’re great to cuddle, but don’t provide much back or hip support. Body pillows are the more popular pillows for those who actually aren’t pregnant, but like to use them to sleep more comfortably. They also tend to be the most inexpensive type of pregnancy pillow.

{ via }

Big fan of the U shape pillow. It just supports everything, feels good, & you can even use it as a breastfeeding pillow when the baby comes. You just hook it around your waist so the baby can rest on it while you nurse. The comfort level of having something between your legs, & around your neck is just really important.

& don’t be surprised if your partner tries to steal your pillow. I’ve been waking up to find Michael wrapped around my pregnancy pillow & that’s just so wrong on so many levels- I don’t even know where to start.

As I said, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PREGNANT to get yourself a pregnancy pillow. These are so good for anyone who is a restless sleeper, has body aches, or a sore back.

The 3 Best Pillows of 2019:

♡ Best overall: Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

♡ Best for back pain: Leachco Back & Belly Pillow

♡ Best for all over body pain ( especially sciatic ): Cushy Form Sciatic Pain Pillow

{ via }

Just love this pink one. Very on brand. Anyway if you find yourself fluffing up pillow upon pillows for your lower back, STOP IT. Reach for a pregnancy pillow instead. Truly, this pillow has made my sleep so much better, along with my salt lamp, ocean noise machine & oil diffuser.

If you’re pregnant or a mom I would love to know what made your pregnancy easier. & if you aren’t a mom & have bad back pain, I’d love to know your tips too.

Also, if you’re back is perfectly fine, & you just want to read Bringing Up Bébé in bed, while your husband serves you breakfast on a breakfast tray, this pillow is good for that too.

x, lauryn

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  1. I can’t imagine my pregnancy (witch is not finished yet) without my pillow. I’m in 8 month, so my belly becomes to be heavy and uncomfotable 😛 I just love my pillow. It wasn’t cheap, but it was worth it! 😉

  2. Bringing up beBe is the only book I read and I highlighted and dog eared like crazy! It’s the reason I had my baby sleeping in his own room in his crib by 5 weeks. It’s a must read!

  3. Thank you for this! I just started not being able to sleep very well due to the weight gain in my second trimester. Prayers answered by this post. Love following your journey XX

  4. Pregnant women are often faced with back pain. I can remember that my wife had to face same situation and getting a pillow like this, added with a good back brace for pregnant women was a saving grace. Thanks for this post

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