Loving Periwinkle Lately!!!

The Skinny Confidential x Mod Cloth.

OOOOOOhhhhhh there’s nothing I love more than a little simple, feminine, off the shoulder dress ( even thinking off the shoulder for my wedding dress? Thoughts? ).

But really, there’s something so damn sexy about showing a little shoulder.

It’s almost as if you have sex appeal in an understated pretty way, you know? Think Cinderella after the evil step-monsters got off her back & she had her prince moment.

So that’s why I’m obsessed with THIS DRESS.

The Skinny Confidential x Mod Cloth.

I’m sooooo into this soft, pretty dress by ModCloth.

I paired it with ankle boots, big-ass sunglasses ( but what’s new there ), & Daisy perfume ( keeping the flower theme going ).

And it certainly helped that when I took these pictures there were beautiful blue flowers behind me – it’s the little things, right?


Anyway, I’m especially in love with this periwinkle dress because it’s priced right!! It seems like everything off the shoulder is $300 bucks, so to find something pretty, inexpensive, & spring-ish?

YESSSS, about it.

I wore this get-up to help my friend prepare for her bridal party ( well, kinda: we got blowouts, drank champagne, & ate chips/salsa ). But really it was so perfect for the girly, primp-y day.

What’s your favorite way to rock a feminine number?

Can’t wait to do a New York City recap for you guys!! I’ve been there for the last three days!

Happy weekend!

– Lauryn, xx

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39 replies to “Loving Periwinkle Lately!!!”

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  2. Off the shoulder is definitely an understated classy kinda sexy and i think it would be a perfect style for a wedding dress! xx

  3. Love your style!! Who makes the sunglasses you are wearing? I have a pair of Burberry’s that I honestly don’t love and i’m in the market for another pair! Have a wonderful day!! XO

  4. Woah!!!!! You are looking damn pretty in this blue dress. Its really awesome…I too wanna buy this. Plz lemme know from where i can buy this dress in blue color only???????

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