Style: What I’m Loving…Lately

Faye Evarts and Lauryn Evarts collab on a fashion post.My lil sister, Faye, has super cute style— it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s always ahead of the trends. Soooo when I asked her what her latest favorites are & she showed me this lil dime of a tank dress

I nearly died.


I mean…hi hottest dress ever.

Like, ever.

ESP with a flannel around the waist. Right?

This outfit is totally for a ride or die chick…& it’s uh, $68 dollars.

I’m into it.

Ok, so what are your favorite trends lately? Spillllll.

Check out Faye’s instagram, Evillarts Vintage for more fashion/accessory finds!

Happy Saturday!



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11 replies to “Style: What I’m Loving…Lately”

  1. That tank dress is so fab! I love that it’s chic and comfy…. my only concern is that it may show all of my lumps and bumps (ie. panty lines) underneath. I suppose that should be more motivation to work out more, yes?? 🙂 I am definitely going to check some of these out come summer! How fun to have such a stylish sis! I think I’d maker her go shopping with me ALL the time. 😉

  2. I love the dress but what would you wear under it? I would be worried it would highlight flaws instead of hide them…maybe I’m being selfconcious. I would love to be able to wear it this spring and summer… Maybe motivation ti do more Pilates and barre classes 🙂

  3. Hi Lauryn! What/from where was the arrow necklace that you wrote about a while ago? I can’t seem to find that post any more.. Loving ur blog!!

  4. Ohh I love this dress. I’m really into lace right now and blouses. And I usually don’t like camo but I got some super cute camo leggings to workout in recently for….wait for it….$5!!! No joke. You can hear all about it on my blog tomorrow 🙂

  5. For sure, love the tank dress, here in Thailand they are all the rage so I have been waiting to see if they hit the states yet + it did wahoo! 90’s grunge is coming back STRONG out here so I am sure it will make waves back in the states! Lots of Love C