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My New Boyfriend: Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil Benefits for beauty

Vitamin E Oil is my new jam.

I brought it to Vegas with me & it’s literally a lifesaver. ESP since it’s so dry here.

Since being in Veg, I’ve been that freak who’s rubbing oil all over my body…

The best thing ever: instead of wiping makeup off your face with one of those nasty chemical-filled makeup cloths. You know what I mean when you’re scrubbing your face so gnarly your eyelashes are coming off & your face is beet red? Yah those annoying shit cloths.

Anyway instead I simply rub some Vitamin E ( super inexpensive, BTW ) on my face. The makeup literally comes off in one swipe without a cotton ball. I literally rub it in like lotion on my face once & my makeup is gone! There’s none of that leftover shit either ( like mascara flakes or foundation residue ).

Like, ummm the coolest thing ever, right?!

Yesterday my friend asked for some & I only gave her a drop.

She laughed & jokingly said “why the F are you rationing your Vitamin E?”

I mean, in all fairness I was def being a Stingy Susan.


The benefits are just too good. Check um’ out:

Vitamin E oil has an amazing anti-aging effect on skin. Lack of proper skin care regime, and habits like excessive intake of alcohol and smoking, often trigger the onset of signs of aging before time. Topical application of almond oil promotes production of two important protein components namely, collagen and elastin that improves skin elasticity. This in turn reduces the appearances of the visible age spots, fine lines or wrinkles, and gives you a younger-looking skin. Its antioxidant properties further fight off damaging effects of free radicals, and minimizes the chances of appearances of new wrinkles. For this reason, Vitamin E is used as a key ingredient in several anti-aging creams and lotions that are available in the market.

Vitamin E prevents water loss from the skin, and helps it to retain its natural moisture. Thus, it makes dull, dry skin look healthy and well-moisturized. Use it for deep pore cleansing of dry skin on a regular basis, it restores the normal oil balance of the skin.

You can use Vitamin E Oil to treat minor sunburns. Apply it topically. The epidermis layer of the skin readily absorbs Vit E oil, and heals the damages caused by ultraviolet radiation. Thus you get relief from pain. It can also provide protection to the skin from sun damage. So, it is added to sunscreen lotion of various brands, to improve its sun protection quality.

Vitamin E is useful for removing scars from the skin. Apply it on acne scars or any other forms of scars caused due to some bruises, burns, etc., it first softens up the skin of the affected area, and then lightens the mark in a few weeks. Eventually, the scar will fade out within a few months. Vitamin E speeds up the process of regeneration of skin cells and the dead, damaged skin cells are replaced with new ones. This way, it helps to get rid of the scar tissue. However, it may not be that effective for surgical scars.

Stretch Marks:
This oil is equally effective on stretch marks. Pregnant women should start applying vitamin E oil on the abdomen, when the belly starts expanding. This will not only bring relief from the itching sensation caused by the stretching of the skin, but also prevent stretch marks. If you already have stretch marks, apply the oil to get rid of them. Vitamin E Oil increases the growth of new skin cells in the area, and also helps to restore the natural elastic properties of the skin. Thus regular application helps to eliminate the ugly stretch marks.

Any Other Skin Issues:
A number of skin conditions can be treated with Vitamin E oil. Psoriasis is one such condition where the skin turns dry, scaly, and red patches appear on it. Vitamin E oil repairs the skin damage and brings about improvement in the condition. It can also be used for the treatment of eczema, where its antioxidant qualities bring down the skin inflammation. It also relieves the itchiness and moisturizes the dry skin really well.

Nails/Cuticle Problems:
Vitamin E oil maintains the health of nails. Use just a few drops to help reduce breakage of your nails. Bring poorly kept nails back to life by using Vitamin E Oil regularly.

And obviously don’t forget to use it to remove makeup!

My absolute favorite pure Vitamin E oil can be found here.


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  1. Hi L,

    When using Vit E for make up removal, do you follow up with your regular evening cleanser and moisturizer? Or does the Vit E replace everything?


    1. You can use it before you cleanse and after you cleanse. So it takes the MU off, you wash your face, and then you add some more just to make sure all the makeup residue is gone ( & you get moisture along ). X.

  2. Wow, I had no idea Vitamin E Oil was the SHIZZ! I need to find some out here that is not just in capsule form. Thank you for sharing I will sure to start taking off my makeup with this natural goodness <3 C

  3. Who knew that little bottle of vitamin E did so many things?? Heading to TJ’s this weekend and going to pick some of this up to try!

  4. Aren’t oils great? I love using coconut oil as my twice-daily moisturizer. I also use it in place of body lotion and makeup remover, as well. It’s all-natural and so cheap! Beats a tiny jar of $50 facial cream, doesn’t it?

    1. Yessss!!! You’re so right. Plus you know what you’re getting with oils as a opposed to wondering WTF is in that $50 dollars face cream! Discovering the power of oils has been amazing. xx.

  5. Ah so glad I found a post about Vitamin E oil! I have been meaning to try it but I am always a little hesitant. I like to use coconut oil for a lot of things, including removing makeup. I have found some conditioning recipes too using Vitamin E and coconut oil, so now I will definitely go out and get some! Thanks so much!
    confessions of the glitterati

  6. I use Vitamin E oil too! It’s great for hydration and I’ve definitely noticed a change in my skin! A must for the cold chappy winter days!

    Check out my blog for more lifestyle/fashion/music:

  7. Oh my goodness, I’m loving this post Lauryn. I’ve always had such a struggle with make up removers! Right now I’m using “yesto.” brand, loving that they are natural and works okay for me-butttttttt, this I have to try! I’ll definitely be stopping by Trader Joe’s a few days.

    Stay lovely,

    Mel from Silk And Chai
    Follow me on Bloglovin’

  8. Love love this miracle in a bottle! I bought it last year at Traders when i burnt my skin rather badly . . and wazam no scaring or blistering! Hallelujah! I am hooked!

  9. hey! I made a whole video about this exact product on my YT channellll its my BQT #1 { beauty quick tip }
    the besttt makeup remover! =)

  10. Love this post I have just bought some vit e oil can’t wait to try it out! What do you use as a face moisturiser after? Do you use oil after cleansing too? I’m not sure what to use, I’m trying to use more natural products on my skin especially ones I leave on.
    Thanks, love your blog can’t wait to receive your book I’ve pre ordered!!
    Katie xxx

  11. Just had a Trader Joes open near the house bought some of the vitamin e oil,because a friend of mine swears by it and her skin is awesome. I must say its great my skin feels radiant and soft but not greasy. I used it in my hair and on my cuticles. I must say I’m loving it. And its dirt cheap.

  12. Vitamin E oil is used most commonly as a way to improve the appearance and texture of your skin. Some people look at it as a form of the “fountain of youth” and they swear by it. Now, I’ve heard similar from claims from people who use coconut oil, almond oil, and other oils, but in actuality, vitamin E is an ingredient in a number of such oils—except coconut oil—so it might play a major role.

    Why vitamin E oil might be so beneficial for skin has to do with the fact that it’s an antioxidant. Antioxidants fight against cellular damage and mutations to maintain the integrity of your cells, aid in immune function, and potentially improve damaged skin.

    A topical cream or oil, therefore, would absorb into an affected area—say a scar, stretch mark, or sunburn—and work to repair the damaged skin to relieve discoloration and strengthen the area. Is it a magic eraser? No. But it can potentially make a difference to improve the look of your skin.

  13. I used to use it to remove my makeup but it made my face red and stung I have incredibly sensitive skin so that’s nothing new (micellar water is incredible if you have sensitive skin) I’m currently using it on my nails and cuticles I’ve only used it twice but they do look better

  14. Hi! You said you wipe it off in one swoop with Vitamin E.. Are you using a washcloth? For that or can you please go into a little more detail? Inquiring minds want to know!

  15. This post is very informative! As you age, your skin undergoes several changes so you really have to take care of your skin more. And what better way to maintain youthful, glowing skin? Go back to the basics, the naturay way! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Chiltan Pure is organic products company and online store in pakistan. Our Vitamin e oil is 100% pure and organic. we deals in all kind of oils like essential oil & carrier oil. To buy natural and organic products and oil please visit our site :

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  18. Wow, Lauryn, your enthusiasm for Vitamin E oil is infectious! It’s great to hear about your positive experience and how it has become your new go-to product. Vegas can indeed be quite dry, so finding a product that helps with hydration is essential.

    I completely agree with you on the makeup removal front. Those chemical-filled makeup cloths can be quite harsh on the skin, and your Vitamin E oil method sounds much gentler and effective. It’s fantastic that the oil effortlessly removes your makeup without leaving any residue behind. Plus, the fact that it’s inexpensive is definitely a bonus!

    You’ve listed some incredible benefits of Vitamin E oil, and it’s clear that it has become a staple in your skincare routine. The anti-aging properties, ability to combat dryness, and its effectiveness in treating sunburns, scars, stretch marks, and various skin conditions make it a versatile and valuable product. Additionally, the oil’s contribution to nail health is noteworthy.

    Thanks for sharing your personal recommendation and providing the link to your favorite pure Vitamin E oil. It’s always helpful to have trusted product recommendations from someone who has experienced the benefits firsthand.

    Keep enjoying the fantastic results of your Vitamin E oil, and I look forward to reading more of your posts on oils in the future!

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  20. Unlock Silky, Smooth Tresses: Dive into the World of Luxurious Hair Oils! Top Hair oil in Pakistan

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