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Lorna Jane Activewear: Look Hot/Fashionable/Sexy While You Sweat

Lauryn Evarts talks with the creator of Lorna Jane Activewear from Australia.

Lauryn Evarts talks with the creator of Lorna Jane Activewear from Australia.

How cool is this?! Lorna Jane is on the blog today. If you’re into health/fitness & don’t know Lorna, then come out from that rock you’ve been hiding under. This women has

My absolute dream in life is to create my own fashionable/chic workout line, so it’s an understatement when I say Lorna Jane is a total inspiration. I also die over her book she sent me; the pretty, pink book is full of fitness tips + healthy recipes & it’s called Move, Nourish, Believe:

Lauryn Evarts talks with Lorna Jane about all things fitness, easy recipes, and quick skinny tips.

Alright. Get excited. Here’s everything Lorna Jane:

+ Hi Lorna! Introduce yourself.

Lorna Jane Clarkson: I am  the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Lorna Jane, Australia’s leading activewear label for women. I am an active woman, a lover of all things health and fitness, & an eternal optimist.

+ Inspiration to start a workout line?

LJC: It all started over twenty years ago when, as a fitness instructor I was tired of the boring workout wear on offer, so decided to fashion my own. Teaching aerobics gave me the perfect platform, & before I knew it friends and women in my classes were asking me to make theirs too.

+ Favorite piece you’ve designed & why?

LJC: Now that’s a hard one…because Lorna Jane is an activewear brand that focuses on bringing fashion & function together, our styles are constantly changing and subsequently so are my favorites. In saying that, there are a couple of essential pieces that I always have in my active wardrobe; the Pammy Bra because it has incredible support, gives your bust great shape and is fashionable enough to wear on its own but also looks fantastic under a singlet or your favorite t-shirt. The Amy Full-Length Tight is another must-have piece because it doubles as a workout pant as well as tights that you want to wear on the weekend. The fabric is amazing & the panel lines are so flattering, you won’t want to take them off! I have at least four pairs so that I always have at least one pair washed & ready to go!

+ Best workout?

LJC: Well, that all depends how you look at it. My favorite thing to do would have to be yoga…  It gives me that ‘alone time’. Not only do I get to stretch my body, but I get to clear my mind and get in some meditation at the same time. My favorite workout for results would have to be a great legs workout that includes squats and lunges … not much fun whilst you are doing them, but as someone famous once said, “no pain, no gain!”

Lauryn Evarts talks with the creator of Lorna Jane Activewear from Australia.

+ Quick, skinny tip:

LJC: Preparation is everything!  I always have some healthy snacks on-hand to avoid reaching for unhealthy alternatives during the day. I carry protein powder with me so all I have to do is add cold water and shake. Small containers of portioned almonds are always good & I like to have chewable Vitamin C tablets in my bag to ward off any sugar cravings.

+ Easy, healthy recipe:

LJC: My fave at the moment is ‘Protein Pancakes‘. All you need is a banana and two eggs. Blend them for thirty seconds, with a teaspoon of cinnamon, & pour into a heated pan [ I use coconut oil for healthy fats ]. They are great on their own or wrapped around some fresh strawberries for a protein-rich snack. YUM!

+ What makes Lorna Jane different than other workout brands?    

LJC: There are so many things…first off, our brand means so much more to our customers than what you see on the shelves. Everything we do, everything we say & everything we produce is inspired by our Move, Nourish, Believe philosophy. When you wear Lorna Jane you are telling the world that you promise to move your body everyday, nourish from the inside out & believe anything is possible with hard work. This is the active life that we promote & it’s why women all over the world have fallen in love with Lorna Jane.

Another thing that sets us apart from other brands is that we are designed for active women by active women, & our complete focus is on women’s fitness apparel…which I guess makes us the experts. We also have a huge fashion-focus & produce between seventy to a hundred new styles per month, guaranteeing our customers some fashionable motivation to move everyday.

+ Most exciting thing about starting your own workout line?

LJC: The most exciting thing about having my own activewear brand started from day one and still continues to be; seeing women wearing it. Even after twenty years in the business, I get an enormous thrill when I see people in Lorna Jane. My customers tell me everyday how inspiring the brand is and how it motivates them to be more active. It makes me feel that what I do actually does make a difference in peoples lives…& let me tell you, that feels pretty good.

Lauryn Evarts talks with the creator of Lorna Jane Activewear from Australia.

+ A tip for washing workout wear?

LJC: I think one of the common mistakes we make when it comes to washing the things we love is that we take too much care! With activewear, the best thing you can do is simply machine wash it and let it go through the spin cycle [ you will notice that it will be almost dry ] & then hang it to dry [ usually takes a couple of hours max ].

Don’t be tempted to throw activewear in the dryer as eventually you will destroy the elastane in the fabric which looks pretty bad, but will also make it thinner & less supportive.

+ One word to describe Lorna Jane:

LJC: Just one?! I think I will have to go with ‘authentic’ because we are a real brand that has a real passion for what we do & what we represent, and I guess that makes us AUTHENTIC!

+ To follow Lorna Jane on Twitter, click here.

Lauryn Evarts talks with the creator of Lorna Jane Activewear from Australia.

  1. So motivating! I love your blog Lauryn! Ive been a silent reader for a while now. You are so inspiring and I find your tips so motivating! TSC is my absolute FAVORITE <3

    I was wondering, with Christmas coming up and your knowledge of cleanses, maybe you can suggest a cleanse on your blog for everyone to follow together? Like one with really healthy foods + some green juices! I always find your advice so helpful so I didnt know if it would be possible for you to maybe do something like this!

    1. Hi cute girl. I am so happy you like it ; ). I am doing a cleanse challenge a few days before NYE. You should participate. More deets to come. If you’re wanting to do one now, just e-mail me at XO.

  2. Great post! This is not really related, but how in the world do you get those orbs on pictures, such as the one of her book? I know you have answered this question before but for the life of me I can’t find the post!

  3. Hi Lauryn!
    Love your blog.
    GREAT POST! I LOVE LJ. I was just in the Santa Monica Store TODAY and was lucky enough to get some outfits. I can’t wait to read Lorna’s Book. 🙂 Such an inspiring brand and the employes are so for the movement too. I am in my LJ right now actually!


  4. I’m a sporty one, so what I’m wearing during my workouts is very important.It makes me work much more effective.So your line is a real find! Thank u!

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